Le Wintour, Preppy Sales #34

Hello and Happy New Week everyone!

Did everyone watch the goings-on over at Roland Garros leading up to this photo?

PHOTO: Christophe Ena/AP

PHOTO: Christophe Ena/AP

We’ll cut to the chase and simply say we were ever-so-pleased to see Roger Federer win the French Open, completing his career Grand Slam, tying Pete Sampras’ record of 14 major singles titles.

Now, we don’t want to offend anyone by discussing something not entirely devoted to what took place on the court, but we simply must lower ourselves and wallow in some idle gossip, rumor and innuendo. (If you’re doing one of those, why not all three?)  What magazine editor recently profiled on Sixty Minutes suddenly disappeared before the Jason Wu resort show even started last week? And where do we think said editor went in such a rush?

PHOTO: Benoit Tessier/Reuters

PHOTO: Benoit Tessier/Reuters

Presumably you spotted Ms. Wintour in the photo, one row behind and to the right of Mr. Federer’s wife, Mirka.  Yes, she scooted out of the Wu show and headed to the far side of the pond, making it in time to see the finals.


We have lots of offerings in our Sales and Savings category today, beginning with Bergdorf Goodman continuing their Designer Sale.

Next, J. Crew is taking an additional 20% off their Sale prices. That means one of our faves, the Super 120’s Blair dress is now roughly $112; its original selling price was $188.

J. Crew

J. Crew

The darling Girls’ Spring Court Tennis shoes are approximately $39.60 when factoring in the additional discount; marked down from $60, that’s a reduction of about 33%.

J. Crew

J. Crew

Not what some might refer to as a ‘screaming deal,’ but in These Challenging Times, any savings is nothing to sneeze at, oui? To receive the discount at Crew use promo code EXTRA20 at checkout.


Also offering fiscally friendly pricing, Neiman Marcus with new additions to their Sale and Clearance sections in store and online.  Many readers know of our insane obsession fondness for the Stella McCartney Sail Print dress:

This treasure is now $597 at Needless Markup Neimans; the company is also offering complementary shipping, no minimum purchase required, a beautiful thing IOHO.  Just enter promo code NMSHIP during checkout. (Net-a-Porter has the same dress on sale; their price is currently $696.)


No one is ever surprised when hearing one of our online favorites is LL BeanLLBean.com

There are loads of goodies on sale at Bean as well; don’t dawdle too terribly long or someone may snag your size.


We want to mention Talbots as well; they are taking 40% off their already reduced sale items. This includes their Petites sale merchandise, as well as all sale items in both Woman and Woman Petite sizes.

In other news about Talbots, word today they have *finally* managed to unload sold J. Jill.  A private equity firm is purchasing the women’s clothier for a reported $75 million; Talbots paid $517 three years ago.  According to Reuters:

“Talbots will close 75 J. Jill stores within 60 days. The remaining 204 stores will be transferred to Golden Gate Capital.”

Is there a J. Jill in your corner of the globe….?

With that, we say “tune in tomorrow,” as we have a bit of an announcement scheduled for this space.


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12 responses to “Le Wintour, Preppy Sales #34

  1. I am so happy for Roger. I am a huge fan. What a huge achievement for him. Yah, Federer!!!!

  2. LPC

    And that J. Crew dress comes in navy…*covets*

  3. On my way to Talbots.com right now 🙂

  4. That Stella dress is cute. I saw a shameless knockoff of it on someone’s blog recently but can’t remember where.

  5. Anonymous

    I love all your sale posts. I adore AW’s hair. I want to chop my hair off! I can never get mine to look that fabulous. Have a smashing night!
    xxxx me

  6. miss indiana

    Love the sailboat dress, too! Wondering how many lattes would need to be avoided to afford it?

  7. That Stella dress is darling – but no can do here at Preppy 101!! 😉 Will definitely check out J. Crew, et al.

  8. I love the j. crew shoes. I didn’t know j. jill was closing. I should tell my mom since she shops there. Thanks for visiting my blog.

  9. VictoriaM

    Whats your take on the J Jill target market? Where is one supposed to wear these clothes other than on long romantic contemplative walks in the fields? yet its a bit pricey to get dirty. I have seen J Jill in places like Cambridge where there is a certain type of crunchy Talbot’s cousin I call an Emily. Emily might wear one of J Jill’s floppy linen jackets while teaching her evening class in Advanced Depth Psychology. But otherwise there is no one in the stores. Pack it in, Jill!

  10. Poor Talbots, they’re hurting badly…along with lots of other retailers. I’m still sobbing over their kids’ line!

  11. DROOLING over- the sailing dress and RF, but not in that order. J’adore RF- those dimple and his reserved chivalry- swoon!


  12. i stalk everything at jcrew until the sales..i am watching these white and blue shorts right now, waiting to pounce!

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