French Open Blues, Longchamp is Pretty in Pink & Rafa Nadal…Preppy?

Hello-Hello, and happy first week of June! Yippee!

Has everyone been watching the goings-on at Roland Garros? Some amazing things, we must say, and not all of them involving the actual play, although we were stunned to see the early ouster of Rafael Nadal. No, we’re talking once again about the fashions at this year’s French Open, and feeling like we didn’t get the blue memo.

86151642JD098_2009_French_OFRANCE TENNIS FRENCH OPEN

Above left, Roger Federer and on the right, Serbia’s Jelena Jankovic. Below, we see Belarus’ Victoria Azarenka (R) and Serbia’s Ana Ivanovic.

PHOTO: Jacques de Marthon/AFP/Getty

Also in blue tones with teal and turquoise, Maria Sharapova.


PHOTO: Jacques de Marthon/AFP/Getty

Is it just us, or does this style almost make Ms. Sharapova look matronly? A difficult thing to achieve given the tennis star’s natural beauty.  Below, Roumania’s Sorana Cirstea sports similar colors.

PHOTO: Lionel Bonaventure/AFP/Getty

PHOTO: Lionel Bonaventure/AFP/Getty

Two more in blue, Juan Martin del Porto of Argentina (L) and Jo-Wilfried Tsonga, France.

PHOTO: Ryan Pierse/Getty

PHOTO: Ryan Pierse/Getty

If blue isn’t your hue, then there is always our favorite color: pink! Below, superstar Rafa Nadal.

PHOTO: Ryan Pierse/Getty

PHOTO: Ryan Pierse/Getty

The Nike Bold Open tennis polo Mr. Nadal is wearing is available online.

The Spanish heartthrob was also in pink for the news conference following his loss to Sweden’s Robin Soderling. In fact, we’ll just declare that both of the pink tops qualify as today’s Pretty in Pink.

PHOTO: Bertrand Guay/AFP/Getty

PHOTO: Bertrand Guay/AFP/Getty

Russia’s Svetlana Kuznetsova was in the pink as well, paired with black.

PHOTO: Jacques de Marathon/AFP/Getty

PHOTO: Jacques de Marathon/AFP/Getty

Next, China’s Na Li in what is rapidly becoming a popular combination, hot pink and orange (or a peachy salmon/coral).

PHOTO: Bertrand Guay/AFP/Getty

PHOTO: Bertrand Guay/AFP/Getty

Serena Williams donned a similar orange offset by dark gray.

PHOTO: Patrick Kovarik/AFP/Getty

PHOTO: Patrick Kovarik/AFP/Getty

Those mourning Mr. Nadal’s status may wish to turn their attention to this story from the June issue of Vogue.

PHOTO: Bruce Weber for Vogue

PHOTO: Bruce Weber for Vogue

Renowned photographer Bruce Weber did the photos for the story.

PHOTO: Bruce Weber for Vogue

PHOTO: Bruce Weber for Vogue

In the photo directly above Mr. Nadal is in a Nike shirt and Tommy Hilfiger khakis, the white linen suit in the first image is Ralph Lauren Purple Label.

As always, for the true insider’s scoop on all the tennis happenings, toddle over to see Rich at Down the Line Tennis, as he seems to know simply everything that’s happening on the circuit.


Frequent Princess readers know how serious we are about protecting their pocketbooks, ever-vigilant in our search for fiscally-friendly opportunities to invest in our economy.  Here are a few:

Is everyone familiar with The Laundress? If not, trust TP when she says it is a fabulous line, one we greatly admire.

To receive 20% off all purchases through June 30th, use promo code INSTYLE09 at checkout.

Also offering a 20% discount, the funseekers at one of our online faves, Fred Flare.  Really, where else does one find upscale accessories like this?

The bacon bandage is one of this spring’s must-haves, to ensure you receive the 20% discount use the same promo code at checkout, INSTYLE09.

Who says we don’t have an eye to the elegant, the refined, the timeless classics, hmmm?

Speaking of same, the Designer Sale at Saks continues apace, and here is another Pretty in Pink offering:


The Longchamp X-Light Nylon Tote is an excellent buy dolls, at $269; the original price was $385.  To receive free shipping at Saks (no wretched minimum purchase foo-foo to cope with either) use promo code SAKSSHIP9 at checkout.

We leave you with just a few photos from this weekend’s Veuve Clicquot second annual Manhattan Polo Classic. We begin with David Lauren (L) and Nacho Figuera.

PHOTO: Steve Eichner

PHOTO: Steve Eichner

Next, Byrdie Bell.

PHOTO: Steve Eichner

PHOTO: Steve Eichner

And HRH Prince Harry of Wales.

PHOTO: Steve Eichner for WWD

PHOTO: Steve Eichner for WWD

We shall share more tomorrow.  Promise.

On that chipper note, we say ‘ta until next time!


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16 responses to “French Open Blues, Longchamp is Pretty in Pink & Rafa Nadal…Preppy?

  1. Dare I say that HRH Prince Harry is looking quite yummy in his polo gear?

  2. i just love seeing pictures of Mr. Figueras. so beautiful. and so perfect in ralph lauren.

  3. I also LOVE The Laundress. It is a go to company around here…something we have not been able to “cut back” on during “these times.”

    I love the coral and pink combo. I am in the market for some new tennis wear in the coming months. I wonder if I can find a few pieces in that combo…

  4. Byrdie Bell always looks fab and feminine, I have never seen her resort to a black dress. She also shares a nickname with my daughter so she is great on at least two fronts. Secondly, I once wrote glowingly about one of the folks mentioned here. Now I understand there is an issue with a formula having been taken from a competitor and I will wait to hear the outcome because the Hostess does not dig that kind of thing. We shall see… and for an army officer, that Harry certainly has a lot free time!

  5. LPC

    We may be old but I am sorry you cannot slip bacon bandaids past us unremarked. Just saying.

  6. Okay – great post. Now – YES, Maria looks matronly. Why would she dress in such a dowdy frock when she is so darn cute. Nadal – Darling. Love his style and color choice for sure. Love the orange and pink combo! I never really like what Serena wears. Her clothes always look 3 sizes too small. I know she is super fit with no body fat, but honestly . . . I know – I am old 😉

    Nacho Figuera – OMG – no words are enough.
    Prince Harry – Darling and has grown up to be WONDERFUL.

    I love this post!

  7. Love the Longchamp bag!

  8. I love the bacon bandaids! So classy, princess!

  9. Prince Harry on a polo pony = swoon.

    Rafa in the hot pink popped-collar polo and the yellow headband = the best that he’s ever looked.

    Miss Sharpova’s outfit = I thought she was preggers when I first looked!

    Roger Federer = J’adorable. Those dimples!


  10. Thanks Princess! What a great way to start my day no other than seeing Nadal in pink=) He’s my fave tennis player!

  11. Love the bacon bandages!

  12. Such lovely pics…I wish I had more money, because I truly believe that I would look and act just like these people, haha! That’s right, I’d be a tennis champ & wear pink skirts & tops. Anyway….love the Longchamp, of course. I am thinking that a Longchamp on wheels for travel will be my next purchase, actually!

  13. More polo – YES.

    Thanks for that Longchamp tote tip. I think I’ve decided on Longchamp as my carry-on bag investment, so I will check this one out.

  14. TCP

    Nadal and HRH Harry in the same post? Oh Princess, you are too good to us! 😉

  15. Love Byrdie Bell and the Longchamp

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