About That Harvard Clothing Line…

Hello-Hello and welcome to another delightful day here at the Prepatorium!

We start with an update to a story featured on Friday’s post chatting about the new clothing line sanctioned by none other than Harvard. Below, a refresher on three looks we shared with readers in our Friday story:

PHOTOS: Robert Mitra/WWD via Boston.com

PHOTOS: Robert Mitra/WWD, collage via Boston.com

The photos were all originally seen in Women’s Wear Daily (sub. req’d.), but we like the three-shot seen above; it accompanied yesterday’s Boston Globe story on the new clothing line, aptly named Harvard Yard.

In our tv snooze news days we would refer to this kind of story as a ‘reax piece’ or a ‘folo’, shorthand for stories featuring reactions to some news tidbit. We have certainly heard from Princess readers, both in blog comments and privately, expressing their thoughts on the line.  Nor has there has been a shortage of opinions in numerous print publications and online.

The Globe’s story offers a little background:

“… last week, the news took on a life of its own, dividing the blogosphere into those who either love or hate the slim-cut preppy collection inspired by a New England collegiate look circa 1962.”

And the story rounds up some of the usual sources the media often looks to for reax pieces, including late night television hosts:

“Jimmy Fallon chaffed, “Harvard University is launching a new clothing line called Harvard Yard. . . . Of course the clothes are really hard to get into, unless your father wears them first.’’

A number of readers shared reactions eloquently echoing our sentiments, beginning with our favorite High WASP, Miss Privilege:

“Take anything I say with a grain of salt. I am, after all, a Princeton alumna and a Princeton mother. But still. Seems like the clothing line would benefit, but the university’s brand not so much. Oh well. Endowments are hurting these days. And maybe Harvard is so much king of the world that they can do something like have a line of clothing. Maybe it will turn out to be brilliant. Stanford has an entire shopping mall and we don’t bat an eye about it.”

We knew she would offer an excellent perspective. Our only reaction? Let’s not pick on that wonderful shopping mall, we adore it, and the location makes eminent good sense IOHO. (Heh-heh-heh.)

The line is expected to debut with a spring 2010 collection; lines for women and children are also planned.  We mentioned that we didn’t expect to see too many alumni sporting pieces from the new line. Miss Sweet Tea in Seattle expanded upon this thought, providing perspective of someone ‘in the know,’:

“Hubby is an alum and we are just going to stick to the classic Crimson tees & sweatshirts! But it will be interesting to see how it pans out.”

To sum it all up we’ll offer the succinct opinion of our friend The Fashion Herald:

“Harvard clothing line? I just. don’t. get it!”

There you have it. Indeed.


A few more quick headlines on fashions some associate with preppy style, albeit all of the following are relative newcomers to the table; we begin with news that Kate Spade has debuted her new clothing line:


The styles are fun, many with classic lines:


We’re so excited to see these goodies in person, hopefully this weekend!


Also, Tory Burch features a special promotion for those purchasing a pair of her ubiquitous Reva Flats:

Tory Burch

Tory Burch

Buy a pair of Revas and receive 25% off all other full-price merchandise.  Use promo code 25REVA to receive the discount.

And lastly today, J. Crew is flogging saying it has added more goods to their Final Sale.

Back tomorrow!


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11 responses to “About That Harvard Clothing Line…

  1. MCW

    I live right around the corner from the Tory, Kate and J.Crew stores…will have to stop by all this weekend! Thanks for the news!

  2. LPC

    Hello Princess! I am so honored to be quoted here. And I too love the Stanford Shopping Center. Was thinking of doing an entire post just on thei amazing flowers which are in full bloom here in Northern California.

  3. I don’t really get it either…

    Some of the Kate Spade items are rather cute.

  4. Harvard’s brand does nothing for me. Now a degree on the other hand…

  5. It is interesting that the new Harvard line has really divided people between “love it” and “hate it” hmm.

    As for Kate Spade, I’m a LOVE IT all the way! I adore KS and have already peeked at her new line online…it is gorgeous…I will most definitely be stalking it very soon 🙂

  6. I love Fashion Herald’s comment!!! I have to say…..(dare I say it)…the Harvard clothing line looks like some Abercrombie and Fitch / American Eagle / strip mall nonsense.

    Oh and those Revas…I need a sittin’ down and a good talkin’ to. I do not understand those shoes. I do love Hopsy over at Monograms and Manicures and I know she has said she has those in every color. I even see people wearing them at church. Still don’t get it….

  7. Hmmm. Can’t really see my guys wearing all the pieces together, maybe separately. Strike that, maybe not at all!
    As for Stanford? When my son was a student there we would visit him and then that mall- not always in that order!
    The sales tax was prohibitive though. we’re from NJ, no sales tax on clothing here! I think it is 8 or 9% there, that adds up.

  8. Excellent follow up, TP.

    I’m in the throes of a Tory shopping quandary & could use some Princess perspective. I’m tempted to get a fall set of Revas in that Tory sale, but I’m thinking I have too many of those logoes in my shoe wardrobe. When it doubt, don’t buy it, yes? Decisions, decisions . . .

  9. Princess Freckles

    I’m on love with Kate Spade’s line! LOVE!

  10. I’m in love with the Kate Spade line – she has amaing style. Harvard, stick to what you know – it’s not like they are doing anything new – all of those styles have been seen before.

  11. preppyinnewengland@gmail.com

    I agree with Miss Privelege. An interesting way to try and keep them above Princeton. Wait and see, indeed!

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