A Gossip Girl in the Hamptons

Hello-Hello everyone, happy Tuesday!

We made a snap decision yesterday to play Blog Hooky, in part because it was the Consort’s Birthday.  Who can resist spending the day with someone whose Mad Men avatar is this cool?


We can hardly believe it is less than two weeks until the show returns! We are loving the crazy popularity the avatars are enjoying, they have definitely invaded Planet Twitter! (If you would like to make your own 60’s era look, just sashay on over to the Mad Men Yourself page and make some trouble!)

It was a busy weekend in Water Mill (the Hamptons) with the Annual Super Saturday Sale at Nova’s Ark Project – think giant designer rummage sale with a carnival and other activities and you kind of get the picture. The event is a fundraiser for the Ovarian Cancer Research Fund, this weekend marked the Sale’s 12th year.

PHOTO: Matthew Peyton/Getty for QVC

PHOTO: Matthew Peyton/Getty for QVC

Hosts included Kelly Ripa, Donna Karan, Ariel Foxman of InStyle magazine, and Gossip Girl star Blake Lively. Mr. Foxman can be seen with Ms. Lively in the photo above.  Below, Kelly Ripa and husband Mark Consuelo.

PHOTO: Matthew Peyton/Getty Images for QVC

PHOTO: Matthew Peyton/Getty Images for QVC

Also on hand, two outstanding designers, Charlotte Ronson and Shoshanna Lonstein Gruss.

PHOTO: Steve Eichner/WWD

PHOTO: Steve Eichner/WWD

Below we see Ms. Lively with another Gossip Girl actress, Kelly Rutherford.


In other G2 news, there is word that Tyra Banks will appear in an upcoming episode; the host of America’s Next Top Model will play an actress.  And one last tidbit, another star from the show, Chace Crawford; he tells Glamour UK that he is already training for his big role in the remake of Footloose.


On a slightly related note, the Observer carried an interesting column: “Why Is No One Watching NYC Prep?”  Ratings are worse than we realized:

“According to Nielson, the episode that aired on July 21, only had 751, 000 viewers.

To compare to other prime-time shows that same night—Hawthorne, the new TNT show with Jada Pinkett Smith, had 3.2 million viewers… and the most watched show was The Deadliest Catch, a documentary series about fishing boats, which had 3.4 million viewers.

…Gossip Girl, perhaps the closest in the genre, had an average viewership of 2.59 million in its first season, which was considered low.”

Well. This doesn’t sound promising. Darn. (Ooooh, snarky Princess!)


We have many little retail tidbits to share, starting with the FLOTUS (First Lady of the United States) in another Talbots dress, this time on Saturday while in Norfolk. Mrs. Obama was there to speak to returning sailors aboard the USS Eisenhower, as well as the US Comfort battle group.

PHOTO: Steve Helber/AP

PHOTO: Steve Helber/AP

The First Lady wore Talbots’ Swirl Cotton Dress, available in the color seen above, as well as this:



The dress is quite the bargain, now selling at $39.99 as opposed to its original price of $139.


We simply must ask if anyone has yet confronted one of the hideous “Christmas in July displays or promotions?  We were reminded of the phenomenon by a story in the WSJ Friday, “Twas 147 Shopping Days Until Christmas

“America’s retailers are responding to the recession with Christmas in July. A number of retailers and toy makers launched Christmas sales and promotions this month…”

The story talks about Sears, as well as one of its divisions, KMart:

“…two retailers have invited shoppers to take a stroll down “Christmas Lane,” anchored by a “Holiday Décor Shoppe” and “Gift Shoppe,” while snowflakes drift over the scene and holiday music plays in the background. Customers are awarded free shipping if they pile up a tab of at least $60 on items ranging from holiday decorations to snowblowers.”

What are your thoughts?

We are blasting out the door with The Consort for a day at the museum, an exhibit called Cars and Guitars. That’s all he wanted for the big birthday, this exhibit and homemade brownies, how easy is that? TP is the luckiest Princess on the Planet, to be sure. Sigh.


