Taylor Swift says “Kanye Who?” Also, Target’s Next Designer Revealed, Ralph Lauren Fashion Week

Hello-Hello and Happy Friday!

We hope to make it a little happier for Miss Pink Tutu, our lucky winner in the Great Preppy Plate and Platter Giveaway! Miss Tutu indicated in her comment she favored the Damask, but we don’t know if it is Boatman’s Geller’s Madison Plate, or perhaps Preppy Plates brand Hot Pink Patter, the Lime Plate, or maybe another style?


Drop us an email Miss Tutu and let us know your selection, as well as how you would like your plate or platter personalized. (This really is Friday Fun to the nth degree, we *love* giving things away!)


This just in! (Gasp – breaking news here at the Prepatorium!) The word is out that the next designer collaboration for Targèt will be with Jean Paul Gaultier, perhaps best known for his cone-shaped bustier Madonna wore on tour. As reported in Women’s Wear Daily, Target has no details on when the collection will launch, what price points will be, or how many pieces will be in the line.

“Gaultier is known for edgy street fashion interpretations, a Parisian panache, over-the-edge couture, generating lots of media and groupie followings.”


Courtesy Photo via WWD

Courtesy Photo via WWD

Our second tidbit is old news for those who follow us on Twitter (you can follow TP here if so inclined) as we tweeted the sad news a couple of times yesterday: In what can only be called a SOTT (Sign Of The Times),  Prescriptives cosmetics is being closed.

There are a number of contributing factors but the overarching concern is the continued underperformance of the brand.

Courtesy Photo via WWD

Courtesy Photo via WWD

The line is owned by Estee Lauder (it was originally launched by Ronald Lauder 30 years ago), and we don’t know a timetable for the shutdown. We have already heard  from a number of current customers who tell us they are making plans to stock up.


Fashion Week continues apace, as most everything was wrapping up with last night’s Tommy Hilfiger show. We’ll cover some the Hilfiger collection for Spring 2010 in our next post, but thought Friday Fun mandates we share some celebrity sightings and front-row attendees at yesterday’s shows.

First, recording star Taylor Swift at the Hilfiger show in what we’ll call her “Kanye Who?” look.

PHOTO: Steve Eichner/WWD

PHOTO: Steve Eichner/WWD

After all, looking good is the best revenge. While Miss Swift is far beyond stooping to vengeful behavior, one can’t help but think about that when seeing her in such a stunning dress.

This next photo of the young star (yes, that is Penn Badgley of Gossip Girl to her right, our left, and yes, he’s underdressed once again in yet another tee-shirt, no threat however to James Dean or Marlon Brando) reminds us of an incredibly rigid rule a lesson taught at an early age: ladies cross their ankles, not their knees.  Of course.

PHOTO: Diane Bondareff/AP

PHOTO: Diane Bondareff/AP

Also at the Hilfiger show Betty Draper, January Jones of Mad Men.

PHOTO: Steve Eichner/WWD

PHOTO: Steve Eichner/WWD

Here is Ms. Jones with Mr. Hilfiger, better showing the Pretty in Pink sheath she is wearing.

PHOTO: Diane Bondareff/AP

PHOTO: Diane Bondareff/AP

We cannot wait to see who she is wearing for Sunday’s Emmy Awards.


And now we cover today’s primary topic, the Ralph Lauren show at Fashion Week.  We start with the front row, Janet Jackson is seen below with Dylan Lauren.

Rob Loud/Getty

Rob Loud/Getty

Onto the main attraction: the clothing and accessories.



As described in the Journal’s Heard On The Runway blog (must reading for TP):

“When the going gets tough, the tough get back to honest American working clothes. That’s means jean jackets, striped cotton shirts and pink floral sundresses.”

Fernanda Calfat/Getty

Fernanda Calfat/Getty

Some of the denim looks were outstanding, although we recall owning a pair of overalls quite a. long. time. ago.

Robert Mitra/WWD

Robert Mitra/WWD

The references to Steinbeck’s dust bowl were everywhere, with some reviewers even titling their stories “The Grapes of Ralph”.


Here is a taste of the WWD review on Mr. Lauren’s Spring 2010 Collection:

“Certainly there is something wonderful about Lauren’s unabashed romanticism. In an industry rampant with cynicism, he’s proud to be American and believes deeply, as his show notes reminded, in this country’s “resilient spirit.”


More from WWD:

“…. he made some risky choices; It’s unlikely many designer customers will aspire to shredded jeans and faded shirts, no matter how perfectly arranged the decay. As for their feminine counterparts, floral house- and sundresses, charmers for sure, but late-to-the-party kind of frocks that have flooded the contemporary market for some time.”

