The Consort Likes That Snappy Chapeau

Hello again sports fans.  The Consort here striding up to the microphone while The Princess visits the Queen Mother.  This is an opportunity for me to give voice to something that has been on my mind while watching TP wade through photos from the Royal Ascot events taking place this week.  Here’s my question:  When did the human head become a launching pad for bad fashion?

edible-_hat_1426099cPerhaps it’s just me but a 4 foot edible chocolate hat seems a bit unusual.  It’s an enlarged (one would presume) version of the popular Cadbury Flake 99 chocolate treat.  Besides being a structural marvel, the hat took six weeks to build and is made up of pieces scavanged from one of the late Queen Mother’s hats.  Well, nothing honors the memory of the late Queen Mother like a 4-foot edible hat.

But not all is excess at Royal Ascot.

Photo: Mark Large

Photo: Mark Large

Princess Beatrice is looking smashing with a perplexing white rose and pancake number on her head.  It would appear that everything but the kitchen sink is fair game for hats.  Oh, wait…

Photo: Mark Large

Photo: Mark Large

Camilla Duchess of Cornwall is living proof that, while it’s not the kitchen sink, a wash basin is always a bold fashion statement come race day.

Photo: Getty Images

Photo: Getty Images

Not to be outdone by the Cadbury chocolate hat is Sophie Countess of Wessex. Clearly inspired by the venerable Hershey’s Kiss the Countess makes a tasty statement in black and white.  Stunningly understated, hmm?

Now clearly I am not a fashion maven.  Here is my idea of a stylish hat:

1935 Detroit Tiger game cap

1935 Detroit Tiger game cap

Classic style at an affordable price.

Speaking of classic style:  We are grateful today for answered prayers for our good friend Misadventures of a Newlywed.  She is scheduled to leave the hospital today and that is good news for her many friends in the blogosphere and the real world.  Why don’t you visit her site and give her some love?

With that last thought I tip my 1935 Detroit Tigers cap and head for the exit.  Thank you for indulging me on our little visit to the lunatic fringe.  The Princess shall return tomorrow and I’ll return someday soon.  Until that day I remind you to take care of your waitperson, they’re working hard for you tonight.  Ta-ta for now!


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11 responses to “The Consort Likes That Snappy Chapeau

  1. Queen Mother

    The Cadbury is less than tasteful and demonstrates once again that nothing succeeds like excess.

    This is why the only chapeau one will find located atop my coiffure is my tiara, despite the burden keeping it polished imposes upon the minions.

  2. Oh my, those are excellent examples of chapeau madness. Thanks for the afternoon giggle!

  3. And, thanks for the shout out to all waitstaff! having done that job, I am keen on appreciation of any server!

  4. Rachael

    When did the human head become a launching pad for bad fashion? SO TRUE

  5. KK

    Fun post. I love the look of hats. On other people. Just not on me. But on everyone else, simply smashing dah-ling!

  6. Are the Royals the only ones who dare go out in public with those chapeaus? At least they give us Yanks something amusing to ponder.
    Great Post!

  7. I so enjoyed this post! The best part was your helping us choose a stylish hat! 😉

    We all love Mrs. Newlywed!

  8. That’s what I need — a Cadbury hat!

  9. Jen

    While living in London, I always wanted to go to Ascot and don the big hat. Never did but made it to some polo matches and didn’t have the nerve to grace my head with something inappropriate anywhere else in the world. Off to a horse show this weekend. Nothing nearly so glamorous. I will be wearing the baseball hat and breeches.

  10. Lady Lady Lady Princess! Consort has such fun taste- most hats, however, were too fanciful- the ice cream cone was just the right combo of frivolousness, whimsy and charm 🙂

    I do not like to say negative things, but the pics of Lady’s Day- I’d like to remind some (most) of the attendees that this is not being held in Vegas at 11 PM. It is the Ascot. Decorum, please!

    happy weekend


  11. Lord Have Mercy…these hats! Not for moi:)

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