Simply Amazing Tennis, & Fashion Week’s Bad Boy?

Hello-Hello, happy sunny day to everyone!

We are still gaga over last night’s US Open final between Argentina’s Juan Martin del Potro and Roger Federer.

PHOTO: Clive Brunskill/Getty

PHOTO: Clive Brunskill/Getty

The match took five sets, the first time that has happened since 1999. On hand to watch, Anna Wintour (back left), fresh from the Carolina Herrera show at Fashion Week, Gavin Rossdale (C) singer Gwen Stefani (R) and Roger Federer’s wife, Mirka Vavrinec (center front).

PHOTO: Eduardo Munoz/Reuters

PHOTO: Eduardo Munoz/Reuters

It was amazing tennis.  Congratulations to Mr. del Potro; we expect to see more of this young man in the future.

Call us crazy, but we expect he just might land on a few more magazine covers.


In yesterday’s post we promised a peek at the new Tommy Hilfiger mega-store on Fifth Avenue that opened Monday.

PHOTO: Lauren Fleishman/Kyle Ericksen

PHOTO: Lauren Fleishman/Kyle Ericksen

The designer told Women’s Wear Daily (subscription required) about some of the special products this particular store will carry:

“Also unique to the location is Tommy Hilfiger Fifth Avenue Pink Collection — pink women’s outerwear, knitwear, dresses, hats, scarves, gloves, watches, belts, and gifts, and select pink men’s knitwear and ties. Additional special products for men focus on plaids.”


The decor features vintage pieces and themes, many purchased from eBay and others from the Brimfield Antique Show & Flea Market. (A spot of bliss, truly.)

Lauren Fleishman/Kyle Ericksen

Lauren Fleishman/Kyle Ericksen

While not generally Hilfiger fans here at the Prepatorium (the brand is much too new to the scene, and it does not market truly classic preppy goods, particularly when considering the logo-splashed merchandise), we do occasionally find things we enjoy, and hope the store surpasses all expectations for Mr. Hilfiger and company.


Now to Fashion Week and a look at TP’s favoriter designer (ummm, not exactly), Thom Browne, perhaps best known to this audience for his Brooks Brothers Black Fleece collection.

Frequent readers may remember some of our ranting and raving commentary in posts about Mr. Browne’s more ridiculous, attention-seeking, and completely unwearable flamboyant designs.

The designer’s styles for his Spring 2010 Collection are equally outrageous.

PHOTO: John Aquino

PHOTO: John Aquino

We’ll let the professionals speak today, beginning with Ray A. Smith at the Journal:

“He’s done dropped-crotch trousers before, but never dropped this low — almost to the floor so that pants look like dresses. He’s done polka dots before, but never this big — one ensemble even had the polka-dot holes hollowed out.”

PHOTO: John Aquino

PHOTO: John Aquino

The Journal story continues:

“Lenses of visor sunglasses were used to decorate bucket hats — in some cases the hats were pulled over the model’s head with the lenses being implanted where holes were cut out so they could see. It was a very disturbing deep-sea diver look.

PHOTO: John Aquino/WWD

PHOTO: John Aquino/WWD

And then this in the Journal piece:

“An editor from a fashion magazine laughed out loud at one point during the proceedings, and who could blame him.”

However, Mr. Smith makes the point in his story that perhaps Thom Browne is enjoying the last laugh.

PHOTO: John Aquino/WWD

PHOTO: John Aquino/WWD

Nor was WWD’s review of the Collection kind.

“And the kitchen-sink styling only strengthened the final analysis: The clothes were ridiculous. What else can you conclude about a neoprene mini-skort? Or a polka-dotted halter romper? Add the lipstick, and it’s officially a drag show.”

PHOTO: John Aquino/WWD

PHOTO: John Aquino/WWD

Now, this may surprise you, but The Consort is unlikely to be sporting this to next summer’s formal events.

PHOTO: John Aquino/WWD

PHOTO: John Aquino/WWD

More from the WWD review:

To be influential in men’s wear is to innovate and surprise while still meeting the formal requirements of the medium, of the body, of a life. Browne knows it because he exerted that kind of power once, with his iconic cropped suit. It’s an elusive accomplishment, let alone to repeat. But to make unwearable art that takes no account of the wearer’s dignity is only dodging the challenge.”


While a few pieces harkened back to an old-school look with their prep school details, they do not qualify as preppy. Far from it.

PHOTO: John Aquino/WWD

PHOTO: John Aquino/WWD

To see all of the Spring 2010 styles from Thom Browne, click here.  And our final thought on the topic we share this commentary from one of our daily reads, The Choosy Beggar:

Courtesy The Choosy Beggar

Courtesy The Choosy Beggar

From their brief post:

If you hadn’t heard, it’s New York Fashion Week, which means two things: Plenty of posing, and more confusion for an already disillusioned male consumer. Thanks, Thom Browne. (Browne’s S/S ’10 Dumb Donald look pictured above.)

There you have it.

Thanks for popping in, we’ll be back tomorrow with more fun and frolicking around Fashion Week, including a peek at the line some call “the preppiest thing going”!


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15 responses to “Simply Amazing Tennis, & Fashion Week’s Bad Boy?

  1. WTH TB?

    I’m a fan but I don’t even get it from a influential standpoint as was mentioned in the post. It’s trying way TOO hard even for a runway show which, as we know, is meant to inspire but not to be copied literally.

    It’s hard to even see any of the individual pieces, aside from maybe jackets, as wearable.

  2. That was such a great tennis match…I was on the edge of my seat.

  3. Thom Browne = rather strange?

  4. R&WP

    Loved the US Open this year…without the Serena drama. I was very happy for del Potro although my heart hurt for Federer.
    Some of those clothing options made me laugh out loud 🙂 I’d run in the opposite direction if I saw a guy dressed like that!
    Hope all is well, PP!

  5. The match yesterday was a nail biter…! Also, great to see Anna W in the background looking fabulous as usual.

  6. Love that comparison photo at the bottom! You never know where inspiration comes from. Just maybe….

  7. Wasn’t that a fabulous final match? I just caught the end of the last set, but what a game. And 3 cheers for Mr. del Potro gracing more covers. Ahem.

    And now to the fashion business at hand . . . a neoprene skort? Surely that goes beyond avant garde to just plain stupid? Sigh.

  8. I am so sad I missed the US Open because I was in class! I’ve heard it was an amazing show.

  9. Wow! What a new cutie to the tennis scene!!

  10. Jen

    Well, that is just plain ridiculous. If you want to dress a guy and make sexual ambiguity the focus with undertones of Fat Albert characters, then this designer is the ticket. Personally, I don’t know any man who would be caught dead wearing polka dots. Pushing the envelope is one thing, setting the entire letter on fire is another. Funny post.

  11. VickyM

    I am gaping like a fish at the Brooks Brothers line whilst giggling madly at the TP’s wit…

  12. The comparison from the Choosy Beggar made me laugh so hard – good call! Good gosh, some of these fads seem out of left field.

  13. I pray to everything holy that we get to see much more of Sr. del Potro.

    As for Mr. Browne – what team does he have surrounding him that said, “Oh, yes…cropped polka dot pants are going to be THE next thing for men…” ???
    More ridiculous than avant garde. For sure.

  14. That tennis was amazing. Nothing preppier than a cute tennis match, the clothes and the spectators. xoxo

  15. ah, I was so happy about del potro´s winning!
    He really deserve that!

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