It’s a Mad Mannish Gossiping Girlish Kind of Day at the Prepatorium

Hello-Hello and welcome to Thursday!

We are feeling a bit crushed under the weight of business and some travel commitments so we preface our post today with an apology, as it is much more flash than substance. (But good flashiness we like to think, in a Gossippy and Madly Mannish sort of way.)

Blame it all on the September issues of a few of our favorite magazines, starting with Harper’s Bazaar, using Gossip Girl star Leighton Meester for their cover.

PHOTO: Terry Richardson/Harper's Bazaar

Terry Richardson/Harper's Bazaar

As part of the magazine’s “Fabulous at Every Age” feature the story has photos of Ms. Leighton ‘aging’ into her fifties, a fascinating technique. We thought the young actress looked stunning in this Lanvin dress and belt.

Terry Richardson/Harper's Bazaar

Terry Richardson/Harper's Bazaar

Another Gossip Girl gracing a September issue: Taylor Momsen on the cover of Teen Vogue.

PHOTO: Patrick Demarchelier

PHOTO: Patrick Demarchelier

The show continues filming all over the city; below we see Blake Lively with her pooch, a photo that has the Daily Mail saying her maltese/poodle dog is “the perfect accessory” in this story.

PHOTO: Splash News

PHOTO: Splash News

And finally in Gossip Girl notes, official word came yesterday that the proposed G2 spinoff is dead. There you have it.


Most readers know we are enormous Mad Men fans, eagerly counting the seconds until Season 3 of the 60’s-based drama premieres on the 16th. Knowing how many readers share our addiction fondness for the show, we thought we might alert you to this stunning image in Vanity Fair:

PHOTO: Annie Leibovitz/Vanity Fair

PHOTO: Annie Leibovitz/Vanity Fair

For those not-so-gaga not entirely familiar with the show, above we see “Don and Betty Draper,” played by Jon Hamm and January Jones.  The photo is one of several jaw-dropping shots accompanying an excellent story: “Don and Betty’s Paradise Lost” in the magazine.

The genius of Annie Leibovitz captures both stars perfectly.

PHOTO: Annie Leibovitz/Vanity Fair

PHOTO: Annie Leibovitz/Vanity Fair

Bruce Handy’s article is superb reading:

“Entering its third season on a fresh wave of Emmy nominations, AMC’s Mad Men is the most stylish—and perhaps best—show on television. Inside its meticulous reconstruction of the precipice that was New York advertising circa 1960, where the men and women of Sterling Cooper smoke, drink, love, and lie…”

Mr. Handy previously did stories with both Mr. Hamm and Ms. Jones; to see these, just click on their names.

Another must-read for M2 fans, Chris Mohney’s story in BlackBook simply titled “Elizabeth Moss: Mad Style“.

PHOTO: Bravo-TV via

PHOTO: Bravo-TV via

Ms. Moss portrays ‘Peggy,’ a young woman making waves at the fictitious advertising agency because she is doing a man’s work (gasp), having moved out of the secretarial pool into actually writing ads!

We can hardly wait to see the first episode next Sunday night (16th) at 10pm!


We have a few quick Sales and Savings notes today, starting with Saks doing their Consolidation Clearance, a sure sign that we are approaching the end of summer in the retailing world. (Note that TP refuses to acknowledge we are inching ever-closer to the end of summer in the real world. Clearly denial has moved from Egypt to the Midwest.)  A cautionary note on the Saks sale; they say prices go back up August 17.

J. Crew is also promoting fiscally-friendly price points, with new items added to their Final Sale.


And Polo Ralph Lauren is doing their End of Summer sale.  This includes items for the four-legged and furry members of your family.

pPOLO2-5684222_lifestyle_t208The Striped Crest Polo is one of today’s Pretty in Pink items, despite it triggering our Logophobia. (Honestly. How disturbed can one get when it discussing a garment intended for your favorite pooch?) It is now only $14, discounted from the original selling price of $40.

Bargains abound dollfaces, so if at all possible we shall attempt to shop early, shop often and do what we can to help move the country beyond These Challenging Times.

We close with our second Pretty in Pink item, this one directly from the Princess shoppe. For your consideration we offer the Good Living Gift Labels:

IGCGoodLookinglabelcaseThe labels are about the size of a business care and come in their own little acrylic plastic case, so they can be kept orderly, something near and dear to our OCD heart. (We do hate it when we have labels loose all over our little gift closet, it just makes us a little goofy.) At just $6 for a box of 18 labels, we love this as an outstanding way to label gifts and goodies, perfectly preppy and ideal for gift-giving. There are several other patterns and colors available if these just a little too preptastic.

With that perky note we must scamper back to the Corner Condo here at InterGalcatic Princess HQ. Thank you for stopping in, we’ll be back tomorrow!


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14 responses to “It’s a Mad Mannish Gossiping Girlish Kind of Day at the Prepatorium

  1. Oh, how I love that Lanvin dress! And I think I will have to start watching Mad Men, if just for the wardrobe!

  2. 1) I need that issue of Harper’s Bazaar – j’adore Leighton!

    2) Those preppy labels are so adorable.

    3) This post has convinced me that I desperately need to see Mad Men! 🙂

  3. I LOVE Mad Men! 🙂

  4. LPC

    Clearing my calendar for Sunday night.

  5. alp

    There is now an AMC app for the iPhone so you can keep up with all the Mad Men mania on the go! Just search for AMC 🙂

  6. I need to get on the Mad Men train! I am hoping to rent the other seasons before the next one starts.
    P.S. Love the gift tags! What precious things you have.

  7. denim & pearls

    Is it me, or does Leighton Meester look old or maybe just tired on the cover on Harper’s? I think it’s the cheekbones, they’re just so defined….

  8. This is the third time I’ve come here, but get side tracked by all those end of season sales I forget to leave a comment LOL!

    Great post! And can’t wait for the new Mad Men!

  9. Leighton looks fab!

    Darling labels!

  10. Oh I love those gift tags!!!

  11. Ms. Leibovitz is my idol. I just LOVE her work! And now I’m off to the Ralph sale for my precious pooches! Jacks already has a polo but Matty doesnt 😦

  12. Jen

    I’m actually interested in getting that issue of Harper’s as there is an article and photo shoot of Susan Boyle. They discussed it on the Today Show and it was fun to see that woman so glammed up.
    Also, I think there are times when style over substance is just fine.

  13. Isn’t that VF article just the bee’s knees? Thanks for posting those Jones and Hamm specific ones too; off to check them out now.

    I laughed at the visual of the Polo-clad pooch. I’d also be lying if I said I hadn’t considered, just for a second, purchasing that for HRH Pug.

  14. I am buying those gift labels right now!

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