Polo Ralph Lauren’s Next Team USA Olympic Uniforms

Hello-Hello and Happy Holiday Weekend if you are celebrating!

Frequent readers will not be surprised to hear we are careening from crisis to crisis, coping with all things Princess, many things Lilly, and a new thing from Ralph. Seriously.

Remember the Ralph Lauren Team USA Opening Ceremony Uniforms from last summer’s Olympics?


We have an announcement on next year’s uniforms, direct from the Polo Mother Ship.  A hint can be gleaned from the sketches below.

Couortesy Polo Ralph Lauren

Courtesy Polo Ralph Lauren

Yes, just in time for the patriotic holiday weekend, there is word that Polo Ralph Lauren is an Official Outfitter of the US Olympic and Paralympic Teams for the 2010 and 2012 Olympic and Paralympic Games.  Below, a Men’s look.

Courtesy Polo Ralph Lauren

Courtesy Polo Ralph Lauren

In addition to uniforms for Opening and Closing Ceremonies, the company will also create apparel and accessories for Team USA to wear in the Athletes Village and other venues.  As far as the look itself goes, here is a snippet from the news release:

“Celebrating the rich history of the Olympic Games with a nod to the Lake Placid Games of 1932, the clothing will showcase a classic Americana and patriotic palette of red, white and blue.”

Pieces from both teams’ Parade Outfit collections will be available for purchase, along with other styles.  It will be fun to watch both Collections develop!


As a segueway, we go to a story somewhat related to the uniforms story, we’re talking Wimbledon, where Polo Ralph Lauren is also the Official Apparel Sponsor. Oddly, it doesn’t feel like it is time for the Wimbledon Finals, but here they are: Venus vs. Serena and Roger vs. Andy in the Singles Finals.

It has been awhile since we talked about Mr. Roddick and his apparel sponsor, Lacoste. Well, we did chat up Lacoste no end in our ‘When Logos Attack’ post yesterday, but that was different. Below, Mr. Roddick at an earlier practice this week, sporting the Lacoste Logo tee.

PHOTO: Alastair Grant/AP

PHOTO: Alastair Grant/AP

Pssst – the tee is now only $34.99, the original price was $50.


In the spirit of the weekend, we close with this bow tie from one of our favorite gentlemen, Mister Mort, in collaboration with Baron von Fancy. Spotted by the ever-vigilant fashion guys at Men’s Style, it is even Made in the USA.

Courtesy Photo via Men's Style

Courtesy Photo via Men's Style

The patriotic style statement is supposed to be available at Steven Alan, (where we must say, they are having a fabulous sale) and Opening Ceremony.  We did not see the tie, but did stumble onto a pink and green bag we simply had to share!

Courtesy Opening Ceremony

Courtesy Opening Ceremony

The handbag is from Issey Miyake’s new line, cauliflower, the bag showcases the pleating style this house is known for (think ‘Pleats Please’) and it looks darling. Best of all, the bag is on sale for $57!

Smiles and hopes for a Happy Fourth!


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11 responses to “Polo Ralph Lauren’s Next Team USA Olympic Uniforms

  1. hello hello!

    first of all- LOVE your new lilly-wares, will have to load up on the thermal mugs!

    secondly- hot hot is sunday’s final going to be?! oooooooh swoon! I want RF, but AR would be an acceptable person to win if RF just doesn’t make it happen

    thirdly and most importantly- so pumped about the team USA uniforms. the beijing gear is incredible- my rowerboys that raced still wear it and it has held up much better than other non-racing team gear that they get issued. plus- they look sooo sooo handsome in it. the gear may or may not have had me made non-regrettable regrettable decision!

    happy early fourth!



  2. I am just loving the RL designs! They never let us down, do they!?

  3. The uniforms will be dashing if Ralph Lauren is doing them. I am so glad to hear this. I loved the last Olympic designs, didn’t you?

    I heard from our winner today. She was just so touched to have won. She is going to email her info to me. So glad she won!! xoxo

  4. I SO hope Roddick wins! I am also glad that Polo Ralph Lauren will continue to outfit the Olympic team because they looked absolutely fabulous and classy this year!

  5. i got a polo last year, i CANNOT wait to get those jackets! whoo hoo

  6. VictoriaM

    A delight for the eye; beautifully done page. Bloggishly Chic!

  7. I just adore the RL Uniforms! Maybe I should have stuck with sports in high school 🙂

  8. I was generally a big fan of RL’s last Olympic effort, so I’m looking forward to seeing what he does with the next Games.

    Wasn’t that men’s Wimbledon final just too much! I was on Team Andy (that terrible t-shirt excepted), but either way, it was an incredible game to have witnessed.

    Hope you had a fantastic 4th!

  9. The Wimbledon final was INTENSE.

    I like the skis 🙂

  10. Judi

    When will the official merchandise – clothing – be available for purchase? I’m taking my husband to the opening ceremonies (bucket list) and would like to have a sweater or sweatshirt to give to him prior to leaving. Please advise where I can go look for items for sale.
    Thanks, JG

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