Chuck Bass & Don Draper – Need we Say More?

Hello-Hello, and happy day everyone!

We start with a nudge on a must-read story in the Times for fans of the styles seen in Mad Men and/or Gossip GirlFriday’s story looks at the costume designs for popular television shows, including interviews with Gossip Girl’s costume designer Eric Daman and Katherine Jane Bryant of Mad Men.

PHOTO: Giovanni Rufino/CW

PHOTO: Giovanni Rufino/CW

Mr. Daman’s thought on sartorial selections for Ed Westwick’s character, Chuck Bass?

““He’ll walk around the Hamptons in a beautiful mint-green suit and a bow tie if he feels like it.””

Is there a better representation of Betty & Don Draper doing formal apparel?


We highly recommend the story and accompanying interactive photo piece. Below, some of the Mad Men cast backstage at the Golden Globes earlier this year.

PHOTO: Gavin Bond via

PHOTO: Gavin Bond via

Mad Men aficionados may be intrigued by this story sharing the compromise reached in the ongoing hoo-haa over adding two minutes of commercial time to the hit show when it returns this August. (The 16th of August to be precise, but really, who’s counting?) A wise decision it seems, the two minutes are added but the content is not curtailed; the show will run into the 11pm hour a tad.

And in a final Mad Men note, the show’s style is invoked in this brief review of the new Liz Claiborne Men’s Line.

“The debut collection combines the slim cuts of the Mad Men era with classic preppy pieces–narrow polos and cardigans, bermuda shorts in madras, and two-button jackets.”

4864 4863

This is the first menswear line created under Isaac Mizrahi; it is created by a designer of whom we are fond, the gifted John Bartlett.


We also have a few SOTTs (Signs of the Times) to share:

  • Lots of speculation that Eddie Bauer may be filing for bankruptcy as early as this week; for more info, head for the story in USA Today. This one frustrates us no end, as this was once a great American company; now reduced to a B-school case study in what happens when a brand loses its way.
  • Neiman Marcus will cut the hours it is open in some locations to trim expenses; the story in yesterday’s WWD explains that the changes in hours will vary by location. For example, the underperforming Galleria store in Houston will now open at 1pm on Sundays (instead of noon), while another location will close at 8pm Monday-Friday, instead of the more standard 9pm. Hours at premiere sites like Northpark in Dallas and the Beverly Hills store will remain the same. And as we’re speaking of Neimans, don’t forget their sale continues. The new promo code for complimentary shipping with any purchase amount is JUNNM.


In other Sales & Savings news, Lord & Taylor’s Friends and Family sale offers an “Extra 25% Off Almost Everything,” with “10% off Cosmetics and Fragrances.” Use the promo code FRIENDS at checkout.


Online Shoes is doing their Summer Sale:


And J. Crew has decided to throw in Complimentary Shipping with their Extra 20% off promotion.

Yes, they call it Free Shipping, but TP refuses to use that term; it isn’t really ‘free’ by our definition.  It is complimentary, or included, or no charge, but not free. (Ooooh, do we have a reappearance of Crankenstein Princess?!) The promo code remains the same, EXTRA20.

And to continue our tedious whine-athon, we’re curious to know if anyone else finds it almost laughable/borderline offensive when a retailer puts an item “on sale” by taking approximately 13% off the original selling price? The issue came to mind with the Crew Perfect-Fit Short-Sleeve tee:

J Crew

J Crew

We don’t mean to unfairly pillory J. Crew, and we adore the tee, there are more than we care to think about a few here at the Palace.  Nor is J. Crew the only company pursuing what seems an insane practice, but 13% barely covers the sales tax in some locales these days. Can someone help us understand?


Okay enough of our insanity, it’s time to perk up with a few Pretty in Pink items, our first from Polo Ralph Lauren, also holding a sizable Sale and Clearance event.

The Fairway Print stretch polo is now $69. While not for us, the shorts hold potential. (This could be attributed to our Logophobia, but it seems a high proportion of the womens items we surfed had the logos-on-steroids issue.)

The second is a discovery by our good friends over at the Pink and Green Scene:

The Company Store

The Company Store

The letters are just too cute, available at The Company Store.

Happy hunting, if that is your task today! Until next time, g’bye.


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14 responses to “Chuck Bass & Don Draper – Need we Say More?

  1. I love the costumes for GG! Chuck always is dressed so preppy and interesting…love it!

    As for J.Crew, I know what you mean about putting something on “Sale” when they are taking the smallest percentage off. Those favorite tees are already too expensive, so a lousy 13% off is not going to do much. Also, what’s with having all the new arrivals in-store, but not offered online? I don’t get that. Boo J.Crew, you can do better!


  2. Ooooooooh Thank Princess for the info on Mad Men. You just made my summer a little brighter 😉 so that now I don’t care about a mere 13%! I mean with Don Draper coming back, who cares????!!!! xoxo

  3. Anonymous

    Thanks for posting all the sales. I totally agree with the JCREW shipping! I go threw phases where I am all into JCREW and then totally turned off.
    I heart Chuck Bass.. he so can pull off all the outfits..he is a cutie!!
    Have a fabulous evening!!
    xxx me

  4. I love love love Mad Men series, Don Draper is yummy it’s a love hate reltionship. Thanks for the heads up on LLBean sale . I bought a pair of Madras Sperry boat shoes in Blue for $34.99 and went to retailmenot and got a free shipping code. Whoohoo now I just have to wait until July for my family to come visit and bring them to me. Have a great Thursday!

  5. love the quote about chuck- love! it’s just so true and that is why we love him, no?!

    it would just be the end of the world if things really soured for nimi’s 😦 will think happy thoughts all around and sneak over to buy something to *help* 🙂

    happy thursday tp


  6. Great article and sale tips!

  7. Thank you so much for that NYT link. Of course I think the “Mad Men” wardrobes are perfection, so it was fascinating to hear the designer herself talking about the methodology behind them.

    As for phony “free shipping” and sneaky sales tactics, no need to feel a crankenstein. I think we all resent those sort of things, and I for one appreciate your politely calling them out on it.

  8. I have not seen the show Mad Men but I love looking at the costumes from the show!

  9. I ust started mad men, im obsessed!!

    and i am spending a weekend in the hampton in august, i hope to snag a bass!

  10. I love watching GG and prob look forward to seeing what Chuck will wear more than anyone. His wardrobe was ‘preppy bizarre’ in the summer episodes, but I was fascinated by it!!! Does anyone actually dress like that? It’s like many of the male ensembles in J Wills and Aubin and Wills – love them in theory but in reality how many Men would wear such er bold and clashing pieces? My husband finds a lot of the AW stuff a bit too metro / effete for him, I find it quite fascinating and would love to encounter someone in the flesh who dressed like Chcuk – there would surely have to be a strong and interesting Character!! okay, essay like reponse over – you can tell I’ve been Preppy Princess deprived of late! 🙂

  11. Thanks so much for the Liz men’s reminder! Have to go check that out, it looks lovely.

  12. I adored that Chuck Bass outfit. The pink bowtie is an awesome color!

    Blair looked so pretty in that outfit too! There was an anchor necklace, I recall.

    Those letters are so cute!

  13. I can hardly wait for Mad Men to return. Jon Hamm just sit and breathe and I’d be glued to the television.

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