US Open Tennis Togs: Polo Ralph Lauren, Nike & Fred Perry

Hello-Hello and Happy Friday!

It seems another week has flown by, vanished in a poof of ‘what happened?’ here at the Prepatorium.  If ever we were in need of some Friday Fun, today is the day!

But first we want to keep our word in yesterday’s post (Tiffany, Tennis and Fashion), we said we would peruse some of the new tennis togs slated for for the US Open, always a premier event to debut a new look or collection.

This is especially true for the Open’s official sponsor: Polo Ralph Lauren.


This year offers a number of new styles from the retailer, including an updated Cotton Cricket Sweater:


The sweater is described this way:

“Our iconically preppy sweater is cable-knit from soft Italian cotton with a wide V-neck, perfect for layering with one of our polos or tees for brisk mornings on the court or in the stands.”


Well done, this is very nice. (The Consort had nothing but raves when he saw us working on the post this morning, very unusual for him to be so vocal about a sweater. Hmmm.)

For the gentlemen, the US Open Canvas Sneaker has classic appeal:


To be quite crass and insert the “M topic” into our conversation, at $68, one could almost overcome their LogoPhobia, rationalizing that the emblem is of a commemorative nature.

There are also new uniforms for the ball boys and girls:

POLORL_31346_On-Going Tabletop for Web

Courtesy Polo Ralph Lauren

The diagonal stripe is eye-catching, and the shirt is done in a mesh knit for comfort.

Courtesy Polo Ralph Lauren

Courtesy Polo Ralph Lauren

Clearly the Logo-Gnomes have slipped that poor pony some performance- enhancing chemicals.  Ahem.

This year’s Open Canvas Tote has understated lines in classic colors:


If seeking Polo Ralph Lauren tennis apparel/accessories with fiscally-friendly price points, sale pieces offer styles that may appeal as well, like the Silk Tie Trimmed Blazer.


Originally $298, the blazer is now only $99, even better is the wide availability of sizes still available as of this writing.

There are loads of tennis pieces in stock across a broad selection of styles and price points, including pieces for the Young Master or Miss in the house. All of the US Open styles may be purchased online, at the Ralph Lauren shop at Arthur Ashe stadium, or at the interactive kiosks located elsewhere at the stadium.


Also debuting new looks this week, Nike. We start with a look at ” The Preppy and ‘The Pirate’.  First, ‘The Preppy,’ Roger Federer.

PHOTO: Bryan Bedder/Getty Images

PHOTO: Bryan Bedder/Getty Images

Next, ‘The Pirate’ aka Rafael Nadal, still overcoming an injury in his effort to garner the only major title he has yet to win.

PHOTO: Bryan Bedder/Getty Images

PHOTO: Bryan Bedder/Getty Images

If interested in Rafa’s Nike styles, once can now purchase many of them directly from his website.

For today’s Pretty in Pink we share the Nike look sported by Serena Williams.

PHOTO: Bryan Bedder/Getty Images

PHOTO: Bryan Bedder/Getty Images

This month’s issue of Hamptons (magazine) features Ms. Williams on the cover.

PHOTO: Robert Ascroft/Hamptons

PHOTO: Robert Ascroft/Hamptons

An interesting Q&A style story accompanies the cover shoot.


Nike and Polo Ralph Lauren are not the only labels debuting collections at the Open.  Fred Perry’s roots in in the sport are deep, and yesterday Andy Murray showed the brand’s US Open line.

Larry Busacca/Getty Images for Fred Perry

PHOTO: Larry Busacca/Getty Images for Fred Perry

The “Scottish blue” is a stunning color, we just love it. Below, the Classic Fred Perry Polo Shirt for women in “Original styling with trademark twin tipping detail,” things we like.

g1809_151_1There are several pieces in this group we are fond of, particularly the Pleated Tennis Dress.


Basic, fundamental tennis apparel. Yes, we are showing our age.  Basic tennis whites are what we were raised on and what we prefer.  Frankly, we like this collection so much it might help assuage the angst expressed Wednesday in this post about the hideous Fred Perry Preppy Pin Set.

Play gets underway Monday.


Well dollfaces, we are absolutely out of time. That means we will have to leave Lacoste, as well as the line James Blake is launching with Fila (and other lines as well), for another post, we apologize.

But we simply must include this very quick note about Lacoste: another online ‘by invitation only’ sale boutique is offering Lacoste Men’s and Women’s watches at significant discounts. Beyond the Rack is doing the sale; it runs until 1pm August 29th (Saturday).

LACA2000376PK_1The Ladies Tiebreak Calfskin wristwatch seen above is selling at $199; the original selling price was $450.  If you would like an invitation to Beyond the Rack, simply email

And to ensure we continue our Friday Fun, we share a few Mad Men avatars (remember our posts about making your own?), but not of friends or family. No, these are avatars celebrating people a little better known, like POTUS.


Also, Keith Olbermann.


To glance at additional celebrities who  have been “Mad Manned,” just click here.

We hope that brings a smile to your face – may your weekend be filled with them!



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13 responses to “US Open Tennis Togs: Polo Ralph Lauren, Nike & Fred Perry

  1. Love this post, Princess. I, too, had a cotton cricket sweater in my younger days; however, it was more chunkier than this new updated version. I love the sweater! It’s headed right on over to my favorites here on the pc. Ah, Nadal, he just happens to be my favorite over Federer. Guess, I’m a sucker for the underdog. Hope you have a fab weekend!!!

  2. MCW

    Hoping to make it to the Open one evening…I will take pics of the fashions!

  3. I like the blazer, tote, dress, and cricket sweater! They’re so cute

  4. LPC

    Ooh. I love that blazer.

  5. I don’t understand what is ironic about the tennis sweater and I might have to check out the blazer.

    if I’ve said it once, I’ve said it a thousand times, anything Polo that is “team gear” will make you go weak at the knees and make some fabulously regretful decisions with stud male athletes- even more delectable in those polos than their team-issued kit!



  6. Clare

    Ahhh P. Princess, That fabulous V Neck sweater reminds me of my wonderful father. (You could call him the preppy King, hahaha, he comes fully equipped with pink pants and Vineyard Vines Ties). Your taste is amazing, and what gorgeous spreads you make

    Wishing you a marvelous weekend!!

  7. Hi there I adore the blazer. Just wondering if you email about international shipping for New Zealand for your store my email address is r.hemingway(@) windowslive (dot) com Thanks Rachael.

  8. I really love tennis, and the preppy tennis outfits too. I cant wait for US open.

  9. I love the tennis style!
    The polos are so fancy!!! Naturally classy!!

    Kisses and hugs!


  10. wow i love that Ralph Lauren sweater and the polo shirt!! i should buy one, so do to that sneakers, thats cool!
    and i need some new rackets this year lol, dunlop aerogel 4d would be nice, doesnt it?


  11. I have to say, I’m with the consort – that sweater is a classic. Love that fun white blazer with the silk piping as well.

    Those celeb “MM” avatars are too much – off to investigate more of them now!

  12. Mrs Catherine

    Would like to buy Ralph Lauren Ball Boys Polo (US OPEN) for my 2 sons. Are they available for sale, if so, where can I buy them from. Loved the uniforms worn at the Open this year.


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