Your Vote is Needed, and a Preppy Mish-Mash

Hello-Hello and happy sunny, breezy, blue-sky-kind-of-day!

We spent the morning away from the Prepatorium and are racing to catch up, so we shall primarily offer what we believe to be called ‘eye candy’ in our little post today. (Do tell us if this usage is improper.)

Because we know you frequently awaken in the middle of the night, unable to sleep because of your concern about the Hope Diamond and how it is faring, we bring you an update:

Courtesy Photo via WWD

Courtesy Photo via

The company that originally donated the diamond to the Smithsonian, Harry Winston, is going to be resetting the famous (and many believe cursed) stone.  There are several design options under consideration, including this:

Courtesy Photo via

Courtesy Photo via

As well as this….

Courtesy Photo via

Courtesy Photo via

The Smithsonian is saying, “The Fate of the Hope Diamond is in your hands.”

How can that be? The ultimate decision on which new design Harry Winston will use for resetting the stone is open to a public vote; here is the third design you may select:

Courtesy Photo via

Courtesy Photo via

Just click here to review the three designs, learn loads more about the 45+ carat stone, and cast your vote.


Next, a little retail news with word that Fornash has opened their new store at Tysons!


Simply one more reason to visit that corner of the globe when in the area. We have long favored the Gecko Bangles from Fornash:


In other retail news, J. Crew is promoting their Long-Live Summer Sale.


We haven’t perused the offerings, but do have one thought to share: if it is at all possible to hold off on purchases, we’re betting Crew does the “Take an extra 20% off sale prices” promotion sometime around the approaching holiday weekend. We have nary a clue other than past experience.


Next, how is this for an Adventure in Argyle?

PZ734504A.JPGThe Prinz Preppy Photo Album holds forty 4″ x 6″ pictures, and is only $2.99.


If seeking a little Pretty in Pink for your four-legged friends and family members:


Yes, it is the Preppy Puppy Tank from PetCo, described thusly:

“…A cute and sassy tank top that goes anywhere…”

Silly Tilly would like to be “sassy” but sadly (ahem), is a little rotund for such apparel.


We close with a look at Gossip Girl’s ‘Chuck and Blair,’ from ads running in this month’s NYLON Korea.



The ads are actually for ASK clothing (we’re not linking to the site as Google warns it may harm one’s computer), and feature Leighton Meester and Ed Westwick.

 NYLON Korea


For more on the ads, pop over to the NYLON blog.

This concludes today’s preppy mish-mash. Thank you for your patience with our goofy little mess today!



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19 responses to “Your Vote is Needed, and a Preppy Mish-Mash

  1. I may be dropping by the J. Crew summer Sale online this weekend to purchase myself a birthday present… it’s a slight possibility 🙂

  2. Domestic Diva

    Love the bangles!! I hear the Jcrew is offering the same stuff at the same prices. Not much a blow out sale. Was in the store the other day and there was nothing left of summer. Just a few chino shorts… Have a fabulous day!!

  3. I am very angry that they are resetting the hope diamond…that is not cool it is such an icon the way it is. Plus I hate they are making people touch it.

  4. Nevermind, they will eventually be returning it to its original setting.

  5. Love Fornash pieces!! And that argyle photo album price is a must have! What a cute thing for the gift closet! 😉 xoxo

  6. a.

    I was at Fornash on Saturday!!! Love it 🙂

  7. Oh, HRH. Wait, what? Did you write something after you showed me the sparkly thing? Forrrrrrget, sister, shoot up the flares, the hostess is lost again.

  8. Oooo – I totally love the ads of Blaire and Chuck! They look so cute and prep-tastic! Thank you for the post!

  9. But I”m not sure I like any of those designs for the big diamond! How about you, Princess?

  10. Love those last few GG photos.

    I was just at the Fornash in Gtown. I will try to visit the Tyson’s location next time I am in the area

  11. Call me old fashioned, but I like the Hope diamond the way it is set now and wish they could just replicate the original setting. I have not seen it in person for years, but I remember being in awe of it.

    I love those Gecko bangles and I’ve had my eye on them all summer. I just need to purchase one (or two) already.

    Great Chuck & Blair photos!

  12. Yes, I believe you are spot on about Sally. I suppose she is starving for attention so she does such to get it. I wasn’t sure if she realized that Grandfather is losing his mind and she was tormenting him a bit. But maybe he can give her the unconditional love that she needs! We’ll have to see how that plays out. So many surprises on this show!

  13. I am going to see if I can find that Preppy Puppy tank. I think Lily needs that!

  14. Love the first necklace, can you imagine how heavy that must be! My pup needs that cute shirt but there is no way Hubby would allow it. A girl can dream.

  15. I love Blair and Chuck pictures! Very cute dress!!

  16. LPC

    Eeeeek. I confess to superstition.

  17. Since the fate of that diamond lies in my hands, I just had to vote 😉

    I noticed that the first picture of Blair in the navy blazer…it really looks like a Francis of NY blazer. Was surprised to find out it wasn’t.

  18. MCW

    I just don’t love and of the Hope designs!

  19. I want to put that diamond in a ginormous ring for myself.

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