Major Papers Talk Preppy Style

Hello-Hello and happy day to everyone!

We’ll jump right in today with a few things we never seem to fit in our daily posts, despite the fact we start out planning to include them every. single. day.  We are so slow in sharing them many readers are likely to have already seen them, yikes! Here they are in completely random order:

1) The Times had an outstanding story from David Colman a few weeks back in their Dress Codes series, “The All-American Back from Japan,” examining contemporary preppy style.  A sample from the article:

“There is madras everything, button-downs everywhere. Nantucket reds — washed-out pink pants — are the new khakis; Sperry Top-Siders are more common on roof decks than top decks; and the Polo pony and the Lacoste crocodile are now but two of the critters in a zoo of polo shirt insignia.”

The story is accompanied by a companion slide show, “Dress Codes: The Preppy Look” with excellent photos from Dean Isidro. Below, the gentleman wears Benjamin Bixby, Lacoste, Trovata, Brooks Brothers Black Fleece, Marc by Marc Jacobs.

PHOTO: Dean Isidro/NY Times

PHOTO: Dean Isidro/NY Times

The article looks at the history of ‘preppy fashion’ in the US (or more appropriately, that particular moniker for the style) as well as what Mr. Colman refers to as “…the Japanese penchant for Americana…”.

Some of the brands cited in the story and slide show are definitely not “your Father’s preppy style,” although again, TP’s family never referred to it this way. If asked and forced to describe the look TQM probably would have merely said it was conservative or classic, perhaps being so bold as to inquire  “why do you ask?” as it wasn’t something one consciously thought of or needed to discuss. The only possible exception might be if one the children dared desire something out-of-the-norm, in the “no, no, that’s not something we wear” category. How did your family refer to their clothing style? Or did they?

We highly recommend the story and slide show, they are great fun and offer a slew of new brands, some of which you have seen showcased in this space, such as Band of Outsiders, and others we probably won’t be sporting.


2) Also on the radar for quite some time, this story from the Times of London’s online site:

Preppy power

From twinsets and pearls to cashmere hoodies — new fashion tribes are taking their lead from the Sloanes

The story is another fun read, offering a slightly different perspective as it originates from the far side of the pond.

Yet rapidly growing numbers of people are embracing the preppy look — whether it’s stripy boat-neck T-shirts, argyle sweaters, brogues or cotton pea coats. Look closely and you’ll see preppy is having a makeover right under our noses.”

The story breaks the preppy looks into five different styles, including Euro Preppy, Fashion Preppy and Power Preppy.  Prince Harry’s former flame, Chelsea Davy, is pictured as an example of Public School Preppy:

PHOTO: Antony Jones/UK Press/PA Photos

PHOTO: Antony Jones/UK Press/PA Photos

A reminder that in the UK ‘public schools’ are actually what we call private schools here in the States, for example, Miss Porter’s or Choate would be called ‘public schools’ in England.

The article also has scads more details with the writer’s ideas on what brands specific prep types would wear, their ‘best looks’ as well as “A Look Too Far,” our favorite sub-category.  Prince William’s girlfriend Kate Middleton is classified as a Euro Preppy, although the story notes:

“To be fair, Kate is more neo-Sloane ranger, but, for obvious reasons, the Euro preppy holds her in high esteem.”

As to the paper’s suggestions of a Power Preppy, they include First Lady Michelle Obama in this group. Rather than bore you with more recitation of the article’s content we suggest one toddle on over and personally read the story, we highly recommend it. A visit to the fabulous Europa Fox is also likely to provide far better insight than anything we offer.


True Chanel addicts with pin money (okay, investment quality pins) to spare will be pleased to learn of the 1980’s and early 90’s Chanel jewelry and accessories now being offered at high-end vintage retailer Resurrection.  Some pieces serve to remind us that the development of LogoPhobia is not merely in reaction to recent creations:

Courtesy Photo via WWD

Courtesy Photo via WWD

If interested, the catalog of goodies can be downloaded by clicking here.


