Friday Fun: Meet a Mini Preppy Princess

Hello-Hello, and Happy (oh-so-joyous) Friday!

Today we offer our inaugural effort at Friday Fun, something we shall attempt on those weeks when we are so swamped with business, volunteer and other activities we are simply incapable of creating a post containing anything remotely witty, wise, or otherwise wonderful.  Not exactly Thoughtful Thursdays or Wordless Wednesdays, just some light, bright, fun events and activities as captured by you, our treasured readers!

We do admit being a tad anxiety-ridden, as we are starting with a Friday Fun event that may be tough to top. Take a look:

PrepSchool 101

PrepSchool 101

That Little Princess is PrepSchool 101’s precious Lady C, all smiles with a package from the Preppy Princess.




Little Miss C’s new friends are named ‘Barrett’ and ‘Genevieve’ (perhaps she somehow knew about our Great Aunt Genevieve…?), and they are part of her Lilly Pulitzer Paper Doll set.

We think this Little Princess has an outstanding eye for fashion, as her new friends are very well-dressed and perfectly accessorized; clearly they’ll make quite the style statement when they head out the door.

Seeing what a helpful assistant Little Miss C has was also very impressive.

PrepSchool 101

PrepSchool 101

The skills and assistance offered by Jane-the-kitty are not to be overlooked. Perhaps equally important? Jane is almost as style conscious as her supervisor, just look at her preppy madras collar by Katie and Olive. And we love a kitty with a conscience; proceeds from sales of these collars go to a very good cause, visit Puppy Love by Erin to learn more.

To enjoy all of the fun with Miss C, or to simply see her enjoying other activities of a Preptastic sort, pop in and visit PrepSchool 101, always an enjoyable, enlightening, and more-than-fashionable read!


Our other Friday Fun element involves introducing readers to a new blog focusing on a favorite topic: Lilly!  That’s right, the irrepressible Muffy Martini has created a new home for those loving all things Lilly: the appropriately named Lilly Lovers is the spot to be!

Courtesy Lilly Lovers Blog

Courtesy Lilly Lovers Blog

In fact, Muffy and a good friend of hers, Mrs. Newlywed, (whom we adore and consider ourselves fortunate to have on our little Princess Team), were so excited about the new blog they convinced us we needed to help Muffy celebrate, and we said “Why not?”

We let them talk us into doing something we have never done before: offering 10% off everything on our site.  To receive the discount, use promo code MUFFYDEAL at checkout.

We conclude our initial Friday Fun effort with a reader request: send us your fun photos, stories, anything at all you think others might enjoy seeing to brighten their day!


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16 responses to “Friday Fun: Meet a Mini Preppy Princess

  1. LPC

    Irrepressible. Exactly. Congrats to you and Muffy for what could be a beautiful relationship…

  2. You are too cute! I love this post – I especially love seeing Ms. C play with those paper dolls – I remember having a set of those when I was little – although they were not NEARLY as fashionable!

  3. What a precious little girl!

    Friday Fun is such a cute idea 🙂

  4. Miss C is just beautiful! She also looks like she’s wearing a Lilly dress 🙂

    Since I’m a Lilly Lover, I must check out this new site.

  5. could not be more adorable!


  6. OHMIGOSH she is the CUTEST little girl EVER!!!!! ADORABLE!!!!!

    Thank you for being so gracious and helping us celebrate the new blog! I am so very excited about it….but not as excited as 10% off! HAHAHA!

  7. What a beautiful stylish young girl! Have a wonderful weekend!

  8. Such a cute little girl!

    Lilly is just fab 🙂

  9. OMG a little lilly paper doll game–how adorable!!!! I want to play. xoxo

  10. Lady C is adorable!!!! Those doll’s are so awesome! hehe

  11. My daughter ordered some Lilly items from you and they were so awesome. The package was so cute when she received it and each item was wrapped in tissue and had your cute Preppy Princess stickers on them. She was so excited with her package. It was like Christmas morning! Thanks for offering the 10% discount. I want to look and order some things myself. Love & blessings from NC!

  12. Okay, is that precious little girl wearing Lilly while having fun with all her Lilly loot? And, yes, I adore Miss Muffy’s new site!

  13. Anonymous

    I think you need to hire Little Miss C!

    Just got back and trying to catch up! Enjoy your week!


    I think you need to hire Little Miss C!

    Just got back and trying to catch up! Enjoy your week!

  15. I love Little Miss C. She is so cute! I want the paper dolls for myself 😉

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