What was She Thinking? Preppy Sale Update #3

Hello-hello, is everyone excited for the weekend?

Before we do anything else we simply must say ‘Thank You’ to several generous, witty and oh-so-fun bloggers who were kind enough to give The Princess special recognition! We are flattered to be recognized; thank you for making us feel special!

Getting Here from There is an excellent writer; her “Ode to Allergies” is a must-read and Little Bow Prep is a brilliant teen with such exquisite taste she is a member of Coutorture. Those two both passed along their Sisterhood Awards to us! Whoo-hoo!

Thank You Miss Getting Here from There!

Thank You!

The Gifting Gumshoe, she of the awesome preppy finds, flattered TP with this honor:

Thank You Gifting Gumshoe!

Thank You Gifting Gumshoe!

The always-fabulous Muffy Martini generously shared the Queen Of ALL Things award with The Princess.

Thank You Miss Muffy!

Thank You Miss Muffy!

You are all just too nice.

We also want to publicly share our appreciation for the one and only Miss Janice, who so graciously commented about the Lilly Pulitzer Party Pack she won in Muffy Martini’s Great Bloggiversary Giveaway.  You are always the epitome of grace Miss Janice, and forever a Southern Lady in our book.


Today have a “Help Us Understand” moment, one that is actually tied to Gossip Girl actress and star Blake Lively.  But first we must explain the annual ritual known as the television upfront.

The upfront is held every year at this time. Each network reveals their fall programming schedules to potential advertisers, using clips of the shows accompanied by the trotting out of warm props presence of as many stars from said shows as they can muster.  Having participated in these, we can unequivocally state they are bizarre events, somewhere between a seance and a carnival sideshow.

Which brings us to Ms. Lively’s appearance at the CW’s upfront yesterday. In this:

PHOTO: Bryan Bedder/Getty Images

PHOTO: Bryan Bedder/Getty Images

Dollfaces, yours truly is confused, and seeks your guidance. You must advise us on the appropriateness of the attire, as we ponder the possibility it is our old age and senility causing us to recoil in horror upon seeing such an egregious crime against fashion.  Or, is it just. plain. wrong. (You are correct, it wasn’t really a question, rather an affirmation of our distaste. Harrumph.)

Princess readers are possessed of the knowledge that good taste is not determined by decade, or popularity with the masses.  Generations pass accompanied by their ensuing cultural shifts, but basic grace and manners do not change with a whim and a wink, following the latest trends. Therefore, we eagerly await your wisdom on the topic as we are certain we can learn something, we always do.

EDITORIAL NOTE: The Princess Consort just proofed our post and while reading he suddenly gasped, “Oh my God, what was she thinking? It looks like something they used to wear in the girls gym class!” We offer this merely in the interest of fairness and transparency. Obviously.

As mentioned, stars are big winners at the upfront show and tell scene:

PHOTO: Dimitrios Kambouris/Getty Images for The CW Network

PHOTO: Dimitrios Kambouris/Getty Images for The CW Network

Above, most of the Gossip Girl cast at Madison Square Garden yesterday: Penn Badgley, Chace Crawford, Blake Lively, Leighton Meester, Taylor Momsen, Jessica Szohr and Ed Westwick.

Why does Ms. Meester look far more elegant than Ms. Lively? (Below, Ms. Meester with Jessica Szohr.)

PHOTO: Bryan Bedder/Getty Images

PHOTO: Bryan Bedder/Getty Images

Or is it our skewed and skeptical viewpoint that is the problem?

As we are catching up on the G2 news, we have word that Ed Westwick will star in the remake of Wuthering Heights.

PHOTO: Dimitrios Kambouris/Getty Images for The CW Network

PHOTO: Dimitrios Kambouris/Getty

Does he look like Heathcliff to you? While not an enormous fan it does appear to be a combination that could work.


A few quick sale updates, beginning with Best & Company:

We believe the sale prices are in effect at the Greenwich store as well as at Bergdorf Goodman.

