Betty Draper & Nate Archibald? Not Exactly. Also, Preppy Sales & Discounts!


We begin today with a stars from the hit show Mad Men, actress January Jones; she plays Betty Draper, our favorite character on the program. Ms. Jones is featured on the cover of the August Interview magazine.


Interview Magazine

The actress wears a vintage leather jacket with contemporary Tiffany earrings, a combination unlikely to be seen on Betty, but one that is smashing on the stunning actress.

Interview Magazine

Interview Magazine

There is a lengthy interview with Ms. Jones, conducted by none other than actor Jack Nicholson. The photography by Inoodh Matadin and Inez van Lamsweerde created incredible results.

Also in the magazine this month, a story with actor Chace Crawford, styled much differently from the look generally seen on his preppy Gossip Girl character Nate Archibald.

PHOTO: Solve Sundsbo, Interview

PHOTO: Solve Sundsbo, Interview

It might be the tattoos that are a little out of sync with the actor’s normally clean-cut image.

PHOTO: Solve Sundsbo

PHOTO: Solve Sundsbo

If the Interview look is striking fear into the hearts of G2 fans, worry not, and direct your gaze at Mr. Crawford’s appearance yesterday, shooting in the city with costar Blake Lively.

PHOTO: Bauer Griffin

PHOTO: Bauer Griffin

Quite a transformation, isn’t it?


Next, some significant Sales and Savings readers may want to be apprised of, beginning with the Vera Bradley Sale at ‘by invitation only’ shopping site Rue La La.


The pieces are about 50% off their original retail prices; patterns in the sale include Pinwheel Pink, Mod Floral Blue, Daisy Daisy, and Frankly Scarlet.

If you need an invitation, just email me at (There is also a Movado sale underway at the site if that tickles one’s fancy.) Both sales end Thursday, the 11th, at 11a.m.


Several other retailers with a preppish slant are offering substantial discounts, among them Kate Spade, offering many items at a 50% or 75% discount.

From a philosophical perspective we differ with the company about their marketing of the so-called “Sample Sale,” as it is not, at least not in contrast to the true ‘sample sales’ we have attended. However, one cannot quibble with the fiscally friendly prices of the merchandise.

For example, the Union Square wallet in pink nylon is now $50; the original price was $175.


Another Pretty in Pink: the Fairmount Park in this fun stripe, now $129.


Much more can be found online.


Also promoting deep discounts: Polo Ralph Lauren, online and in-store.  Just a sampling of the savings, the Jackie Striped Tee is now $19; originally the top was $65.


If one can cope with the oversized crest, the Stretch Cotton Crested Blazer is now $179, down from $498.


The Tipped Cricket Jacket also features a crest; we mention it as well because many stylists thought it projected a certain Gossip Girl flair.


This is the point at which TP feels compelled to interject her standard, “Some things have a duty to be discounted, don’t they?” comment.  Indeed.


Regular readers know how much we love our Lilly, and how fond we are of the effervescent Muffy Martini.  We mention Miss Muffy’s new blog, Lilly Lovers, because she is sharing a must-have discount code at Splash of Pink, good for an additional 20% off Sale merchandise!


In case the print is difficult to read, use promo code MYBUDDY at checkout to receive the extra discount. The Splash of Pink promotion ends Wednesday, the 26th.

The other discount available compliments of Muffy?  10% off everything on the Preppy Princess site, with promo code MUFFYDEAL. The Princess deal ends Thursday night, the 27th, at midnight.


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15 responses to “Betty Draper & Nate Archibald? Not Exactly. Also, Preppy Sales & Discounts!

  1. Hey Princess, are you going to keep the LP Xmas cards in stock the next few months? I’m thinking I want to use them as my Christmas cards this year but was going to wait til it gets a little closer.

  2. I know, I know about Ralph Lauren. I’m trying not to click over there…will power don’t fail me LOL!

    And are those tattoos real? Or just for the shoot?

  3. I love that bag. I’m a sucker for bows!

  4. Hey PP,
    All these sales are making me dizzy! We finally have summer here and fall is around the corner. Hope all is well 🙂

  5. At the risk of sounding scandalous, the young Mr. Crawford looks awfully dashing in all of the pictures! And I’m going right now to purchase that fab pink KS wallet!

  6. sCe

    The Ralph Lauren Blazers are beautiful!

  7. January Jones is soo beautiful! It’s terribly unfair, sigh. Hope you’re having a great week!

  8. I’ve been eyeing that tote from Kate Spade for 2 months now! With the sample sale going on, I may just have to breakdown and purchase it. I did get 2 Vera Bradley items on Rue La La in pinwheel pink today. I was very pleased!

  9. I love Betty Draper! Wow, can she pull off all the different looks!! Fabulous!!

  10. Love Betty Draper she looks so pretty in the Mag. don’t know how she puts up with Don! Oh wait I keep forgetting they are not real! Mad about Mad Men!


    Thank you for the sales updates! I have been browsing….notice how I say browsing! Back from vaca and saving for the crew for Back To School shopping! Treating myself myself right now is on hold!!!
    January Jones is just lovely! Those photos are fab!

  12. LPC

    There’s something about January Jones that scares me. Like a wild animal playing a pet.

  13. So cool clutch!
    Also love the amazing cover and Blake here!

    Thanks a lot for your sweet message!
    Always love all here,

    a kiss from Brazil,

  14. January Jones & Chance Crawford, 2 of my favs … def going to have to check out those interviews!!

  15. My little shopping hiatus couldn’t have come at a worse time! Who knew there would be so many fabulous deals?!?

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