A “Preppy Pile-On”? We Think Not.

Hello-Hello, and Happy Friday!

We are going to be speedy today.  More than 200 lbs. of our Lilly Pulitzer Fall Stationery & Gift line arrived here at the Prepatorium moments ago, so you know we’re a tad busier than normal.

We have a few different takes on ‘preppy styles’ to share. Somehow we fell over a newsbit (aka ‘news tidbit’ or ‘newsbrief’) from the Manila Bulletin, “The Preppy Pile-on“.  The brief story references “preppy grunge” if there is such a thing.  We think not; the appellation is an oxymoron. However, we soldier on, sharing the writer’s description:

“A combination of classic preppy influences and American sportswear, the so-called Urban Prep look layers crisp preppy staples such as buttondowns and vests with urban wear like track jackets and baggy jeans.

Accompanying the story are a number of different looks; most of the pieces are from Max Azria’s diffusion line, BCBGeneration, and Kensie Girl.


The story includes this line:

“The look is divinely put-together yet casual cool.”

This time we must disagree with the author.


Some readers may be aware that online discounter Bluefly also has a blog; recently a post on the blog, “NYC Prep: School’s Back in Session“, looked at preppy style.

Courtesy Bluefly

Courtesy Bluefly

Bravo’s NYP Prep prompts the post’s writer to look back at her high school years:

“Just reminiscing about that first crucial week during September, where everything from your clothes to your hair to even your backpack was open to criticism from fellow classmates sends me into a fetal position. And now that Bravo is airing NYC Prep, I can reminisce about the ultra-privileged snobs roaming the hallways too.”

The pieces shown include a Fendi belt, L.A.M.B. shirt, Michael Kors slacks,  and a Hickey Freeman tie.

Again, we’re underwhelmed.  Your thoughts on either combination of apparel and accessories?


Today’s Pretty in Pink comes to us via the Coterie Blog, where one always finds fascinating recommendations for all manner of goodies. The blog is curated with an eye towards elegance and whimsy, the ideal combination.    Recently we saw a post about some lovely ribbon at an establishment new to our retail roster, Bell’occhio in San Francisco.

In order to provide a more fully informed report, we felt obligated to personally view the merchandise.  (Ahem.)

Courtesy Bell'occhio

Courtesy Bell'occhio

The Pink Oval Box (above) looks like the perfect accent for many a room or walk-in, just lovely. While the shop carries a wonderful variety of goods, from ribbons to nail brushes, the selection of pink boxes alone is outstanding, Below, the Heliotrope Boxes with Doré Trim.




We close with something we’ll call Pretty in Pink and Green compliments of the always delightful PrepSchool 101.  More accurately, this comes courtesy of PrepSchool 101’s little one, the darling Little Miss C.  Seen below, Miss C shows off her Mom’s sunglasses while sporting a Lilly shift in Cabanarama.

Courtesy PrepSchool 101

PrepSchool 101 Blog

At any rate, it seems Miss C is anxious to see her new Lilly Paper Doll set.

Courtesy PrepSchool 101 Blog

Courtesy PrepSchool 101 Blog

She came up with a creative solution to keep her busy while awaiting their arrival, and we adore the result.

Miss C's Paper Dolls

Miss C's Paper Dolls

The bows in the dolls’ hair add the perfect touch, and we thank Miss C for sharing her artistic talent with us! We are happy to report the real Paper Dolls are being unpacked as we type, so they shall soon be winging their way to a new home with the sweet-as-can-be Miss C.

On such a cheery note we say G’Bye, may the weekend be warm and wonderful no matter your locale!



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12 responses to “A “Preppy Pile-On”? We Think Not.

  1. a.

    The Bell’occhio site is to die for – glad you found something 🙂

  2. LPC

    I just can’t see how those wide-legged pants can be called preppy. Not by any stretch of the imagination.

    And where DO you put everything in the Prepatorium? Somehow I have a vision of a drawbridge being lowered over a moat and caparisoned horses pulling up loads of Lilly….

  3. I do like the purple dress with white ruffly collar thing in exhibit “A” though. But, since I am not exactly the epitome of stylish dress, my opinion probably is null! LOL!


  4. The little-Lily at Prep School 101 is sooooooooo cute. I can’t stand it!!

    Happy weekend to all at the Preppy Palace. Hugs and kisses from Lily to Tilly.

  5. I am also not very thrilled with the “preppy” looks featured. The first one doesn’t look preppy at all and the one from Blufly just looks costume-like. I’m not a fan. I think they both leave a lot to be desired!

  6. Hi Preppy Princess
    I just got my beautiful placemets and napkins today. not only are their preppylicious but the quality is beyond compare. I am just delighted and can thank you you enough. Your friend….Lamp Tramp

  7. VictoriaM

    Agree completely in regards to Preppy Pile On, a junior look that’s way too random and disheveled to qualify as preppy I think they’re talking retro / scene here instead. Their model is very cute though. Applause to the fabulous Miss C and her fabulous paper dolls. I want some too!

  8. mary anne

    Not impressed. With the clothes. The little girl is darling.

  9. I have always love Bell’Occhio in San Fran and love that darling little preppy girl!

  10. I can’t remember if it was this post of yours or another…but I’m saddened about Town & Country(:

  11. KK

    That picture is adorable!! Miles of Lilly stationary sounds like a dream weekend to me. Hope you had a good one!

  12. Believe it or not, I used to enjoy paper dolls!

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