TP is ever-so-excited to learn one of our favorite spots for retail therapy is undergoing a bit of a lift, so to speak.  Fashion Island in Newport Beach (CA) is going to have some work done, adding wonderful stores like Nordstrom to the roster of existing shops, including Neiman’s, Saks, and Bloomies.  Below, an artist’s sketch of the ‘new and improved’ Fashion Island.

Courtesy Photo via LA Times

Courtesy Photo via LA Times

The LA Times has the full story.

We leave you with some of the soon-to-be-out, or already available magazines one will spot at the local newsstand:

Courtesy Time Inc.

Courtesy Time Inc.

There are reports of at least two west coast memorial services, one on July 3rd, the other July 10th.

Courtesy People

Courtesy People

There is also a report that the Jackson family has been denied permission to bury him at Neverland Ranch.

Courtesy Post-Newsweek

Courtesy Post-Newsweek


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15 responses to “Major Papers Talk Preppy Style

  1. Can’t wait to read about Power Preppy. Thanks, your Royal Preppy Princess. And, I LOVE that Chanel charm bracelet!!!!

  2. LPC

    Both of those links are really fun reads/looks.

  3. mary anne

    As long as I can remember we referred to our camel hair coat/plaid/pearl/cable/khaki/etc,etc,etc as just “classic” maybe even “conservative”. We just didn’t want to wear “fads”, no, no, no. That would not have been approved of. I taught my daughters the same, and they, too are just plain old classic, conservative girls now. The beauty of this is that you can borrow your grandmother’s blazer or your father’s (monogrammed) shirt at any point of your life and not look ridiculous. As long as one buys quality items they wear out instead of being “last year’s look”. (sorry this was so long)

  4. Chelsea Davy is just a wonderful dresser in general. I don’t think I have ever seen a photo of her not looking good!

  5. Queen Mother

    The Princess seems to remember better what the Queen Mother said than the Queen herself remembers!

  6. Our style didn’t have an adjective. It was very simply the “way” to dress 😉 And ’twas always better to purchase one quality item rather than 5 sub-quality items! That’s why P 101 is wearing things I have had for many, many years! Great Post!! xoxo

  7. LPC

    And thinking about it, I believe we were not even allowed to say the words out loud, “how we dress”. It just happened. At Saks, with Miss Bailey.

  8. Excellent post, TP!! I love the question about how a family refers to its personal style…what a thought-provoking question. For me, it was usually not words, but more a series of grimaces and disapproving looks and comparisons of “this” but not “that”. I find myself having a hard time explaining it to JBB. He asks a lot of questions b/c he has a school friend whose parents are quite…well, grown-up skaters and dress their son as such. Cool for them, as it authentic for them. Doesn’t fit with us though.

  9. I don’t think Preppy has made it to Germany. Their idea of Preppy is skinny jeans and topsiders!

  10. Off to check out that Times’ story – I want to be whichever one Kate Middleton is! (even though methinks this categorization of THIS prep and THAT one etc. is a wee bit much)

  11. VictoriaM

    Fascinating post as always especially when illumined by TP’s always insightful exposition. What a treasure! I admit that I am quite flustered by those shorts, socks and loafers. This may not pass in Harvard Square. I am fortunate to be able to visit the referenced J Press store in Cambridge, where Yoyo Ma shops. The lovely gentlemen who have worked there forever can tell you exactly what to do, which I find goes on among men far more than it does among women. Has anyone else noticed that men frankly hand down information with e same candor used in discussing boat repairs? In our family no one spoke of style or dressing in a certain manner, you were supposed to just know, a priori.

  12. VictoriaM

    Fascinating post as always especially when illumined by TP’s always insightful exposition. Yay, what a treasures! I am quite flustered by those shorts, socks and loafers; may not pass in Harvard Square. I often visit the referenced J Press store in Cambridge, where the beautifully dressed Yo-Yo Ma can be found. The lovely gentlemen who have worked there forever can tell you exactly what to do. This goes on among men far more than it does among women. Has anyone else noticed that men hand down sartorial information form generation to generation with the same offhand candor used in discussing boat repairs? In our family no one spoke of style or dressing in a certain manner, you were supposed to just know, a priori.

  13. I am not sure how Fashion Island could become even better but how exciting!

  14. Thanks for letting us all know about the Times article! You’re so good at catching these things 🙂

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