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19 responses to “A Gossip Girl in the Hamptons

  1. Happy birthday to the Consort and hope you had/have fun!

  2. mmmm, brownies! Happy, happy belated birthday Mr. Consort! Brownies, cars, and guitars – well chosen.

  3. LPC

    I think that Blake Lively looks absolutely and completely perfect in that photo. What a great outfit. And appears to have been put together with absolutely no effort. Which of course just adds to the perfection.

  4. LOVE the consort’s Mad Men avatar!!! LOVE IT! Too cute. Happy belated birthday to him!

  5. Happy Birthday to the Consort!
    May you get the car of your dreams!

    I am liking that Talbot’s dress very much and have not checked out their sale yet.
    I am heading for vacation Aug. 17 and I made a dinner announcement to the family that all is to be cleaned up, washed, packed, and somewhat loaded up in the car well BEFORE 10pm on Sunday, Aug. 16th. I plan to make Mad Men martini’s, sit back and enjoy! I thank Mad Men for the start of my vacay!!!!

  6. I love Blake outfit and Miss Obama dress!!

  7. Happy Birthday to The Consort! I hope y’all had a fabulous day!

  8. Happy belated birthday wishes and ooh! You just reminded me I have a Talbot’s credit burning a hole in my wallet! Thank you!

  9. Absol cannot wait for Mad Men! Love to see Talbot’s getting some attention – they have been around for a long time and probably need it. But that dress was not the best fashion choice for the Mrs. And I am TOTALLY in agreement with you about Christmas in July or anytime before November. When I walked into the Hallmark store and heard Christmas Carols, I wanted to throw one of their not really that collectible ornaments! haha Love your posts Miss Princess. Love the Consort’s posts, too! xoxoxo

  10. Jen

    If only I could have been in the Hamptons this past weekend, but alas, I was hanging in Mo Town Philly. Not quite as chic but much fun.
    Christmas in July is just wrong. Actually, I find Christmas any time before Thanksgiving completely annoying. After living in London where the Christmas crap goes up in September, I have been sent over the edge. I refuse to acknowledge said holiday until after the turkey leftovers have been eaten.

  11. I think WE should be selling at that Hamptons fundraiser! I will look into that…
    Hope your day off was restful. Thought of you at the accessory show this week 🙂

  12. Happy birthday, Consort!

    I’ve missed you, TP, and your always clever and spot-on observations. This is no exception! Now if only we could make the “Christmas in July” type aggressive promoting an exception . . .

  13. Oops – I realize my comment looks like I’m saying you are doing the aggressive promoting; of course that couldn’t be further from the truth! Sigh. No more commenting until I’m fully de-jetlagged. Apologies, TP!

  14. KK

    OK I love Kelly Rutherford, but um, when women get to a certain age I feel it is necessary to wear a bra! And Kelly, who has had two babies, is well beyond that age. But she’s beautiful otherwise. That’s just a pet peeve of mine.

    I love that FLOTUS is wearing Talbots. Hopefully it will help the company- they’ve had troubles in the past few years I believe.

    I have seen LOTS of Halloween stuff and a good bit of Christmas stuff lately. Unacceptable!! I mean, it only got warm here last week. It’s summer and I refuse to even glance at your fall (and gasp, winter!!) goods until summer is good and gone. Not a moment sooner, thankyouverymuch!

  15. Hello friend!

    So great new blog! Love it even more!!!
    Thanks so much for your sweet kisses from USA! Love your country 😉
    About Blake, I lolve her simple and cool style…perfection!!!!

  16. I love a gal who reads the Journal.

  17. Lovely post 🙂

    Kelly Ripa, GG, and Michelle Obama FTW!

  18. I’m not joking when I say this…I’m obsessed with the Hamptons. I live, breathe, and dream of it. Thus, I’m smitten with this post. Of course, the low ratings of NYC Prep saddens me slightly; I quite liked the show. 😦

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