Lhuillier Bliss, FNO Plans of a Preppy Sort

Hello-Hello, and welcome to a wacky Wednesday that feels like a Tuesday. We cannot tell you how many times TSU has been required to answer the question “Okay, quick, is Tuesday or Wednesday?” But there shan’t be any complaining about the shortened week here at the Prepatorium, nay-nay, it is a lovely concept, simply bliss in our little brain!

Speaking of such, has everyone heard about the more affordable line coming from gown designer extraordinaire Monique Lhuillier? That is the name of her new line, “Bliss“.  The eagle eyes over at StyleList mentioned it in a post last week, including these sketches:

Courtesy Photo via StyleList

Courtesy Photo via StyleList

As the article details:

“The line will offer dresses in the best lace, organza and silk, featuring both ML’s signature embellishments and flair for fashion, but priced for the masses.

Pricepoints for the gowns are expected to range from $2,300 to $3,500; the line will include fifteen styles available this fall.


Is everyone familiar with FNO, Fashion’s Night Out? The brainchild of Anna Wintour, it is officially described as a “global initiative to promote retail, restore consumer confidence, and celebrate fashion…”. We like Christina Binkley’s description better, as seen in this Journal story:

“… a global pep rally sponsored by two fashion icons, Anna Wintour and Diane von Furstenberg.”

“The goal is to revive the now-comatose basic human urge to snap up lipstick, socks, neckties, designer gowns, jewelry, handbags and all the other goodies that people cut—with a certain pride—from their household budgets…”

All over the country tomorrow night hundreds of stores will be staying open until at least 11pm, offering special promotions, gifts with purchase, and more. Events range from free chocolates at Maison du Chocolat (the Rockefeller Center store) to the Olsen twins serving drinks at Bergdorf Goodman.

If not out watching the Open, shoppers at Cole-Haan (on Madison) can meet Maria Sharapova, showing her new Collection again (previewed in this post), while also sampling goodies from Dylan’s Candy Bar.

Fashion's Night Out

Fashion's Night Out

As is the case with almost any event held these days, one may acquire a tee-shirt commemorating the occasion. For those not attending in person, the shirt is available online at Needless Markup Neiman Marcus.  The nice thing about the tee? 40% of the proceeds are being donated to the National September 11 Memorial & Museum at the World Trade Center.

A number of Preptastic retailers are participating, including Lilly Pulitzer.


Lilly plans include giving shoppers a chance to see some of the amazing designers in action at the Mother Ship on Madison Avenue, and it seems there will be liquid refreshments as well, the invitation does say “Cocktails and creativity will flow.” For more on all of the Lilly events, click here.

Tory Burch has even designed a special tote for the occasion.


Purchase *anything* at either the Nolita or Meatpacking stores and one of the limited edition totes is yours. Kate Spade shoppers have an opportunity to party, as the retailer is offering cha-cha lessons and Havana highballs will be served!

Brooks Brothers is unveiling a yet-to-be-announced product, Polo Ralph Lauren is hosting an art event, and J. Crew is promoting their Jewelry/Accessories store by offering refreshments and a chance to meet a jewelry designer.

We have read of several bloggers planning to partake of the festivities, including the fabulous Magnolias, Marriage & Manhattan. There are also events scheduled all over the country, including Los Angeles and Orange County, San Francisco and Chicago.  If interested, check online, in the local newpaper or at the official FNO site. For a list of events in London, click here.


One other quick note: the Anna Sui Gossip Girl-inspired line for Target launches tomorrow. Below, a look at the ‘Blair dress‘ as seen in a print ad for the retailer.

Courtesy Photo via WWD.com


We close with a few more lines from Ms. Binkley’s excellent story about tomorrow’s big events:

“But can fashionable entertainment persuade people to pay full price when they are still feeling queasy and bloated from over-spending?

Discounting is a matter of supply and demand. During the boom, luxury goods and fashion brands became so plentiful that they turned into commodities. Stores, carrying the same items around the world, were left to compete on little more than price when the recession set in.”

