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Today we say goodbye to Nancy Talbot (co-founder of Talbots clothing stores), primarily via links allowing you to explore more at your leisure.  Ms. Talbot died last Sunday.

We apologize for being a little slow to get this posted.

From the LA Times story:

“When Nancy and her husband, Rudolf Talbot, inherited his father’s cramped clothing store in the Boston suburb of Hingham, Mass., they renamed it “The Talbots.” They also stocked it with classic women’s apparel that reflected Nancy’s affinity for color and personal style.

More from the LA Times:

“By 1950, their business had outgrown its first location, and they moved two blocks to an old, white clapboard house that remains the mother store.


PHOTO: Gary Higgins/Patriot Ledger

They painted the front door a custom bright red, an architectural touch that became a signature of Talbots stores.”

PHOTO: Gary Higgins/The Patriot Ledger

PHOTO: Gary Higgins/Patriot Ledger

The NY Times story carries 1980 quotes from Nancy Talbot:

““We look for clothes that are timeless because they are ladylike, simple but not contrived, gimmicky, or extreme, smart but not faddy, fashionable but not funky — chic and understated, the hallmarks of good taste.””

And has more on her background:

“Mrs. Talbot, a product of the Shipley School and Radcliffe, applied her patrician good taste and enthusiasm for bright colors to merchandising well-made, affordable, preppy fashions to postwar American women. The look was classic rather than current, chiefly intended for the customer whom Women’s Wear Daily once called “the country club woman.”

The Boston Globe piece has perhaps the most detailed look at Ms. Talbot and the company’s history:

“The small shop’s location, meanwhile, left a little to be desired: A bar was next door.

“All these drunks would come staggering in,’’ Mrs. Talbot told the Globe in 2002.’

““She had exquisite taste and was a perfectionist,’’ her daughter said. “Everything she did had a beauty to it. My sister and I were just talking about how we learned what was beautiful from my mother.’’”

Mrs. Talbot died from complications of Alzheimer’s disease; she was 80.



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7 responses to “In Memory

  1. Always sad to see a fellow fashionista pass. Thank you for posting this!

  2. mary anne

    A true icon of good taste. Would that there were more like her in the clothing business. RIP, Mrs. Talbot.

  3. I totally missed her passing in the paper. Sorry to hear that. She sounded like quite a lady. I love Talbot’s. Thanks for sharing. Love & blessings from NC!


    There has been quite the coverage in our local papers here. The original Talbot’s store is so beautifully centered in Hingham Square. It’s so charming inside.
    Such a nice post paying tribute to the icon of the classics.

  5. It s always so sad when someone pass away…but Talbot had an amazing and long life!

    Many kisses for you friend!

  6. I really wish I could just jet off to New York for all the fun events! I also was sad to hear about Mrs. Talbot. I was such a Talbots Kids girl when I was little.

  7. Thanks so much for posting this., as I have not seen a notice of her death. Mama and I both have been Talbot’s shoppers for many, many years…Timeless and classic fashions!

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