More Lilly Pulitzer Sneak Peek & “When Logos Attack”

Hello-Hello everyone, happy Thursday!

We are ever-so-pleased to finally be composing our little post today, because it means that electrical service has been restored to the Prepatorium. Honestly, this is the sort of thing that causes us to question the wisdom of that moat around the Palace, you all know the perils of raising the drawbridge when lacking electrical power, the minions are just so cranky on this issue.

And frankly, the timing is classic, as we had such grand Bloggage plans today, coordinated in advance with Miss Misadventures Herself (aka Misadventures of a Newlywed) as we were covering the same topic, and we were both going to send our readers to each other’s site to “see more pictures.” Pictures of what, you ask?

Why, it’s time to share more from this fall’s new (and exceptionally fabulous) Lilly Pulitzer Stationery and Gifts Collection, arriving here at the Princess within weeks!

We start with the new Lilly Holiday Ornament Sets.

These are offered in our favorite color combo, natch, and will run $17.50 for a set of three.

We have moved up the start of pre-ordering, it begins Monday, the 6th!

Next on our hit parade, the Lilly Highlighters Set, an ideal gift for any time of the year, definitely perfect as a stocking stuffer.

Also new on the horizon, the Lilly Cocktail Shakers, more-than-fun IOHO, sure to make any beverage tastier.

Shaken Up and Juice Bar, left to right respectively, are the patterns for the shakers, retailing at $39.50.  And Juice Bar will match all of the other Lilly Juice Bar and Juice Stand tableware for an even more stylish table.

Also on the beverage front, new Thermal Travel Mugs.

The patterns are Vintage Patch, Private Property and Trouble Hibiscus; these are $15.50. We have more images of the Paper Doll Book:

Preppy Princess

Preppy Princess

Does anyone else recognize a familiar piece of clothing or two…? These look like loads of fun for your Tiny Prep.


We cannot believe how quickly our IT Department (cough-cough, IT Dept = The Consort) has created the new web pages for everyone to use to pre-order, he is just Mr. Speedy!


This next item is so incredibly fabulous we absolutely had to include it today, despite it making the post even pokier than usual.

It’s the collaboration between Lacoste and Brazilian designers Fernando and Humberto Campana, creating polo shirts for the preppy retailer’s 4th Holiday Collector’s Series.

Courtesy Lacoste via

Courtesy Lacoste via

How remarkable are these?

Courtesy Lacoste via

Courtesy Lacoste via

There will be 20,000 of the limited edition polos available, and while much-too-cool for yours truly, we adore their spirit.

There will also be a “Super-Limited Edition” (ahem) of the shirt seen below, created entirely from the little Lacoste Alligator logos.

Courtesy Lacoste via

Courtesy Lacoste via

There are to be only 12 men’s and 12 women’s in this version; here is a closer look, via Yatzer.

Courtesy Photo via

Courtesy Photo via

If wondering about our Logophobia, we can only say “non, non, non, ce n’est pas un problème,” for these appear to be done with an artistic eye, yes, but an outlook accompanied by a touch of whimsy.  They do not appear to take themselves too seriously. Very, very witty.

Now, if seeking furniture, the brothers are also noted for their Alligator Chair.




Grins and giggles until next time!


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15 responses to “More Lilly Pulitzer Sneak Peek & “When Logos Attack”

  1. The elephant peeking out of the cocktail shaker lid is very cute! And, I would love to cuddle up in that alligator chair (although, the little plastic eyes might poke a bit!).

    And, although I don’t really think that the shirt made entire of alligators is for me – the one with the smattering of them is fun! They kind of looks like they are attacking each other! 🙂

    Thanks for the great photos!

    Happy Fourth!


  2. Ooh – you got me with those thermal travel mugs. I use those all of the time, but they’re usually so drab and dark looking. Now this is my style!

    Hope you & the Consort have a fantastic holiday weekend, TP!

  3. The Lilly cocktail shaker and travel mugs are GREAT!

  4. Oh my goodness. I want everything!! xoxo

  5. mary anne

    RE: “when logos attack”. Mon Dieu! Although, I always thought a little tattoo on my upper left chest of a tiny alligator might be rather droll.

    Can’t wait for the Lilly!

  6. Those Lilly travel mugs are great! I am going to go look at a planner at the store and if I like it I will order it from you! I am really picky about my planners!

  7. a.

    Loving all the new Lilly stuff – thanks for the preview! I see some “must haves!”

    Hmmm…that alligator chair looks pretty tempting 🙂

    Have a Happy 4th!


  9. That all over alligator logo. It is quite hilarious. Attack of the killer logos!

  10. The paper doll item is just too much. I will be ordering one for Lady C upon my return from vacation. Adorable!

    Have a fantastic holiday weekend!

  11. I am loving the new Lilly!!

    Those Lacoste polos are so cool! (A little too loud for me though)

  12. Love

    oh preppy princess you delight me, yet hurt my wallet, I WILL BE ORDERING THOSE SHAKERS!

  13. Lilly makes me swoon 😛

  14. Just wanted to let you know (you don’t have to post this) it’s actually a crocodile! 🙂

  15. Whoops! We appreciate Miss JGIWC gently nudging us on this, and can’t believe we did it. Sadly, we fear it might not be the first time, how scary is that? Let this be a lesson to all passing this way: you have just witnessed an example of The Brian After 15 Years in Television.

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