Haute Pink, More Preptastic Bargains Abound

Hello-Hello and greetings from the frenzied corner condo at Princess Intergalactic HQ!

Did everyone note the hot pink Angie Harmon is wearing on the cover of this month’s T&C (Town and Country)?

According to the Journal, she is just one of many in the “hot new color,” as explained in this story by Christina Binkley.

“No longer relegated to the garish masses, the saturated pink shades known as fuchsia and magenta are suddenly haute.”

The story includes a photo of an upscale kitchen by über-chic designer Clive Christian.

PHOTO: Courtesy Clive Christian via WSJ

PHOTO: Courtesy Clive Christian via WSJ

The story even shares an inventive new appellation for what we have always called hot pink: “mangenta”.

Regardless of what one calls it, the color is a bright spot for many retailers:

“”Pink represents a certain playfulness and confidence, particularly in men,” says Simon Maloney, head of buying and production for shirtmaker Thomas Pink, where pink is selling well and will be marketed as a key color for fall.”

Below we show Pink’s Efland Stripe Traveller for men in their pink & white Stripe.

Thomas Pink

Thomas Pink


There are still more Sales and Savings to pass on, beginning with Boden:



Boden is doing a 15% off Mini-Boden special.

Kate Spade’s email shows “up to 50% off,” but when visiting the company’s sale pages one is greeted with a heading promoting “up to 75% off,” although that selection is limited.  The preppish retailer is also providing complimentary shipping on all orders; no need to invest a specific amount to enjoy this courtesy.

This makes things like the Haig Point Kei a relatively good bargain at $221.



The highly unusual but oh-so-wonderful 25% Off Bobbi Brown promotion ends tonight at midnight, so make haste if in need of cosmetics from this source!



Generally a little too hip for us, but fun nonetheless, the Gargyle Spring/Summer Sale is underway.



Loads of good buys are available, including classics like the mens Fred Perry Cardigan, now $75; its original price was $135.

And Men’s clothier Zegna begins their End of Season Sale tmorrow.



We are absolutely buried today, so we shall simply scramarama and hope everyone enjoys a delightful evening!


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11 responses to “Haute Pink, More Preptastic Bargains Abound

  1. I just love pink, and lucky for me I have a Hubby that grew up in Boca Raton, FL, so he loves pink just as much as I do! I am especially loving the rich magenta shades right now 🙂

  2. LPC

    That Gargyle site is nifty.

  3. Love the KS bag – statement piece or what? The hot pink looks good on Angie Harmon (? not sure who she is) – but I think it’s difficult for blondes to carry it off, I would feel far too obvious! As for (pale) pink shirts for Men, my better half (dark hair) would wear them all the time if he could! He has a pale pink Lyle and Scott lambswool jumper for goodness sake. It shall soon be migrating to my wardrobe…. Have have missed reading your posts!!

  4. I must have been on of the “garish masses” (at least according to T&C) because magenta is my very favorite color and it fills my wardrobe!

  5. I loved your guest post on LegallyBlondeMel’s blog today. Whilst I am disappointed there are no “real” minions, drawbridges, or a gardener, I love it still the same. Tehe. Thanks so much for all you do Princess=)

  6. I adore the Kate Spade bag! Have a gloriious and prepalicious weekend, Princess!

  7. He-weasel wore a pink tie to work today. He’ll be happy to know that the he is on trend.

    Happy weekend to all at the preppy palace!xo

  8. How excited was I to receive this “T&C” in the mail yesterday? Stunning cover, in my favorite shade of deep, peony pink.

    Speaking of, I had no idea pink (like preppitude) had ever gone out of style! Ah, well – I’ll just keep wearing both all the time & figure that I’m in style at least half of the time. 😉

  9. I guess I am a part of the “garish masses” …

    I hope you have a wonderful weekend!

  10. That cover is gorgeous!

    I’m a fan of Thomas Pink 🙂

  11. BLC

    Oh I heart Angie!!! Xoxo-BLC

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