We found some of the tailored styles more appealing…



… and a number of the party frocks divine.


Despite our love of sheer overlays, other looks just didn’t seem to have the right proportions, the skirts overly full.


The look below prompts us to recommend a visit to the High WASP for her views on high-end shorts.

Robert Mitra/WWD

Robert Mitra/WWD

Some touches were absolutely exquisite.


One of our favorite fashion writers, Cathy Horyn at the Times, was not as positive about the show as many other journalists:

“I wondered, looking at the collection—which was weak by Mr. Lauren’s usual standards—what the discussions in his studio were about such a theme. Can hard times and their associated misery ever be an acceptable theme for a fashion show?”

Clearly the designer’s execution of his theme did not sit well with Ms. Horyn.

Kyle Ericksen/WWD

Kyle Ericksen/WWD

More from Ms. Horyn’s blog post:

“And if the clothes don’t really attempt to explore legitimate modes of American dress, and instead remain on the surface—a little faded and ripped denim with rhinestone sandals—isn’t that somehow worse?”


Courtesy First Post

Most of the handbags shown were of the casual, western look Mr. Lauren favors.


Below, the designer and his wife, Ricky, upon completion of the show.

Fernanda Calfat/Getty Images for IMG

Fernanda Calfat/Getty Images for IMG

For more photos, click here. We are curious to hear from readers about the show… two thumbs up? Down? No thumbs at all? Do tell, TP is dying to hear your reaction. After all dolls, sharing is caring.

Lucas Jackson/Reuters

Fernanda Calfat/Getty


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17 responses to “Taylor Swift says “Kanye Who?” Also, Target’s Next Designer Revealed, Ralph Lauren Fashion Week

  1. Loving the pictures of Taylor Swift. So sad to read I missed your giveaway. There will be more. Happy Friday!

  2. LPC

    I too had overalls. They are still in my closet, just for remembrance. I wore Prescriptives. But I have moved on. I guess I wasn’t alone. You are a good soul to note my shorts manifesto. Thanks! And I agree with you on the exquisite gray dress:).

  3. The only frocks I could not dare attempt are any of the denim pieces, including that hand bag. The petite floral dresses bring to mind of country porches and clear blue skies of days gone by. I would love to wear for next summer. many young girls are buying them vintage and wearing them now, but updating to street style.

  4. a.

    I read that Lauder is shutting them down Jan 31st so stock up while you can!

  5. I’m very curious to see what Jean Paul Gaultier does with Target. I used to love Prescriptives but haven’t used them in years. Am I horrible person to be happy that the stock of Calyx might run out in the not so distant future?

  6. Miss Coco

    “The Grapes of Ralph”-hahahahaha! Was this for everything? Black Label, Purple Label, RL? A bit too country for me…

  7. Oh good grief my memory is horrible. I entered your giveaway, said I would post it on my blog and then (of course) forgot. Shocking about Prescriptives…..wow. You never know what is next……

  8. Amy

    First, love the pics of Taylor Swift! She is so gorgeous.

    I like some of the RL pieces, but I’m a pretty simple gal. I definitely had overalls as well, back in the day!

  9. Oh my goodness!! I am SO excited! Thank you! I will be emailing you 🙂

  10. Well, I had overalls in 1970! but not today! haha – Love those sweet prints. So soft and feminine but only on the right person. Otherwise one could end up looking rather frumpy 😉 Love your post as usual, Miss TP!! xoxo

  11. Oh TP! Thank you for posting all those RL pics!! I love all of them!!! I will never forget subscribing to Seventeen magazine when I was in junior high and high school. There was an issue in the mid to late 80s that featured page after page of blue RL. I saved it for years until it just fell apart. The new line is a complete and blissful revisiting (at least as I remembered it). Many thanks for a fabulous post!

  12. MCW

    Ohh…I love the RL collection. Reminds me of the 1930’s/Depression era. Love it.

  13. Congrats to Pink Tutu! Thanks for a fun giveaway!

    I love January’s pink sheath!

  14. Congratulations to Pink Tutu!!! She is so precious and I am glad she won. I enjoyed all the fashion pictures. I used to wear overalls many years ago. I do love my denim jeans, but overalls are too baggy for me now. Love & blessings from NC!

  15. The platters are adorable! xoxo

  16. Ralph Lauren’s collection was breathtaking. I love.
    And okay, whatever about Taylor Swift, I can’t stand her.

    Penn- I die. He is gorgeous!

  17. I loved the tailored pieces, but I cannot do the jeans. They just look like they haven’t been washed in months. Its a similar look the homeless have here in Atl. Thanks RL, but no thanks.

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