Tiffany & Cartier for Sale at…Bluefly?!


Because we have an all-afternoon volunteer commitment, today shall be more photos and fabulosity!

We begin by fulfilling a promise we made yesterday: more pictures from Saturday’s Veuve Clicquot Manhattan Polo Classic. On the left, Emily Mortimer; Alek Wek is on the right in the cheery yellow Zac Posen dress.

PHOTO: Steve Eichner/WWDalek-wek

Kelly Klein wore Dolce & Gabbana; Chloe Sevigny was in Chloé.


It’s possible readers are more interested in pictures of these two gentlemen, but we think not. We’re quite sure you are operating on a higher plane, coming from a much more cerebral place…yes?

PHOTO: Steve Eichner/WWD

PHOTO: Steve Eichner/WWD


We move on to a rather amazing SOTT (Sign Of The Times): news that discount online shop Bluefly will be selling Tiffany, Van Cleef & Arpels, Bulgari, and Cartier jewels. (Gasp! Oh, the horror!) However, it is not as if Bluefly shall be carrying new jewelry pieces on the site, nor shall they be regularly offering such upscale goodies as a matter of course. This story in today’s WWD (Women’s Wear Daily, subscription req’d.) explains:

“Bluefly has so far eschewed the private-sale format, but on June 8 will hold its first invitation-only, limited-time sale.”

“Prices are about 20 percent less than new. For example, an estate Cartier Love Bracelet will cost $3,080 rather than $3,850 at regular retail.”

We must confess our appreciation of the Love Bracelet; the Queen Mother still wears hers, acquired way back…well, just way back when.

PHOTO: Courtesy of Cartier via WWD

PHOTO: Courtesy of Cartier via WWD

As noted, these are estate pieces, not brand new items coming directly from the jewelry stores themselves.

The sale is a joint effort with upscale estate jewelry wholesale firm Circa. (Come now, we’ve all noticed their ads in the Times discreetly offering ‘assistance’ in generating a little pocket change by liquidating those silly trinkets collecting dust at the estate. Oh, pshaw, admit it, you know you’ve secretly pondered the possibilities created by letting another generation ummm… experience the beauty of  Great-Grandmama’s pearls. And that monstrosity of a ring left from the wedding-that-wasn’t when that new-money-and-no-taste-man was chasing after Aunt Evangeline, you know the one with the 2.8 carat ruby absolutely laden with those garish diamonds?! Beyond Nouveau Gauche, it was an abomination – why not dispose of it? Good. At least we understand each other.)

And who might one see in the next sale of this kind at Bluefly?

“The next sale might feature the moderns David Yurman, Judith Ripka and John Hardy…”

(Pssst… again, that’s and their number is 877.876.5493. Not that you would ever consider calling them. Indeed.)


A few quick sales to share before we scoot:


That’s right, the Lilly Pulitzer Warehouse Sale starts tomorrow!

Also, Polo Ralph Lauren is taking deeper discounts in their sale and clearance event.


We leave you with a darling shot of Daisy Duke’s darling godson, Baby Zeke, in his snappyseersucker sailor suit. Miss Daisy is clearly looking after his sartorial needs. (Heh-heh-heh.)

* (CEO) There is a price consciousness dictating shoppers’ purchases today unlike anything I have seen before. We’ve spent years building our brands to compete on quality, aspiration, and a unique store experience, not on price.
* There are also fashion headwinds. We are currently in a cycle that lacks a dominant trend in the female business. Trends that appear to have some traction are not the long-term trend of classic, casual, preppy all-American sportswear that is core to our heritage.
* As an update to our specific plans for new store openings in 2009, domestically in addition to the Hollister flagship in SoHo, we now expect to open 10 stores in 2009. This figure includes 2 abercrombie kids’ stores, 4 Hollister stores, 2 Gilly Hicks stores, and 2 outlet stores.


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15 responses to “Tiffany & Cartier for Sale at…Bluefly?!

  1. Alek Wek may possibly be one of the most stunning women on Earth.

    Ah, to be at the Lilly sale…

  2. Harry, when smiling, is dreamy. And I’m officially a dirty old woman. 🙂

  3. Chloe must be an amazing actress as whenever I see her I wonder why she is not in braids and a prarie dress.

    Harry is growing cuter by the year. I so hear you, Momx2.;-)

  4. Oh, that Cartier Love bracelet brings back funny memories…When I was first married, I wanted my husband to add that to my Cartier jewelry collection for an anniversary gift. He told a friendl at work about what I wanted and she led him to “some fake store” and he came home with a long thin box. Before I opened it, he told me about his friend and how she helped him find it. I was looking at him saying “It’s round, hello!” He was so mad at his friend. I never got that piece because he could not return the expensive piece of whatever to the “fake store.”

  5. My Love bracelet is my most prized possession.

  6. Zac Posen dresses are now forever associated in my mind with the Real Housewives of NYC thanks to Kelly’s crazy comment to Bethany!

  7. Of course, we’re not interested in pics of the Prince and HPP {Hot Polo Player} 😉 Love the Cartier bracelets, don’t you?

  8. oh, im dying for a man to love me and buy me a love bracelet! maybe prince harry..he’s always been my fav..

  9. Ooh, warehouse sale!! And Chloe in Chloe is too lovely & chic!

  10. Prince Harry and Baby Zeke both cuties! I love that bracelet wish the price was reasonable!

  11. Cerebral . . . higher plane . . . perhaps if I repeat it often enough, it will come true. Sigh.

    The retail sky is indeed falling – I saw Cartier watches on one of the discount sites (think it was Hautelook?) last week! Who would have ever thunk it, eh?

    I, er, love that Cartier love line. Sigh sigh.

  12. Prince Harry = one hot royal (Sorry newlywed husband 🙂

    Alek Wek looks like she hasn’t aged one bit since she started modeling years ago… beautiful!

  13. KK

    Pretty pictures! Chloe always looks to me like she is going to a quirky costume party though.

  14. I have been behind on my blog reading and was in for quite a treat because I had several of your posts to catch up on! Thanks for posting about the Lilly Warehouse sale. I wish I could be there now!

    It’s amazing to see Tiffany and Cartier on Bluefly. Now is a great time to buy luxury items …

    I hope you have a wonderful week!

  15. Ahh my little guy is just too adorable!! (If I do say so myself!)

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