“The Preppiest Brand”? “Sly Twist on Preppy Style”? Do Tell.

Hello-Hello and welcome to a soggy Tuesday; one that we hope brings some flooding relief to our friends in the Southeast.

We start by sharing the delightful  a “Thank You” to the ever-so-generous Miss a. from the Coterie Blog. We were lucky enough to win her fabulous giveaway of this stunning scarf from the folks at Chick Downtown.



This is most definitely today’s Pretty in Pink, we just love the name of this particular color, ‘ confetti’. This treasure is a wonderful linen blend, fun and floaty. Thank you Miss Coterie, for doing such a fun giveaway!


Next, a look at Fashion Week topic yet to be covered, a company referred to as the ‘preppiest brand’ going by the Times, although that is not a title we would confer upon Band Of Outsiders. Below, a photo from their presentation at Fashion Week.



We adore the little boat floating in the water. The women’s line is named “Boy”.

Thomas Iannaccone/WWD

Thomas Iannaccone/WWD

We have mentioned the company’s work before, including their ongoing collaboration with Sperry Top-Siders. Below, this fall’s acclaimed Grey Flannel Boat Shoe:


All of their Sperry shoes may be seen here.

Back to their Spring 2010 collection: In their story, the WSJ’s On the Runway wrote:

“… its aesthetic seem inspired by how the cool kids in prep school wore their clothes, preppy attired a little more affected than the straight arrows.”


The Village Voice review talked about the company’s founder, former talent agent Scott Sternberg:

“..is beloved by a young, stylish set not just for his sly twist on preppy style, but also for his smart, elaborate movie-set presentations.”


The LA Times review also references prep fashion:

“The women’s collection had touches of nautical/outdoorsy whimsy too, with a drawstring tank dress in a Liberty sailboat print, skirts in a ropes and knots print.”


Some may be surprised to learn TP is a fan of the line; while we do not own any pieces, we like the clean, tailored lines and lack of fussiness. But the preppiest brand going? We think not.

However, we don’t see the need to bestow that kind of superlative on any one designer or company, it simply isn’t necessary. We merely enjoy reading the different takes on the ‘preppy aesthetic’, they are always entertaining, if inaccurate. Nor should this be perceived as a negative for the brand, as everyone’s take on the style is unique, influenced by many factors. It is a line we most assuredly would recommend to a younger friend or family member looking to move beyond the offerings from Brooks Brothers, Talbots and the like.

Before leaving this topic, we must share from another collaborative effort Band of Outsiders participates in, with none other than Manolo Blahnik.


These are available by special order through Manolo Blahnik.


One more quick note, The Luxury Institute released a survey recently about luxury brands; there are some intriguing factoids included in the results, although none are surprising. Here are a few details from a WWD story:

“… 48 percent said luxury products are too accessible and are no longer exclusive; 40 percent believed luxury brands are becoming a commodity, and 52 percent said luxury brands that also sell products for mass consumers are no longer luxury brands.”

Hhhhmmm, thoughts to ponder.  How do you feel ladies, do you care one way or another if others are carrying your handbag? Or perhaps you bump into an acquaintance at the club wearing your shoes? As always, we’re simply *dying* to know.

NOTE: Band of Outsiders apparel photos by Thomas Iannaccone/WWD


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13 responses to ““The Preppiest Brand”? “Sly Twist on Preppy Style”? Do Tell.

  1. Congrats on your win! I’m loving those grey flannel boat shoes. But my boys would probably never wear them. Heck I should get myself a pair 🙂

  2. I’m at a loss of words, for once, when it comes to Manolo’s shoes. I will say that you will never see me wear them even if affordable knock-offs come out.

  3. Jen

    I don’t have the energy to care if someone else is carrying the same handbag. Actually, isn’t that the sincerest form of flattery. Anyway, I think the Band of Outsiders could use a model a little less on the anorexic, meth addiction spectrum. Preppy does not mean edgy at least in my book. These clothes need healthy looking women with well kept hair. Now aren’t I sounding like the conservative hag?

  4. Cute scarf – lucky you, Princess! I have to say I kind of mind it if too many people are wearing the same clothes as me… a few here and there – fine. But the whole universe… I don’t think so. On the other hand, who’s wearing what is clearly out of your own control, so the best way to avoid any irritation is probably to just step up the game and get more creative at accessorizing and mixing/matching!


  5. KSE

    ah I’m loving the skirt, er, dress. . . thing. . . in the boat picture. And I’m also in love with the sperrys, but why can’t they also do a line in women’s sizes? As for your question, I wonder what makes a brand a luxury brand? The price points? The name behind the garment? The retailer? Not having sales? If exclusivity and price are the conditions, the only brand I can think of that would truly be “luxury” is LV–they don’t have outlets and don’t go on sale. And yet the brand is known for being counterfeited in the worst possible way and has come out with some pieces that have screamed uh, “less than luxury.”

    To answer, in brief, I will probably not stop with my current favorite brand obsession just because it is more easily accessible to other people. After all, I don’t wear for them!

  6. a.

    I love the color and the name 🙂

  7. Not a boat shoe fan generally (not since 8th grade at least) but I love the gray flannel.

  8. Congrats on winning the scarf!! Love the color 🙂

  9. really loving Sperry these days…need comfort and practical. OMG I’m getting old…but they have cute selection. Love the pink scarf too.

  10. I adore that scarf, especially the name! Plus those Sperry’s are to die for. Hubby would love them! I’ll have to sneak them into a Christmas present somehow. Thanks for the tip!

  11. Congratulations on winning the gorgeous scarf. Lily suggests that it would look fantastic on Tilly, and of course you!

  12. preppyinnewengland@gmail.com

    Very, very nice scarf to win. Love the color. I am really liking the flannel sperry’s.

  13. brooke harris

    i have been a advid preppy dresser for about 6 yrs now.i truly love dressing preppy during the winter when i can wear layers like turtlenecks ect .my daughter wears a school uniform including the navy blue / green an white plaid wool kilt including the kilt pin knee socks an loafers or docksiders unless its mon or friday then she wears her navy an white saddle shoes or ib the rain then its duck shoes i even lend her my green /navy rubber rain slicker ( rember then )

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