Blake Lively + Tory Burch = ???

Hello-Hello everyone!

We jump right in today, as we’re leaning towards the possibility of a ‘hit and split’ as it were, meaning something akin to a poorly constructed post with even less import than one generally finds in these quarters! Hee-hee!

As we careen ever-closer to the season premieres of several television programs even TP is amazed at the volume of press devoted to same! (Ummm… this post and countless others would be called…??? Quite.)  This morning we noticed a story in WWD (Women’s Wear Daily, subscription req’d.) about fashion designers making cameo appearances on season 3 of Gossip Girl:

PHOTO:  Giovanni Rufino / The CW

PHOTO: Giovanni Rufino / The CW

As you can surmise from the photograph above showing actress Blake Lively arm-in-arm with designer Tory Burch, Ms. Burch will be seen on the show this fall. In fact, word has it a special set was constructed to look like the inside of the designer’s office.

Also making an appearance on G2, designer and actress Georgina Chapman, half of the Marchesa label. Readers may have seen her in The Nanny Diaries or perhaps Factory Girl.  The WWD story shares a bit more about the designers-on-tv phenomenon:

“This isn’t the first time “Gossip Girl” has tapped real-life members of the fashion flock to appear on-screen — Nacho Figueras shot scenes in Greenwich earlier this summer for the show’s Sept. 14 season premiere, and Tinsley Mortimer had a guest spot last year.”

Both designers are can be seen in the October 5th episode.

Speaking of Gossip Girl… (how many times have we used this hackneyed phrase?) … it seems that the show’s marketing minds have come up with a Fall promotional campaign deemed by some to be more outrageous than those for Seasons 1 or 2.

PHOTO: Kurt Iswarienko/The CW

PHOTO: Kurt Iswarienko/The CW

As someone who has never watched a full episode of the faux-prep program, we do have to admit the still photos for this year’s marketing campaign really have a touch of elegance. However, we shall refrain from using the 3-letter acronym used in the promos that is the primary irritant, as it is vulgar.

Speaking of vulgar, we have this image courtesy of the next issue of Elle Magazine:

Courtesy Elle

Courtesy Elle

Have Leighton Meester and Ed Westwick gone goth? (Is that proper usage of the term…?) Or is it more of a look channeling the popular Twilight style?

Also, as we mentioned Tory Burch up above, we wanted to share this as well, arriving in this morning’s electronic in-bin:


Looks like an opportunity to acquire some new looks at a fiscally friendly price point.


A few more retail headlines for those following the comings and goings of certain preppish brands:

J. Crew’s new Crewcuts store has opened on Madison Avenue:

Courtesy Photo via WWD

Courtesy Photo via WWD

There are eight other Crewcuts stores, including NorthPark in Dallas (seen below) but this newly-opened shop is considered the flagship.


The story points out one styling point about the kids collection:

“… none of the apparel or accessories would qualify as “mini-me” versions of items in the adult J. Crew collection…”

Mrs. Newlywed, are you smiling?)


And with one last retail note, the new Stubbs & Wooton store has opened, also on Madison Avenue. This is not an additional store, it is a relocation for the brand from their previous spot on Lexington, in the old Sigerson Morrison spot ‘neath the Carlyle. (The other shops are in Southampton and Palm Beach.)

Fashion Week Daily

Fashion Week Daily

There are loads of goodies on hand, including the flannel slipper with Pink Poodle, along with the firm’s classic needlepoint designs.


But much as we love pink and green, we’re not sure we’re up for the new camouflage needlepoint.

guise pink

What do you think ladies? Is camo cool, whether it is in a slipper or a handbag? And if deemed fashionable, is it prep? (You know our answer.)

G’Bye for now, tune in tomorrow for a madly put-together post about another TV show premiering soon!


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11 responses to “Blake Lively + Tory Burch = ???

  1. Not into the goth prep look, but love the poodle shoes…

  2. I love Tory, but I wish her logo were a bit more discreet – perhaps Blake can give her some fashion input for all of us? I don’t watch that show at all, but I think the cross-marketing is brilliant!

  3. I don’t watch GG either. I’ve tried, and I just cannot get into it. I’m over it. I also don’t watch reality tv except for Amazing Race and Idol. I’m SO not the cool girl in town 🙂

    The camo shoes are NOT prep (unless you wear them to a hunting party tongue in cheek!). I do adore needlepoint shoes but I feel I must be at least 40 to wear them!

  4. Twilight style LOL! I do love the dress though.

  5. I think its just another marketing move by Madison Ave (can you tell I’ve been watching one too many Mad Men episodes recently?) Rich teens (faux) + designer labels + real teens (and 20 +30 somethings (lets be honest) ) want to be like them = marketing gold!

    -I guess the whole world has gone “Vampire Chic” crazed … perhaps that was the muse behind LM & EW’s photo shoot?

  6. MCW

    I cannot stand camo! Unless, I guess I was hunting for large game…but, I can’t imagine why I would be doing that 🙂

  7. I think I am the only person who has never seen Gossip Girl. I need to get on this!

  8. J. Crew has too much sense to try to make the Crewcuts mini adults! Right? And I am thankful for this!!

    Many knock off children’s shops outfit those precious innocents in clothes that look at best “street-walkerish” – hehe

    Ever gazed at Limited Too – OMG – horrendous, horrid, horrible.
    Don’t even get me started tonight on GG.

    Great post Miss Preppy Princess!!

  9. I like that everyone is going so “goth” — it’s like they’re finally catching up to my jewelry. Which I don’t think of as goth but it seems to fit in with the fashion editorials!

  10. I love crewcuts collection!!! It is so cute!!

  11. I rather want that navy Tory Burch dress. I have an affinity to ruffles.

    Ah, crewcuts, it makes me wish I could loose ten pounds so that I could buy the stuff there.

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