Sexy Preppy? Plus the Lilly Pulitzer & LeSportsac Line!

Hello-Hello and Happy Wednesday!

We begin with a look at a style term we generally consider an oxymoron: sexy preppy.  Think back to those growing-up years, was appearing “sexy” something Mummy or Daddy aspired to? An achievement looked upon favorably, on a par with shooting in the low 70’s at this year’s club outing? A priority upon the fashion landscape at your palace?  We think not.  And it certainly was not a topic of conversation, heaven forbid.

Now, before we get our whiskers in a wad, be advised the Princess is not suggesting that those adhering to a preppish style aesthetic are not “sexy”.  Rather, we make a distinction in how one arrives at attaining such a look.  For preps this comes as a byproduct of pursuing classic lines in well-made garments; the result is an understated elegance. This far transcends any of-the-moment styles frequently revealing much-too-much and leaving nothing to the imagination.  The style is accented by a carefree touch of the whimsical, and it never takes itself too seriously.

Having now bored everyone to tears said all this, we were intrigued by a story in the Calgary Herald last week, “The Prepster with a subhead “Local Designer Embraces Preppiness And Makes It His Own With Edgy Designs”.

Cheryl Gorski/Lucire Magazine via Fashion Ledge
Cheryl Gorski/Lucire Magazine via Fashion Ledge

The story focuses on the KaaDiki menswear line, seen above and in the photo below.

Courtesy Photo via

The story describes the line this way:

“Featuring plenty of red, white and blue–he loves bright colours– his button-down shirts have preppy crests, zip-up sweaters are form-fitting and blazers are elegant yet funky.”

While the apparel exhibits preppish traits, we must be annoying and point out the phrase “preppy crests” belongs on our ever-lengthening list of fashion oxymorons. Honestly. The family crest is rarely (if ever) seen these days, far more a re-invention of designers like Ralph Lauren and Tommy Hilfiger, and most assuredly not seen on a woven shirt.

Courtesy Photo via
Courtesy Photo via

Designer Haithem Elkadiki describes his style in the story:

“I’m obsessed with the preppy thing, always. But preppy can be boring, so it’s taking the whole idea and mixing it with sex appeal.”

As mentioned, there is much to like in the line, and the young designer is more than appealing, passionate about his work. But we don’t think there is any peril The Consort will be seen sporting KaaDiki at Princess InterGalactic HQ.

Were you raised in a tradition favoring a  “sexy” look (ahem), or did the family favor things more like those found at LL Bean and Brooks Brothers?


Our next little newsflash is almost a week old and most readers are probably already aware of the news, but you know what we used to say all those years we worked in TV: “If it’s news, it’s news to us!” (Heh-heh-heh.)

At any rate, we were tickled to learn via WWD that one of our favorite designers has announced a new collaborative effort: Lilly Pulitzer is partnering with LeSportsac on a line of bags for Spring 2010, whoo-hoo!

There are three different Lilly prints being used for the Sportsac pieces, including ‘Hip Hop Hooray,’ seen below.


According to the WWD story:

“The three prints — cobranded specifically for the collaboration — center on endangered species such as Florida panthers (other “animals of the Everglades” are also featured).”

Below, what we believe to be the ‘Purrrfect Patch‘ design:


The joint effort is nothing new for the company; previous collaborations have showcased designers like Stella McCartney, Diane von Furstenberg, and Jonathan Adler, among others. Next, more loveliness in the ‘She’s a Piston’ print.


This one is so luscious we are making it today’s Pretty in Pink. Our thanks to the always-on-top-of-things Nitrolicious for the photos, as well as information on the upcoming Lilly Loves Green campaign and the three LeSportsac prints:

“… a yearlong initiative generating support and awareness for all the green things Lilly loves (the ocean, the animals, and the planet) – the three co-branded prints center around endangered species, specifically Florida panthers, butterflies, and animals of the Everglades, generating environmental awareness in colorful fashionable style.”

We have had more than one LeSportsac on hand almost since the company’s inception thirty-five years ago and can’t wait to see these in person. There will clearly be more than one “must have” in the collection, they all look like loads of fun.


We share a tidbit we think the lovely Muffy Martini will consider good news, word that Montblanc is expanding their footprint in Beverly Hills. Friday’s WWD (Women’s Wear Daily, subscription req’d.) shares the interior of the firm’s larger star on Rodeo Drive.


One of our favorite topics of conversation often arises when discussions of one’s favorite writing instruments. Below, the Paso Doble pen from Montblanc.

Courtesy Montblanc

We didn’t realize Montblanc was making eyewear – are we hopelessly behind the times with this realization?

Courtesy Montblanc

Above, the Montblanc Amalfi sunglasses.

On this note we say G’bye until tomorrow, may your afternoon be fabulous!


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14 responses to “Sexy Preppy? Plus the Lilly Pulitzer & LeSportsac Line!

  1. Hmmmmm Not sure what I’m feeling about the Lesportsac/Lilly bags:) I kinda have to look at them a few times before I come to my decision!

  2. I’m really so excited about the LeSportsac line…I love them! I have a bunch, but am always okay with adding some pink and green to my collection!

  3. Thank you for the “shout out” my dearest! I am SO excited to see these bags! Just like Miss Janice, the verdict is still out….but I’ll probably buy them anyhow!

  4. Thank you for posting pictures of the Lesportsac collection. I love love love the patchwork duffle.

  5. I thought I was hallucinating when I first read this post’s title. Heh heh.

    I’m both a Lilly and a LeSportsac fan, so I’m happy to hear of this collaboration. Looking forward to your expert updates on the line!

  6. LPC

    Oh Princess, Princess, Princess. I think the question in the first part of your post is a deep one. Worthy of thought. Perhaps worthy of research and further posts. But leaving all that aside, I personally love the edgy preppy look. I think you could argue that, on a spectrum of Preppy to Edgy, we might put Tory Burch for example just to the right of Preppy. The stuff you have shown above is further towards Edgy yet again.

  7. LOVE the Le Sportsac line!! Thanks for the preview 🙂

  8. I love the pairing of Lilly and LeSportsac! I also posted today about Lilly – Did you know her Home Furnishing line is coming back September of 2010!?? I’m so excited!

  9. I am a touch blonder today or something because preppy sexy makes no sense to me!

    when you have time- you’re tagged for summer fav’s!

    PS- thrilled to bits about the lovely award you bestowed me 🙂 will updated in a sec!


  10. I was wondering what was on the guy’s shirt LOL! And as for preppy edgy…isn’t that a oxymoron?

    I went through an LLBean period in my life right after I had kids. I was trying to look as unattractive and asexual as possible. My idea of what a saintly mother should be ;D

  11. The third Lilly print is SO CUTE! Thanks for the preview!!

  12. Can’t wait for the Le Sportsac/Lilly bags!

  13. Love the new bags great combo!

  14. I rather like the ‘Purrrfect Patch’ design 🙂

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