Celebs & Goyard, The Snuggie Goes Upscale

What could be more fun than the Goyard tote? Most readers are aware of our appreciation for this accessory (and not only because it is available in a pink print), a fondness nurtured before the brand became quite so popular, even being declared an “It Bag” by those who issue such declarations. (Our original post and this follow-up offer more background, and for fun, this post details the Goyard Visionaire Trunk.)

Photo via Pretty Shopaholic

Photo via Pretty Shopaholic

At any rate, we are still overcoming the trauma of seeing an Anti-Prep with our bag:


Other celebs have also been spotted with the bag recently; below singer Shania Twain.

Photo via Bag Snob

Photo via Bag Snob

We thank the sharp eyes at BagSnob for posting the photo above.  One of the primary reasons we like the bag so much is because of the clean and simple design.

Courtesy Photo via Business Week

Courtesy Photo via Business Week

One more link fans may enjoy: the outstanding Paris Hotel Boutique Journal had a fabulous post last week comparing and contrasting Goyard with Louis Vuitton. We highly recommend it.


Our only other item today? Word that the Snuggie is doing its very own show at Fashion Week.

Courtesy Photo

Courtesy Photo

This clearly belongs in our “You can’t make this stuff up” category, because it is true, not made up. Seriously.

We direct your image to the photo below:

Imaxtree Photo via The Cut

Imaxtree Photo via The Cut

The fab folks at The Cut blog share the following verbiage from the official invitation to the Snuggie show:

“Amid the glitz and glamour of New York Fashion Week, Snuggie™ will host a runway show of its own, taking center stage to showcase the latest colors, fabrics and patterns…

… the sexiest looks in blanket-wear and adult, kid and even canine models will hit the runway.”

We are predicting this will become the must-have ticket for the week.

With that, we send hopes to all of our treasured readers for a holiday weekend filled with happiness – enjoy!


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10 responses to “Celebs & Goyard, The Snuggie Goes Upscale

  1. I saw the Snuggie ad with the snuggie for dogs (a Puggie, in my case?) and nearly fell off my couch with excitement, or something like that As Holly Golightly said, the mind reels.

    Speaking of reeling, I cannot abide that Anti-Prep having a Goyard when I & many others do not. Wah!

  2. LPC

    From the sublime to the, well, um, you know.

    Have a great, long, weekend La Princesse.

  3. Cannot stand an anti-Prep having a Goyard! And the Snuggie – well I guess we’ve seen it all. Thanks Miss Princess. Have a wonderful weekend!! xoox

  4. I will sooooo be looking forward to the looks on the Snuggie runway. Ha!

  5. KK

    I saw a Sniggie ad recently with animal prints. And they called it fashionable. Listen, what one does in their own home is their own business but I think calling zebra print fleece “fashionable” is a bit of a stretch!

  6. I’m guilty of ridiculing the snuggie myself. After all it is just a bathrobe put on backwards LOL! But part of me admires the marketing manager of that company. I’d hire her 🙂

  7. honestly- I don’t have a word for what strutted down that runway, but thank you for sharing!


  8. Is it shameful that I was excited when I saw the puggie [as Mel is calling it]? I thought to myself “what a wonderful way to keep Preppy Pug warm!”

    …and then I realized he would hate me.

    Although, we could match since I am the proud owner of one already.

    This comment is embarrassing.

  9. Jen

    Hope you have a wonderful weekend. The weather in MN is absolutely perfect. If only it would stay this way until next April.
    Thanks for the fill in on that bag. Very cute. I will have to check it out.

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