This One’s Gonna Hurt

Hello, all you Princess devotees.  The Princess Consort here stepping forward to give my blushing bride a day to catch up on paperwork.  I wish I could be funny and glib today.  But I can’t.  I saw something today that tore my heart out and I have to share it with you all.

During my career as a journalist I was exposed to some pretty ghastly things.  I was witness to the horrors that people will inflict upon each other.  I saw the devastation and death that nature unleashes on us.  Through all those years I was able to compartmentalize those images so I could objectively report the stories.   But I could never do that with stories that involved animals suffering.  I guess I never considered it a failing.  I’ve always had immense admiration for people who rescue and foster animals.  There is a special place in Heaven for those kind souls.

That’s why I urge you to visit this blog today.



There is something so sad about feeding cheeseburgers and chicken to that little pup.  It’s nice to think the last moments he had were spent with someone who cared for him and showed him tenderness.

If you’re a regular reader you know that our English bulldog Tilly came to us from a bulldog rescue group a couple of years ago.

Tilly Big Smile CU (exc)  3.26.07

Tilly is a goofball but she loves unconditionally.  She’s not our first venture into rescue/fostering.Bach

Bach was a big, sweet Giant Schnauzer.  If you’re not familiar with the breed I can tell you that they are smart, strong and can be jesters.  We had him for a very short time before he went to a good (forever) home and took a small part of my heart with him.   Here’s just one place where you can find out more about Giant Schnauzer rescue.

So what’s the point of all this?  You’ve all heard of the shady dog breeders and puppy mills out there.  Dogs that should never be sold are being dumped on the marketplace.   If you’re considering a dog (or cat, or horse, or…) please put some thought into a rescue.  You’ll be taking on a challenge but what you’ll get in return can’t be measured.

Sorry I’m not funny today.  I’m going to take Tilly for a walk now.  The Princess will be back tomorrow.  Thanks for sharing your time with me.


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17 responses to “This One’s Gonna Hurt

  1. This story was so sad…I’m definitely over here crying. It is so special that there are people like you and the blog you connected us to that take time to show these beautiful, sweet animals love and compassion. Thank God for you all.

    It is so important to be responsible when purchasing a dog or adopting one. I have a special place in my heart for Yorkies and I have been looking into “United Yorkie Rescue Group” about adopting one. I’m glad to hear you have only had positive experiences with rescue dogs.

    Thank you for sharing this story 🙂

  2. miss indiana

    Oh my goodness. Made me teary. What sweet doggies. I grew up with rescue schnauzers, and they are wonderful dogs. What a good meaningful post.

  3. My rescued (over used mother from a puppy mill) Min Pin would give this post a lot of approval! She is wonderful. I could not say enough about the love and tons of laughs we get from her.

  4. That story is awful. A similar story was on our news early this morning, and I bawled.

    So so sad. I just want to take in all of the dogs in the world…they have such a huge space is my heart.

  5. Thank you for taking in Bach and placing her. We rescue giants and most of them we are able to let go to new homes, but we have had two that are foster failures. ;-))

  6. Christine

    I definitely just cried…that blogger truly has a compassionate heart.

  7. Belle

    Thank you so much for sharing this. My goodness, so sad but so precious. We found our sweet Sophie at a shelter, so skinny and afraid now we refer to her as the princess. She’s beautiful, full of life and faithful as can be. We adore her. Thanks again for sharing.

  8. Midwestbelle

    I’m so glad you posted on this topic – it’s also a subject that is near and dear to my heart! When we move somewhere with a yard we are definitely adopting a dog from a rescue!!

  9. Tight hugs to you both, TP and The Consort.

  10. that is the saddest story. Both of my dogs are rescue dogs and one of the most rewarding parts of being a dog owner is knowing that my dogs were rescued from shelters that would have likely put them down. Every dog deserves a good home and though tragic about that poor pup, it is good to know he was in the hands of someone who cared about him in his last days 😦 ❤

  11. just so sad that this happens- thank you for sharing and bringing this to our attention 😦


  12. Really sad story! Thanks for sharing!

  13. I cried the first time I read that story and am getting teared up again.

    Thank you so much for calling attention to this issue & to rescue, as you so often do. Bless sweet Tilly & all of the other rescues out there.

  14. VictoriaM

    Thanks so much for bringing our awareness to compassion and love for our fellow creatures.

  15. Oh man, totally had to reach for the tissue at work. My folks have only ever rescued dogs. A good portion of the time, the dogs aren’t even challenges–they’re just unwanted and it’s a tragedy.

    One of my goals is to have the time & space to foster animals. I admire you for taking the time and effort to do it.

  16. Animal cruelty snaps my heart to bits. I just cannot take it. Gasp. Lily sends licks of love to you and Tilly to thank you for this heartfelt post.xoxo

  17. Not to worry, we know some thing are more important than laughs. I have a rescue: I pulled him out from under a porch where he was living with his feral pack three years ago. Over the last month we have spent a fortune in time and money to save his life from a telescoping intestine; never once, not when he was a wild pup, not when I knew the cost would stand between us and other priorities, would I ever have considered doing anything but fighting for his, and any other animal’s life. We all desrve a chance, because in the end we are all stupid animals and we need to help each other out. And he is the best dog I could ever have hoped for…

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