Those Mad Men Are At It Again, & Yale as the ‘Gay Ivy’?

Happy Friday everyone, this has seemed like a long week, and yet we have a bit of an empty feeling as we ask ourselves, “Ummm, exactly what did you accomplish this week Missy? Hhmmm?” We’re sure we managed to provide some tangible benefits in exchange for the privilege of taking up airspace here on the Preppy Planet, we’re just not able to recall immediately what those benefits were.

Well, that’s more-than-enough of a dreary detour, let’s move on to something with no redeeming values whatsoever, a look at the news.

We start with happy news about our absolute favorite television program:

Courtesy amc-tv

Courtesy amc-tv

Mad Men has received multiple Emmy nominations: 16 in total.  Once again Jon Hamm (aka Don Draper) draws a nomination as Best Actor in a drama, and costar John Slattery is nominated as Best Supporting Actor; he plays Roger Sterling, one of the founders of 1960’s advertising agency Sterling Cooper.

USA Today had a great Q&A with Mr. Slattery on the eve of last year’s Emmy ceremony, click here. Below, a photo of both men at last year’s Emmy gala; Mr. Slattery is on the left.

PHOTO: Mike Blake/Reuters (9.21.08)

PHOTO: Mike Blake/Reuters (9.21.08)

Actress Elisabeth Moss is nominated for her role as Peggy, and the show itself garnered another Best Dramatic series nod; it was the big winner in this category last year. Below we see Ms. Moss between Mr. Slattery and Mr. Hamm. (Oh, to be a sandwich between those two….)

Courtesy mac-tv

Courtesy mac-tv

Mad Men Season 3 premieres Sunday, August 16 at 10pm EDT.  You know where we’ll be…. how about you?


Now we display our ignorance for all to see and comment upon. We were well aware Tiffany was carrying handbags…

Courtesy Tiffany & Co., (NO LONGER AVAILABLE)

Courtesy Tiffany & Co., (No Longer Available)

The handbag was referred to here at the Palace as the Tiffany Tote (we chatted about it here and here), yet somehow TP missed the news that Cartier was doing bags as well.

Courtesy Bag That Style

Courtesy Bag That Style

And from the looks of the photo of Gossip Girl star Blake Lively, it would seem this is old (moldy old) news! Are we just hopelessly out of touch?

But we go back to Tiffany for a quick moment: has everyone seen the new Jean Schlumberger enamel bracelet collection?

Courtesy Tiffany

Very, very pretty, IOHO.


Next we have the growing discussion about Yale’s position as the “Gay Ivy”.  This is not a new phenomenon, but the current conversation is due in part to this month’s issue of the YAM, or Yale Alumni Magazine.

Courtesy Yale Alumni Magazine

Courtesy Yale Alumni Magazine

Again, not anything really new other than its front page status in the YAM; however, the story by the magazine’s editors’ and accompanying profiles offer insight into the history and veracity of such an appellation.


In other news that shall have no impact on our life whatsoever that somehow seemed moderately interesting nonetheless, WWD reports popular retailer Forever 21 will soon be adding home and beauty lines to their merchandise mix.

PHOTO: Shanna Ravindra

PHOTO: Shanna Ravindra

The company will be rolling out these products in their bigger stores, including the 15 former Mervyn’s store they purchased.


And a tidbit about a one-time Princess favorite, news that a buyer has been secured for bankrupt retailer Eddie Bauer.  The buyer plans to keep most of the existing 300 stores open, and also says Eddie Bauer gift cards will be honored. That at least, is good news.


We close with one of the cutest stuffed animals we have ever seen: the Whale Big Mouth Fun from Baby Earth.

With that darling image we say au revoir until next time, may your weekend be surorunded by summer splendor!


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15 responses to “Those Mad Men Are At It Again, & Yale as the ‘Gay Ivy’?

  1. Oh to be Peggy in that picture…

  2. I’m both laughing & nodding my head in agreement at the sandwich line. I see it’s a mischievous day on the Preppy Planet, and I like it!

    But back to behaving myself, if it’s any comfort, I had no idea that Tiffany & Cartier were doing handbag lines. I’m curious to see what they produce.

    Love those Schlumberger bracelets. I’ll have to add that to the list of 4,892,067 other Schlumberger items I want Santa to bring me.

  3. You know, I have been working hard all week and I really cannot point to anything that I’ve accomplished…boo! I’m feeling the same way you are princess! I have to say that I do love those Tiffany enamel bracelets…they are gorgeous!

  4. Well, you know I will be all snug and comfy on my new sofa with a low-calorie snack + glass of wine on August 16 at 10:00 p.m. + screening all calls whilst I spend one hour of uninterrupted time with Don or Roger 😉 Not picky here. Either will do 😉 xoxo

  5. a.

    I am literally counting the days until the Mad Men Season Premiere – if you didn’t catch my comment on Twitter a few weeks ago – my summertime neighbor (who got me to start watching the show in the first place) told me his daughter is going to be on some episodes (in the typing pool or something) – she said the cast is really nice. So exciting!

  6. MCW

    I CAN NOT WAIT for Madmen…I go back and forth between wanting to be Peggy, Betty or Joan. They all have such troubles, but interesting lives at the same time. Maybe a mix of all 3? Peggy’s brains, Betty’s beauty and Joan’s sex appeal…

  7. VictoriaM

    Oh the places you take us! A trip to Tiffany is splendiferous fun but I must assuage my longing for “something blue” with those adorable whales. Blake is adorable but Cartier always seems rather blatant, ne c’es pas? TP, you always make my day!

  8. hmmmm….Yale is the Gay Ivy? Intriguing. I am just out of touch, I guess. I am just going to have to read more about that to get more of my socio-cultural fix. I had no idea.

    I love those cute little stuffed nesting whales! So cozy!

  9. OOOOOO! Those enamel bracelets look like candy! Such a treat for the eyes!

    Have a great weekend!

  10. homegoods at forever 21 intregues me. i wonder if they’ll knock off anthropologie/urban outfitters type of homegoodies?

  11. We just got MadMen Season 2. I am trying to hold off on watching the DVDs as it will make waiting for season three even harder.

  12. Oh, I do love the Jean Schlumberger enamel bracelets. Gorgeous. As for your sandwich comment…I couldn’t agree more.

    Have a great day!

  13. omg! I can’t tell you how excited I am that they were nominated for so many awards. But of course they deserve it. And I am SO excited for season 3!!!

  14. Where have I been… I did not know Tiffany was doing handbags… ooh la la… must look into that… thanks for tip!

  15. I did not know they were doing hand bags either Miss FiFi but I didn’t want to say anything; lol lol!!

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