The Consort’s Version of “Cash For Clunkers” or Carpe Auto

Hello-hello, all.  The Consort boldly stepping mikeside to entertain you while The Princess enjoys quality time with The Queen Mother.   Meanwhile, I beg your indulgence for a few moments as you ramp up your weekend festivities.

I’ve been watching this so-called “Cash For Clunkers” program with some interest.  It seems like the perfect opportunity to upgrade the family transportation.

Yugo? No go.

Yugo? No go.

Sporty… sassy.  No, we’re not talking about this car.  The best thing about the Yugo was the heated back windows.  Kept your hands warm when you were pushing the car during the winter months.  Bombing the production factory during the Balkan War was not the negative it might first appear.  So let’s get involved in this wonderful “Cash For Clunkers” program, shall we?  Let’s go green and save the Earth.  I’m thinking electric here…

Tesla Roadster

Tesla Roadster

Now the $100,000 price tag for the Tesla Roadster is a bit of a stretch but with my “CfC” money I should be golden.  This little electric-powered beauty goes from 0-60 in four seconds.  The Yugo does 0-60 in four days.  I like the direction in which this is heading.  But this snappy little two-seater doesn’t solve the “Tilly Transportation” problem.  Perhaps I need to expand my vision.

50's Woody

50's Woody Photo:

Now we’re talking family transportation.  Room in the back for Tilly to roam.  Real wood panels.  Captures the essence of Preppy Lifestyle.  This would really look nice pulling into the Piggly Wiggly during our weekly shopping excursion.  Perhaps with all the money I get for the Yugo I can get both the Woody for The Princess and a little something for me to sport around town.

1951 Mercury

1951 Mercury

I’ve always considered a Mercury to be a “grown-up” ride.  Smooth, dignified, classy.  Of course the bright red convertible conveys a subtle message, wouldn’t you agree?  I’m not going to add the fuzzy dice hanging from the rear view mirror because that would be… well, too much.

All this is possible because of the governmental wonder that is the “Cash for Clunkers” program.  I can hardly wait!  What?  Out of money?  A government program going over budget?  How can that be?  Just go ahead and get more money!  But am I too late?  Are my dreams shattered?

Ah, life.  It’s not always fair but it’s always entertaining.

Thanks for your careful attention these past few minutes.  The Princess will be taking her usual place in your computer and I’ll return at some point in the future.  Until we meet again remember to take care of your waitperson tonight; they’re working hard for you.  Try the chipped beef on toast; it’s excellent.  Now sit back and enjoy the unique stylings of four young fellows who might have a future in the music business.


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16 responses to “The Consort’s Version of “Cash For Clunkers” or Carpe Auto

  1. LPC

    Cars. Gotta be the Consort:).

  2. love love love the woody wagon!


  3. Love the Beatles Video and the song, Let it Be. It brought back memories of my youth sitting in front of the TV, screaming at the Beatles and my Dad wondering what all the fuss was about. LOL! I never saw the Beatles in person, but I did get to see Paul McCartney and Wings twice. That was amazing!! Enjoyed reading about the cars too. Have a great weekend. Love & blessings from NC!

  4. VictoriaM

    Loved this; very very funny. Laughed at the Yugo reference cried at the music video. Whew! Better than the movies. Thank you, good sir!

  5. “Kept your hands warm when you were pushing the car during the winter months.” Hahahahahaha! I love it. Sad, but true. I saw the most fabulous Yugo yesterday. Bright yellow & sounded like a freight train. Everyone on the patio at the restaurant I was at seemed annoyed. I was thrilled by it’s elegance.

  6. I’m still holding out…..Mommy wants her Mercedes ;D

  7. Mona

    Consort, thank you for a LOL post!!

  8. I love the Consort’s posts. They are classic with a unique and funny perspective. I would get the Woody. It’s a classic beach car!

  9. Newlywed Wife

    Ah yes, thank you for the reminder that Newlywed Husband did not come home till 11pm last night, thanks to the federal government’s decision to temporarily/permanently halt the Cash for Clunkers program at 12 midnight. (He runs a dealership, and was completely overrun with customers who panicked at hearing about the program going away, and rushed in to try and purchase their car before midnight…)

    On another note, I personally think the Tesla is the best choice, from the options above…

  10. mary anne

    Love this post!

    got my calendars. magnetic board, travel mug today —–ooooooh weee! Tell TP that I am in love!

  11. NoCal SC

    Since your new car in the Clunkers program has to get better mileage than the one you’re turning in, I think you’re out of luck on your vintage cars (though they’re way cool). guess you gotta get the Tesla

  12. Love this post! You can tell the Princess that you upheld the family reputation of having interesting, riveting, intelligent, clever, witty, informative posts each day! And no fear about the CFC $$. Why, they’re just gonna add more to it!

    Have a great weekend!!

  13. I’m all like, “She wrote ‘Woody.’ Heh heh heh.”

  14. Oh! This was a delightful post!
    How did you know the wood wagon is my favorite? I’m trying to convince my Mr. Boston that is the car I want to grow old in after I’m done being a mini-van mommy taxi-driver!
    Of course, without the surfboard!

  15. I love reading your posts! They’re always so entertaining 🙂 My favorite part was of this was the perk of the heated rear window on the Yugo so that you can keep your hands warm while pushing it down the road…haha!

    I love the preppy wagon!

  16. I’m torn between the Woody and the Roadster, hmm, maybe I need a mix of both?!

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