Tory Burch & Lilly Pulitzer: “Go Ahead – Walk All Over Us”

Hello-Hello, and welcome to a Monday.

We have a number of little items that are really all over the map, we’ll start with last Thursday’s benefit at the Lilly Pulitzer Mother Ship in Manhattan, a fundraiser for Operation Smile.  Below we see Jamie Korey and Hayley Bloomingdale in their Lilly garb.

PHOTO: Ben Hider

PHOTO: Ben Hider

Many readers may already be familiar with the organization; they work all over the world providing surgery and other assistance to children with facial deformities.


Next, the story of several fashion designers helping another charitable group,”Fashion Targets Breast Cancer, through rug designs, how is that for a different twist on fashion fundraising? Below we share a design by Tory Burch:

Courtesy FTBC via So Haute!

Courtesy FTBC via So Haute!

Next, Lilly Pulitzer “cuts a rug”. (That was really, really bad. Yep.)

Courtesy FTBC via So Haute!

Courtesy FTBC via So Haute!

Other designers helping out include Oscar de la Renta, Thakoon, and Calvin Klein.  For more information, this news release may be helpful.


Next, a quick look at a recent WaPo (Washington Post) story entitled The New (Prep) School, with a subhead reading Preppy Menswear Goes Subtly Subversive.  Below, a sampling from the story:

“Khakis. Button-downs. Boat shoes. All the usual suspects are here, only something’s . . . different. A strategically placed epaulet here, an acid-bright citrus hue there. These new menswear pieces are preppy, indeed, but over the past several seasons, the look has become less about blending in at boarding school and more about standing out in a sea of collared shirts and cargo shorts.”

The story is accompanied by a slide show with different menswear, including the shirt and denim tie seen below.

PHOTO: Julia Ewan/Washington Post

PHOTO: Julia Ewan/Washington Post

The story offers perspective from Kelly Muccio, owner of the popular Lost Boys menswear shop in DC.  Now anyone seeing the subtitle of the story would properly presume TP’s knee-jerk reaction would be “Preppy that is subversive? We think not!”. But when perusing the store’s online site we must acknowledge favorable reactions to many of the looks she showcases.

BTW, we are presuming the title of the story references NYC Prep, although we could easily be wrong on this.


Our next tidbit also comes courtesy of the Post, Robin Givran’s column yesterday, just one more of many adding to the media frenzy regarding President Obama’s choice in jeans.


Now, as someone who frequently creates major mountains out of microscopic molehills in this very space, we tried to wrap our tiny little brain around the notion that the President’s denim merited an entire column from someone of Ms. Givhan’s skills. Really we did, Scout’s Honor.

Sadly we failed miserably in these efforts, and continue to be amazed at the level of attention directed at the topic. In case you have been fortunate enough to have missed the genesis of all this, the backstory: fashionitas took exception to the “Mom jeans” worn by the President wore to last week’s All Star game.

PHOTO: Mike Stone/Reuters

PHOTO: Mike Stone/Reuters

Among the many sins described in the story:

  • “They were too short; one could see the tops of his sneakers and a hint of white socks when he was at a standstill”
  • “They were baggy — but lacking in old-school urban swagger or beachcomber… It wouldn’t be surprising to discover that the jeans were “relaxed fit.”
  • “Adding to the jeans’ unattractiveness: They had creases. They were light blue. Practically stonewashed.”
  • “But really, these are the jeans of middle-aged dads who have thrown in the towel and decided that when they get home from the office and take off their suit, all they care about is comfort.”

Ms. Givhan’s very well-written column makes a case that *everything* worn by POTUS is important:

“…any hint of rarefied tastes or an aesthetic sensibility that is more Barneys New York than Macy’s raises questions about whether they are fit for the job of representing all the regular folks.

When it comes to clothes, the president must appear to be as mass market and main floor as possible. So Obama cannot display the old-money, preppy informality of John F. Kennedy.”

While we basically agree with the premise, dissection of the jeans worn by Mr. Obama seems a trifle over the top, even when considered in tandem with yesterday’s column.  The last sentence of this next portion shows where Ms. Givhan lost us:

“And when he is not cutting a fine figure in board shorts — and managing to exude vim-and-vigor in that JFK way — he will need an alternative uniform. The blousy polo shirts will not do. And neither will those beloved jeans. They may be comfortable and they may be neatly pressed, but they are not in the least bit presidential.

We now bow to your fine taste and wisdom, asking this question: are we hopelessly out of touch here at the Prepatorium, thinking all the hoo-hah is more-than-a-little-silly?


We close with a look at a darling set from our former-friends, the Tiffany Tots Whale Baby Set:

Courtesy Tiffany

Courtesy Tiffany

It is cute, yes?

On that note, we are off! May your day be fantabulous!



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11 responses to “Tory Burch & Lilly Pulitzer: “Go Ahead – Walk All Over Us”

  1. I just adore the Tiffany’s set.

    And I totally agree with you with respect to all the brouhaha over the president’s choice in denim. Enough said.

  2. MCW

    Poor Mr. President…your damned if you do and damned if you don’t. If he would have walked out there in a pair of designer jeans he would have gotten it for spending too much money…

    I love the blue and green Lilly dress…it reminds me of a peacock!

  3. Oh! No! My Hubby’s jeans must be a fashion disaster too LOL!

  4. mary anne

    As if the poor man doesn’t have enough to worry about, what with the war in Iraq, the economy, global warming, now he has to worry about his jeans! Wow.

  5. Love the Tiffany set!! I surely don’t care what the President wears. Certainly don’t want an entire article about it! xoxoxo

  6. Would it be totally inappropriate to make that Tiffany stuff my everyday dishes? Because I LOVE them. And have no kids. So let me know. 🙂

  7. I love the dress Jamie is wearing.

    And, I don’t care what kind of jeans Obama wears. He is the GQ/Jcrew president!


  8. Tiffanys set its so lovely!! Precioso!!

  9. Jen

    I could be wrong but Obama’s jeans looked like Levi’s to me. Can’t get much more all American than that without being too down market. For God’s sake it’s not like he was wearing Docker’s (or maybe he was and I am not as discerning as I claim to be.) If he were clad in form fitting designer blues, I would be more concerned about his judgement.
    As far as the preppy menswear, I do think the denim tie is a bit ridiculous. But, as I do not frequent the likes of Abercrombie and Fitch, I would say that.

  10. Well atleast he doesn’t have the “saggy but” look!

    I do like the rug from Tory Burch.

    Adorable Tiffany set! Just so sweet!

  11. Michelle must have forgotten to ditch that denim disaster prior to their Pennsylvania Ave move. Gah…those must never see the light of day again. Sorry, Mr. President.

    Love the Tiffany & Co. set! Perfect, perfect gift…

    As always – the rundown is much appreciated, TP.

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