The Princess Gets Back to Basics

Happy-Happy almost-weekend everybody! Here at the Prepatorium we finally have something resembling normal temperatures: we might hit 75 degrees today. Calm yourselves, it has not yet happened, it is merely a prediction made by the Weatherologists on teewee, so there’s just an itty-bitty chance they could be wrong.

Regular readers are aware we feel strongly about the virtues of basics upon which one can construct a meaningful existence: basic decency towards others, basic recipes, basic apparel and accessories.

One such elementary item is a simple watch on a classic ribbon band.  Today we bring you a new entrant to this sector of the market:

Bobby Jones

Bobby Jones

The new watch from Bobby Jones is just out. It has a stainless steel case and comes in two additional striped ribbon patterns, as well as a solid black ribbon for those preferring a more understated look. (TP’s father wore a plain Timex with a plain black ribbon strap as far back as she can remember.)


The movement is by Seiko, so this one isn’t just a pretty face. It is available now at the Bobby Jones Shop.


We have several other opportunities for you to make contributions to the economy, all of them fiscally-friendly, of course.  Bergdorf Goodman is having their Designer Sale with “Prices as much as 40% Off” on items like the D & G Pumps(L) and the Tory Burch Megan flat (R).


Another emporium offering substantial savings: J. Press. Their Blue Silk Herringbone jacket is an excellent investment for the MOTH (Man of the House) in your life.

J. Press

J. Press

Classic stalwart Banana Republic also has scads of goods with revised price points. Below, the Cotton V-Neck Sweater, now $39.99 for most colors, but only $24.99 in white.

Banana Republic

Banana Republic

Not to be left out, Brooks Brothers is promoting some solid discounts on Men’s merchandise for Father’s Day.

Brooks Brothers

Brooks Brothers


Our next company covered is assuredly not known for helping one save their pocket change; we quite respect that policy. We’re talking about Hermès.



The luxury firm has opened a seasonal store in East Hampton. The shop is located right on Main, will be open until Sept. 20, and will carry some limited edition goods.

PHOTO: Skot Yobbagy/WSJ Magazine

PHOTO: Skot Yobbagy/WSJ Magazine


In another SOTT (Sign of The Times), word from P&G that Max Factor cosmetics will no longer be sold in the US.



Today’s story in WWD about the planned phase-out quotes an unnamed P&G executive:

“It’s a shadow of what it once was. Domestically it’s just so competitive. They have lost considerable real estate over the years and certainly over the last two years. It’s actually long overdue.”


Because we adore The Queen (we more-than-adore our own TQM but today we speak of the one on the far side of the pond,), we thought we would close out the post with this photo, perfectly suited to be today’s Pretty in Pink.

PHOTO: Phil Noble/AFP/Getty

PHOTO: Phil Noble/AFP/Getty

The picture of HRH and Prince Philip dates to late May, and we think she looks faboo.

Enjoy the weekend, dollfaces, we’ll chat again soon!


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13 responses to “The Princess Gets Back to Basics

  1. love the pretty in pink of the day- but you know how I feel about those British royals 🙂

    Hooray for 75 today- my mother said it’s 78 and sunny in Madison today- but then in the TC and in Badger-land it’s going to be 60 and cloudy/rainy all weekend- you best get out and enjoy the sun today!

    Divine Miss M loved those watches from Bobby Jones, she scooped up the red weekender earlier in the sales this AM!

    happy Friday TP


  2. Thanks for all the great sale items! Have a terrific weekend!

  3. Is it sad that I share the same style sense as an octogenarian? Because I totally agree with you, HRH looks fab!

  4. miss indiana

    OMG!!!! NO MAX FACTOR? I will have to stockpile my chosen makeup (pan stick) in extreme amounts. Thanks so much for the heads up!

  5. Ms. Princess, I’m so sorry I haven’t been commenting recently–things with school have just gotten so busy! But when I saw your mention of your father’s Timex + ribbon band combo, I just had to comment. There were a few men in my family who always wore Timex’s with Brooks Brothers ribbon bands, and I have inherited one–which I now wear every day to Nursing School! I only have two bands as of yet (classic navy + white, and a green/white/navy one my sister gave me…with a matching key fob!). I just love how versatile they are!

  6. “Prepatorium” — love it!

  7. Oooooh thanks for the info on the BG Designer sale. Excited 😉 Yes, the Queen is one of “us” – dressed from head to toe in PINK!! Wonderful!! xoxo

  8. I absolutely LOVE those d&g pumps …

    I am a big fan of hermes … i got a scarf when i studied abroad in paris and that’s about all I could afford in there!

  9. HRH–always charming and lovely, esp. in pink 🙂

    I love the pink pumps–so pretty 🙂

    (I do love pink!)

  10. LPC

    Love the watch but not so much a fan of the golfer ON the watch. Golf scares me…

  11. Darling post!

    Those watches are super cute!

    The Brooks Brothers ad is so quintessentially preppy!

  12. Love those men’s ribbon watches. My grandfather sported one of those for years, and looking at these photos brings back memories of him & his southern California prep style.

    I can just hear the fashionistas wailing now, but I adore that photo of HRH as well. Fantastic that she has her own sense of style, fashion be hanged, and just goes about wearing exactly what she likes.

  13. I have seen those Bobby Jones watches and love them!! The ribbon bands are just too fun. The Queen is just so perfectly pretty in pink!

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