Preppy Look “Stronger than Ever” Also, Preppy Pins? We Think Not.


It is rainy and cold, and one could almost believe Fall was hovering around the corner. But as we are living in denial, we know that isn’t the case.

However, we will acknowledge that a change of seasons brings a change in wardrobe for most of us as well, including the offspring.  To that end, we share from this story in the Montreal Gazette, “Prepping for School”:

“The preppy look is going stronger than ever into the high school years, with Gossip Girl blazers, plaids, knee socks, ties and headbands. (Of course, much of what these Upper East Side privileged private school students wear on the town would throw most parents into a tizzy, if not bankrupt them.)”

The story includes photos of  clothing, including this Fleece Blazer by Canadian retailer Joe Fresh:

Courtesy Photo

Courtesy Photo

The story continues:

“…. Gossip Girl has influenced those girls, with tweeds, bows, knee socks and ballet flats,’’ she said. That’s the urban preppy look….”


Montreal Gazette

The illustration above shows something called a TRie (spelled just this way, upper and lower case) from the Jonas Brothers line of clothing…? Is this a combination of the words ‘tie’ and ‘ribbon’ possibly, or are we just thicker than normal today?


Today we have the unfortunate task of adding to our “When Preppy Goes Wrong” gallery; the source of the fashion crime faux pass is what’s troubling us today: Fred Perry!

Fred Perry Preppy Pin Badges

You are looking at the Fred Perry Preppy Pins, a set of 4 enamel on metal pins.  We’re having flashbacks to our skating days and thinking we must be at a competition swapping pins.  In and of themselves they aren’t horrid, despite the raging case of LogoPhobia they are bound to trigger.  It’s just that we were still clinging to Fred Perry as one of a vanishing breed, a firm resolved to avoid wallowing in a world of gratuitous logos splattered everywhere.

And now this, something that belongs in the land of Hideopolis. Sniff.


We have decided to soldier on despite the tragedy detailed above, efforting cheery smiles via a number of Pretty In Pink items, how is that for therapy? First, the Girls Plaid-Trim Polo from the folks at Nautica.


At $12.99 an early withdrawal from the trust fund isn’t required, the top originally sold for $26. For Mom, the Varsity V-Neck Sweater is also offered at a lower price point, $37.99, marked down from the original selling price of $79.



For the furry member of the family, the ARFgyle Bones Toy, isn’t it cute?

t10109_group_062009fetchdogdotcmThe only challenge for us here at The Palace? We have to explain to the Tilly-Bomb:

“Not recommended for aggressive chewers”



Many readers may have already seen this next item, but we simply have to share it for those who may not have viewed photos of the lovely, lively LillyMobile.


This cute bug of a vehicle looks very much like any number of personalized golf carts buzzing around the course in Florida, and according to the Lilly Facebook page:

“We had a jeep last year but this November we’re “rolling” out an electric car!! It comes in white and pink!!Eeeekk! Stay tuned for more details and how to order one early!!”

There’s something to look forward to!


And finally in our Pretty in Pink category, we close with our brand new Preppy Pushpins!


These are from a new vendor whom we adore, Sara, at Kenwood Lane.  The pins are perfect for tacking up things on your bulletin board, and come in all sorts of fun colors and patterns.


Perhaps best of all they come packaged in cellophane accented by a pretty bow! We are already thinking they will be the ideal stocking stuffer for several friends and relatives.


With that lovely readers, we toddle off, back to work! May your days be filled with sunshine and smiles!


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18 responses to “Preppy Look “Stronger than Ever” Also, Preppy Pins? We Think Not.

  1. Eeew, those pins are NOT OK. But the pushpins on the other hand are adorable!

  2. the fleece blazer is kind of fun and next order I’m sooooo getting some of those pushpins!


  3. Those Fred Perry pins are just all wrong. I am at a loss for words on this one. On another note, I love the argyle dog bone. Princess Victoria “Puggy” might be getting one of those if she’s good this week;)

  4. LPC

    I want that fleece blazer. It will save me from a multitude of sins.

  5. Have I told you lately how much I love your blog. Probably not…I’ve been a slacker. I LOVE THIS BLOG!

  6. Love those pushpins! One more month until my wedding and after that my shopping moratorium is over, better ready your shop Ms. Princess! 🙂

  7. I love that golf cart!

  8. You always seem to find the cutest things! I especially love the Lilly cart! I would DIE if I got a Lilly car…OMG – I NEED ONE 🙂

  9. I must agree that the Fred Perry pins look like something that should be left at the rink or at a girl scout meeting. Not a fan! I do love the sweater you posted and what a great price! The “ARFgyle” bones are adorable and those preppy push pins would look great on my desk at work.

  10. NO to the pins, YES to the pushpins! 😉 Love your blog Preppy Princess!! xoxo

  11. Is it wrong that I want the argyle bone even though my dog probably won’t even like it??

  12. Oh my God! You’re living in denial? Me too! We must be neighbors. Let’s have coffee.

  13. Love the push pins !

  14. I’m a new follower and thought I would say “hi.”

    Those pushpins are too cute!

  15. oooh those push pins are fantastic… I keep telling myself I have a need for a pin board either in my office or my home office, in reality I would never use one, but wouldn’t it just be fantastic to have a true need for such preppy wonderfulness…

  16. The pushpins and the Lilly electric car are adorable!

    I hope all is well and that you have a wonderful weekend!

  17. The V-Neck sweater is fab!

    Oh, and that Lilly cart is swoon worthy 🙂

  18. Those push pins are so cute!!! They would look so adorable on my inspiration boards.

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