Why There is No Preppy Princess Post Today

UPDATE: The crisis described below has been resolved.


No Preppy Princess blog today.

Why not?

Because last week we acquired one of these….

iphone image

When we originally synched it with this….


All of the information in this…


That would be our Address Book on our mac. With every. Single. Contact. In. It.

Yes, it seemed the iPhone ate all of our contacts. But then we decided it wasn’t so bad, because after all, everything had magically gone into this:


So then we thought, well, we shall just import everything from the address book on the snappy new iPhone back into the desktop.  So we connected the two devices again in order to make this happen.

And now we are faced with this.


Blank. We have nothing but a big blank screen on the iPhone where our contacts should be.

Yes, the vast emptiness-where-our-address-book-used-to-be is now accompanied by the same wasteland on our desktop.

And much as we have an appreciation for white space (a design theory), our brains are now exploding. So now, we look like this:


Thus ends the sad saga of why there is no Princess blog post today.

That is all.


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32 responses to “Why There is No Preppy Princess Post Today

  1. a.

    Oh no – there is nothing worse…hope everything gets sorted!

  2. Oh my goodness!! What?? That is horrible! I am sorry!

  3. VictoriaM

    O my God! I am blown away! Incredible loss. And yet you make it funny… Surely there is some 22 year old out there who can retrieve this for you; try computer geeks?

  4. Susan, my head is spinning! Lord have mercy…modern technology can sometimes drive us crazy. When you get it all straightened out, you will LOVE that phone!

  5. Haha… this is a priceless post– best of luck to you getting the info back!

  6. MCW

    Oh no…you poor thing. I have nightmares about losing all of my contacts!

  7. LPC

    Go to the Apple store and find one of those nice young geeky people and tell them that somewhere on some chip or some server your contacts must be living in limbo.

  8. Oh no! I hope someone will have a solution for you. That is no fun at all.

  9. HOLY CRAP!!!! My worst nightmare. Go back to apple, those guys are magic and I am certain you will recover your info.

  10. Oh, that is TERRIBLE! I hope it all resolves itself!

  11. Welcome to my world – did that to hubs’ i-phone when I bought it and wanted to get it all ready to go before I gave it him for his b-day last year. . .

    Needless to say it was a happy birthday – he got nothing – on his calendar, in his emails, in his address book, etc etc etc

  12. I hope a MAC genius can fix it for you.

  13. I can’t believe your iPhone ate your addresses! Oh no! I hope that you are ok and that you can get this fixed! Do you have a written copy of the contacts somewhere?

  14. Oh, I am SO sorry. This does not sound like fun at all 😦

  15. saying a prayer for you!


  16. Yikes! That really stinks. My head would be exploding too. Hope Apple can help you out and you can recover the data for you. I’m sure you will love the phone and all it can do once this glitch is resolved.

  17. LCG

    Aw, I am sorry that happened! As I said on someone else’s blog recently, technology can be so frustrating.

  18. OH no! I would be kicking….something….by now! Good luck on trying to get back on track soon (hugs)

  19. CashmereLibrarian

    Oh now that’s a tale of utter woe!

    So sorry…

  20. So sorry! What a huge pain!!!

  21. Ahhhhhhhhh!!! You deserve to have a WEEK off after that!! Hope things get better at the Prepatorium soon!!

  22. Wendy Myers

    Hope you can get this fixed without too much pain. I love my iphone & macbook!

  23. Wow that sucks good luck I hope you figure it out.

  24. Oh my! Run to that Apple store and get some help! Did you ever print out anything at some point perhaps you can retrive some of your contacts?

  25. Well TP, you deserve a day off. You should call the Geek Squad to come out and help you. I hope you get all your info back; because, that just sucks!!!!!

  26. Ah…technology. Love it. Glad its all resolved. ha.

    Have a great day!

  27. well try calling apple.. cause hard drives don’t always trash everything without a trace . trust me it in your system. did you try to restore ? well i got tired of losing my contacts and my fav links so now i sync them with http://www.mobile.me.com from apple it sync all my info as soon as i enter it in my phone and mac or p.c. . up to 5 of them for $99 a year its great !!!

  28. Restore back to a day before you connected the iphone and it should all be there. Maybe … But I’m not really a mac girl – although I LOVE my iPhone!

  29. charmfinder

    Wow, what a way to start the week! We’ll send happy technological vibes toward the Prepatorium today.


  30. vickym

    Deepest Sympathies. Few things are more maddening than unresponsive technology. 😦

  31. Uh… I know it doesn’t help to hear it now… BUT… there is a program called senuti (that’s iTunes backwards) that you need to use when you are syncing a new device with and existing device. I am ANYTHING but a techie geek…OR… a preppy for that matter) but stuff like this is not quite as easy as handing your keys to the valet parking guy!?! :-/ Good luck re-establishing your data! When that has happened to me… I’ve just looked at it like it was time to start over with the more current info of people who are actually in my life today! Simplify… kinda like Walden Pond!!

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