Sneak Peek Polo Spring, Madly Awaiting Sunday

Hello-Hello, and wishes for an ever-so-happy weekend to all of our cherished readers!

We start with a sneak peek at the Spring 2010 collection from Polo Ralph Lauren, if only because a few of the styles look like they would be ideal right now:

PHOTO: John Aquino for WWD

PHOTO: John Aquino for WWD

The photos are in yesterday’s WWD story on the company’s menswear collections for next year. Pieces from all three Ralph Lauren labels (Blue, Black and Purple) were revealed to fashion editors on Wednesday.  Next, a style from the higher-end Purple Label, the most luxurious of the three lines:

PHOTO: John Aquino for WWD

PHOTO: John Aquino for WWD

A look from the Black Label group:

PHOTO: John Aquino for WWD

PHOTO: John Aquino for WWD

The story describes three distinctly different looks within the sportswear collection:

“The first features a mix of vintagey athleticwear (evocative of Ralph Lauren’s Olympic uniforms for Team USA), washed white linens and cricket-player motifs.”

PHOTO: John Aquino for WWD

PHOTO: John Aquino for WWD

Remember this? It is the Ralph Lauren Team USA Opening Ceremony look referenced in the quote above, as dissected ad nauseam seen in this post and this post.


There’s something to look forward for those engaged in helping the man of the house put his best sartorial foot forward.


As teased in yesterday’s post we are going to share some of the Mad Men frenzy currently washing over many of the media outlets we enjoy visiting here at the Palace.

USAToday has a series of stories, including a review of Sunday’s Season 3 premiere:

“The show gets off to a running start, with each of the major characters forced to confront some personal or professional shift, some of which you’ve seen coming, and some you haven’t.”

The paper also has a story titled “Distinctive ‘Mad Men’ reaches out to today’s style, culture” as well as a trivia quiz.

Below, a shot of Jon Hamm as Don Draper, and January Jones as Betty Draper.

AP Photo/AMC

AP Photo/AMC

We adore the image used in much of the promotion for Season 3:

Courtesy AMC-TV

Courtesy AMC-TV

Did someone say “metaphor”?

Not to be outdone, the folks over at Men’s Style have come up with “…a look at Don Draper through the years…” to see how he would fare in a variety of settings, beginning with Don visiting I Dream of Jeannie!

The Everett Collection/AMC/Illustration by David Wilfert

The Everett Collection/AMC/Illustration by David Wilfert

Moving beyond the 60’s, Don does Wall Street:

The Everett Collection/AMC/Illustration by David Wilfert

The Everett Collection/AMC/Illustration by David Wilfert

Over at Elle magazine’s online site there is a little quiz as well, asking “Are you a Betty, a Joan or a Peggy?

Courtesy AMC-TV via Elle

Courtesy AMC-TV via Elle

And the site carries a brief story on Wednesday night’s screening of the Season 3 premiere sponsored by Banana Republic. Below, Jon Hamm arrives at the event.

PHOTO: Jamie McCarthy/Getty Images for Banana Republic

Jamie McCarthy/Getty Images for Banana Republic

Banana Republic partnered with AMC, creating a “Banana Republic Mad Men Style Guide“.  Many readers have already seen the specially decorated store windows showcasing the joint marketing effort.

Courtesy Banana Republic/AMC-TV

Courtesy Banana Republic/AMC-TV

Those wondering about a preppy connection to the show need only look at the endless number of bloodies consumed as a therapeutic tonic, or enjoy some of the fashions. (Not to mention the story line includes several blue bloods with money qualifying as ‘old.’)

Of course, there are the many references to the program’s fashions, as well as this mention of Jon Hamm’s style sense:

“…he grew up in St. Louis, Missouri, sporting head-to-toe prep gear…”

That tidbit comes via this story, and then we have one last snippet compliments of a story in today’s Women’s Wear Daily:

“Be it the critical acclaim and copious marketing budget of “Mad Men,” the retro mystique of his character Don Draper, or let’s face it, Jon Hamm’s chiseled physique and personal charm, the actor is undeniably having a moment.”

There you have it dollfaces, on the eve of another wedding weekend for TP and The Consort, we send fervent hopes your weekends are simply divine. You know that ours is going to end on a high note starting at 10pm EDT on AMC-TV. We’ll look for you there.

AP Photo/AMC

AP Photo/AMC


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16 responses to “Sneak Peek Polo Spring, Madly Awaiting Sunday

  1. MCW

    Yayee Mad Men!!!! There is an article about Ms. Hendricks in NY Mag about her style and attitude! Here is the link…

  2. I will never be sick of those Team USA Polo uniforms! Let me just say that in person, all of that gear they were supplied with by RL makes the hunky stud-athlete guys even more dangerously swoon worthy!


  3. Such a delightful post. I love the first picture of the RL ones. Thanks for brightening my day!!!!

  4. LPC

    I saw you just tossing off that metaphor.:)

  5. Oh the blue dress in the last pic – LOVE.

  6. I cannot wait for Sunday night. An ex introduced me to Mad Men right when it first came out. While I can’t say anything else good about it, I’ll always hold a place in my heart for him because of this 🙂

  7. It is finally here!!! Wish I was going to a Mad Men party. Too big of an event not to celebrate.
    Hope all at the Preppy Palace have a madly wonderful weekend. Lily sends kisses to Tilly!

  8. Ah, TP, so much to love about this post.

    For anyone interested in the Banana Republic “Mad Men” themed line, I investigated it in person (of course) and can vouch for its fabulousness. If you are a shift dress girl as I am, this line is for you.

    Just. Can’t. Wait. Until. Sunday. Seriously. I’m doing my best to stay away from the interweb spoilers, but it is getting difficult!

  9. Jen

    I guess I am going to have to start watching this show. If only for the fashion if not for the acting I will give it a go on Sunday night. I picked up a few camisole/cardigan ensembles at Banana Republic a few weeks ago and they are fabulous. I suggest everyone should run not walk and check them out.

  10. as thought, i am a betty! fun post!

  11. Wish some day I will own a black label 😉

  12. chanel fashionista

    oh I can’t wait for some more don and betty draper!

  13. Nice post!

    Pink shorts 🙂

  14. Hi Preppy Princess!

    I just wanted to swing by and say thank you! I ordered a couple of things from your website last week, and just had the most wonderful experience. The shipping was so quick and the items were wrapped up so beautifully {I am tempted to open them, but they are for a blog swap so I resisted b/c I want the wrapping to stay beautiful}. Plus the handwritten card was the icing on the cake!

    I am on a small blogging hiatus at the moment but as soon as I return I am going to write a post about your website. And I will definitely be doing more shopping too!

    Thanks again,

  15. So lovin’ this show! Just watched Season 1 these past two weeks (from the Library). Ran out on Friday and had to purchase Season 2 to catch up!

  16. So….what did you think about Mad Men last night??

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