Tennis Togs Part Two & “When Logos Run Amok” Example 46


Last week we ran a little preview of some of the tennis apparel being unveiled at this year’s US Open, including the new looks from Nike for Roger Federer, Rafa Nadal and Serena Williams.  We also looked at some of the pieces coming from Polo Ralph Lauren, the Open’s official sponsor.

Today we turn our attention to Lacoste’s new looks for Andy Roddick. Mr. Roddick can be seen below, as well as Mr. Federer, Ms. Williams and Maria Sharapova.

PHOTO: Ray Stubblebine/Reuters

PHOTO: Ray Stubblebine/Reuters

He is wearing the Printed Check Super Dry Polo, we offer a better view:

Courtesy Lacoste

Courtesy Lacoste

The Diamante Drawstring Short is on sale in select colors.Here is a look at the ensemble in navy as worn by Mr. Roddick yesterday.

PHOTO: Emmanuel Dunand/AFP/Getty

PHOTO: Emmanuel Dunand/AFP/Getty

The Women’s Short Sleeve Super Dry Polo comes in both white and a rich raspberry pink.


Many readers probably saw Mr. Roddick visiting the David Letterman show last week. Unfortunately he was sporting the new polo from Lacoste, with the “Big Croc”.


We clearly have a new addition to the “When Logos Run Amok” category.

An interesting note, the Oversized Croc Pique Polos for men run $92, while the Short Sleeve Classic Pique Polos are only $54.99 – $79.50.  A similar theme is evident on the Ladies side of the shop, with the Women’s Oversize Croc Polo at $85 and other versions running $54.99 – $79.50.

One more comment about Mr. Roddick, he is not happy with the Open’s new rules regarding Twitter. The Straight Sets blog from the Times carried a post about the issue:

““I think its lame the U.S. Open is trying to regulate our tweeting,” he wrote Friday night. “I understand the on-court issue but not sure they can tell us if we can’t do it on our own time … we’ll see.”

The rules state that tweeting is not allowed on the court during matches. They also warn players about using Twitter away from the court, saying that sending “certain sensitive information” could be considered passing along inside information to gamblers.”

We are grateful there are no such rules governing TP’s Tweets!


When covering the Nike togs last week we neglected to show the looks for Ms. Sharapova, always a fashionista on and off the court. First, her day dress:

Maria_Day_Dress_01eThe Night Dress is a very dark midnight blue with silver piping; there appears to be some sort of unfortunate glittery lamé fabric insert.


It is superior to the dress worn by Ms. Sharapova last week for the Rogers Cup in Toronto. We like the minty-green color, but the full skirt is reminiscent of a prom frock gone bad.

Chris Young/Canadian Press/AP

Chris Young/Canadian Press/AP


A look we liked even less? The not-quite-Ed-Hardyish drawing on the back of the dress worn yesterday by Venus Williams for her first-round win.

PHOTO: Emmanuel Dunand/AFP/Getty

PHOTO: Emmanuel Dunand/Getty

The dress isn’t quite as bad from the front.

PHOTO: Emmanuel Dunand/Getty

PHOTO: Emmanuel Dunand

And we do like pink.

But… the color for tennis apparel is white. Granted, we are old. We are boring. Fuddy-duddy is a kind and gentle way to describe our ‘tennis style’ as there is no style whatsoever.

We are quite comfortable in this kind of look:


This comes as no surprise to readers.


One of the more intriguing debuts this week comes courtesy of US star James Blake, who has moved from Nike to Fila.

Chris Trotman/Getty Images for DirecTV

Chris Trotman/Getty Images for DirecTV

Fila and Mr. Blake have partnered on an apparel and accessories line, launched at the Lord & Taylor on Fifth Avenue last week.  In honor of the player’s late father the collection is named Thomas Reynolds.  Below, Mr. Blake can be seen with actor Will Ferrell, who was dressed as Blake for the annual Arthur Ashe Kids Day event.

Ray Stubblebine/Reuters

Ray Stubblebine/Reuters


For those curious about the outcome of Roger Federer’s first match against Devin Britton of the US, Mr. Federer won.

PHOTO: Kevin Lamarque/Reuters

PHOTO: Kevin Lamarque/Reuters

However, we may need to pursue a future chat about ‘Monogram Man,’ and the overall issue surrounding Mr. Federer’s logo/crest/monogram.

Below we see Rafa Nadal practicing this morning, his first match is set for Wednesday.

PHOTO: Kevin Lamarque/Reuters

PHOTO: Kevin Lamarque/Reuters

On this smiling face, we say G’bye until next time!


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17 responses to “Tennis Togs Part Two & “When Logos Run Amok” Example 46

  1. all I’m sayin’ is that I’ve worn tennis whites exclusively ever since about age twelve- it just looks clean, crisp and wholesome!


  2. LPC

    Love Mr. Roddick’s navy blue…

  3. Ralph lauren did the same exact thing with the Big Pony Logo, the pony was huge, and the polos with the “Big Pony” were more expensive… It was gross enough when Ralph Lauren did it, but it’s R-A-L-P-H L-A-U-R-E-N so one can’t argue too much…

    However, I must say it is simply above and beyond that Lacoste is so blatantly copying such a wayward step of Ralph Lauren’s… The shame….

  4. Oh, dear. Andy starts off so well, and then . . . well, things look pretty bleak with The Alligator That Ate Tennis until Rafa pops up there at the end. A stylish start & finale, though!

  5. Jen

    The oversized croc is just obnoxious. My mantra to live by from Mies Van Der Rohe “Less is more.” This goes for logos as well. But, whatever floats your boat I guess.

  6. MCW

    Oh…some of those tennis outfits are just horrible! I am going to The Open tomorrow! Hopefully I will be watching some preppy players!

  7. The giant croc logo is hilarious!

  8. I’m not a fan of logos. Seems a bit much for me!

  9. Crisp, cool tennis whites. Soooooo classic.
    Remember when Chris Evert set the tennis world abuzz with her diamond “tennis” bracelet? I long for those days…

  10. That croc logo is so funny. It’s like preschool size 😀

  11. very much appreciate your tennis coverage! keep it coming!

  12. Sometimes I want to take up tennis just for the outfits. The classy, tennis whites style of course! 🙂 Have a wonderful day Ms. Princess!

  13. Oh, I do adore your tennis posts!

    I like the purple and yellow dress 🙂

  14. go girl

    As a faithfull fan of Venus Williams, I am not sure I can watch that pink dress all the way to the final. If she tore the sleeves off it might improve…? Her recent dresses of the past 6 months were beautiful! Did she bring one of those to New York? Please lose the princess sleves forever!

  15. I do need a polo shirt!
    so classy!!

  16. Vicky MacD

    What a feast is this post! The snuggie is just hysterical; will there be a Lilly snuggie in our futures?

  17. Patrik

    It is sad that you that you do not know Lacoste`s history, the big crock was the mark for many years when Lacoste started making clothing !!

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