We are curious about your thoughts on shopping…? Do you spend less time engaged in that activity than you did a year or two ago? Did you always look for bargains regardless of the economy, or are you more cognizant of that now?  Do you have any concerns about being perceived as someone who is a conspicuous consumer, or are things essentially the same? Is your perception of luxury different in any way?

You know TP has an inquiring mind, and she is simply dying to hear your reactions to this idea of an evening spent celebrating shopping.


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13 responses to “Lhuillier Bliss, FNO Plans of a Preppy Sort

  1. How wonderful of you to ask these questions because I have just recently had to acknowledge that my spending habits have changed. I definitely spend more money than I used to, as a result of graduating and now earning a full-time income. I feel sort of backwards when compared to the rest of the economy, I have however always loved a good bargain!

  2. mona

    Do you spend less time engaged in that activity than you did a year or two ago?
    {sigh} Unfortunatley…yes.

    Did you always look for bargains regardless of the economy, or are you more cognizant of that now?

    Yes to both. However, if it’s something I reeealy desire…notsomuch.

    Do you have any concerns about being perceived as someone who is a conspicuous consumer, or are things essentially the same?

    Things are the same. I am a consumer out to do my share to stimulate the economy.

    Is your perception of luxury different in any way?

    Not at all!

  3. I think I’ve done my fair share of stimulating the economy. Now it’s time for someone else to step up to the plate 😉 I need to back off for a while. At least only do Christmas shopping only.

    I’ve never shopped during fashion week. I save myself for a shop till you drop on Black Friday. (Day after Thanksgiving)

  4. MCW

    Blah! I have a work dinner tomorrow night or I would be at the Lily townhouse with bells on. Thanks for keeping me informed!!!

  5. My shopping correlates with events in my life – i.e. shopping a lot currently because daughter will be getting married in June. But then I will go for months and shop a minimum. Since I retired I don’t dress up every day, so I don’t need as much, but I still love new things!!! Always looking for a sale! I will only pay full price when it is something I just have to have. i.e. MOB dress, dresses for showers, parties, etc. xoxo

  6. oh, how I would *love* to be there at Fashion’s Night Out! I couldn’t resist a giggle out loud at “Needless Markup”…I just don’t think that ever gets old!!

    so sorry I have been absent–kindergarten is hard. 😉

  7. preppyinnewengland@gmail.com

    How I wish I could be there! Love the tee and how wonderful to see where the proceeds will go.

  8. Ha – I just tweeted that I was wishing I was in NYC this week for the Open and FNO…and then I hopped over here to read the latest from the Prepatorium and now I really, really wish I was in NYC this week to do my share for the economy. Alas, it’s Lady C’s first week of school so I’m staying local. There is, fortunately, one VIP shopping event in Baltimore which I’ll be attending…

    As for shopping this year versus last, I was using proceeds from my designer clothing consignment sales to fund new purchases in the summer so I was really on a budget of my own making. For Fall, I’m ready to reinvigorate my wardrobe with some fun new finds, including “luxury” goods and my usual JCrew haul. Discounts and bargains be damned!

  9. Oh how I love Monique L! And nope, sadly my shopping habits are alive and well…but I’ve always been a bargain hunter 🙂

  10. While I applaud Lhullier making a more affordable line & absolutely love her work, I quibble with her rep’s describing this as a line “for the masses”. At $2,300 – 3,500 a pop?

    Would that I could be in NYC this week, if for nothing else than the Maison du Chocolat (the absolute finito of chocolatiers, as far as I’m concerned) freebies. Oh, and the fashion shows too, I suppose.

  11. KSE

    just a note about my experience at Tory Burch in soho: I walked in, anticipating a crowd, found a crowd . . . of well dressed women sitting around [nobody shopping?????] sipping champagne. Now I had originally intended on taking the opportunity to buy a clutch I’ve been eyeing, but where were the sales people? And more importantly, where were they stashing the champagne? Alas, I left empty-handed, I suppose I can pick up the clutch elsewhere, but I was extremely put off by the lack of customer service. PS- the totes are rather ugly in real life [if not bad enough on the computer screen].

  12. BLC

    Oh buggar! I find out about that now … I purchased a ML over Labor Day weekend and oh la la la is it wonderful!!! Xoxo-BLC

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