Bargains are also available at Sak’s:

Others offering discounted price points:

  • Lands’ End is doing their “30% Off Summer Favorites” promotion
  • Polo Ralph Lauren is offering up to 50% Off; their spinoff brand Rugby is doing the same
  • Old Navy is being very smart, selling $1 Flip-flops on Saturday with a limit of 6 pairs


One more tidbit before we sign off with a ‘there’s a reason for the season’ moment reminder…

PHOTO:  Mark Wilson/Getty Images

PHOTO: Mark Wilson/Getty Images

Monday’s National Moment of Remembrance happens at 3pm. No matter where we are physically, TP is guessing our hearts will all be in one place.


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22 responses to “What was She Thinking? Preppy Sale Update #3

  1. i think if i had blakes legs, id wear it too..holy smokes..and jssica looks like shes on the hollywood diet! shes soo thin and tan now!!!

  2. Ha! That romper does indeed remind me of a gym uniform that I used to have to wear. At least she has a fabulous figure!

  3. That outfit is just plain wrong.

  4. Ms. Princess, I absolutely agree with your take on the ensembles pictured. I think Ms. Meester looks more elegant, simply because there is more fabric involved. In an effort to stay somewhat positive, I must say I do like the color of Ms. Lively’s…getup.

    Oh, and don’t tell anyone, but I was inspired by your suggestion of BLUE for my kitchen chairs, and although I still have to paint one more coat, I am just delighted with the results! I will post pictures soon!

  5. Help! It took me this long to figure out that you had written such nice things on my blog. You offered a sincere welcome to the world of blogging and also “help” if I needed it. I had a computer virus and I don’t know if all my security features have disabled something in my blogging world.
    I can not follow anyones blogs anymore, any suggestions? I would love to follow yours but it seems like I’m unable to.
    Victoria/a.k.a. I’ll have another one, please!

  6. ROMPERS, ugh! The scourge of style at the moment, followed closely by the ghastly gladiators. Blake does manage to look va-va-voom-y in this romper, but I think the look in general is the height of silliness. In fact, I may have to bring down my own poison pen on this trend . . .

    I can picture Westwick as Heathcliff; he seems to have the melodramatic skulking about part down, but I don’t know if he’d bring the gravitas required. Hmm.

  7. Blake Blake Blake. I simply do not understand her “taste” in fashion. I understand that she likes to flaunt, as she’s “got it,” but come on. That romper is riding up certain parts that I believe you don’t normal flaunt out of the bedroom. Hmm. Oh well, at least some of the gals from the show appear to have it right!

    Have a lovely Memorial Day weekend Preppy Fam!

  8. John

    Blake reminds me of a lady I saw a few weeks ago wearing high-heeled silver sandals with khaki pedal-pushers. I’m a straight guy who still thinks “mom jeans” are okay, but even I knew that was too incongruous!

  9. Chère

    Oh my…not a fan of that outfit! {aside from the color, which I like}

  10. romper… hm. interesting choice.

  11. oy! you are so right! that outfit is just wrong, wrong, wrong on Blake. Love what Leighton is wearing though.

  12. The Blake thing has disturbed me since CDN put up the photos. I try not to think of it. Not even in the 70’s…

  13. What on earth was she thinking? Rompers are just wrong especially with heels…

  14. Thanks for doing the award!

    Ed Westwick looks dressed exactly like Chuck Bass.

    GG Finale- Chuck and Blair are together! Eeeek!

  15. ^ That would be my squeal sound.

  16. they all look great! thanks for posting 🙂

  17. Hope you are enjoying the your long weekend. Congrats on the awards!
    She is so pretty and a shift dress would have been a better choice. Less is more.
    Have a fabulous weekend!
    xxx me

  18. Congrats on all your awards!
    Blake’s outfit is more approapriate for the beach, I’d say…


  19. Oh TP, Congrats on your much deserved awards!!! And I totally agree that you are the Queen of All Things!

  20. BLC

    Congratulations on allll the awards missy!!! And, you know I love the GG-anything-post. Enjoy Memorial Day. Xoxo-BLC

  21. KK

    Oh heck no! The color is pretty….that’s just about it. It’s not even flattering- the waitline makes her look puffy and the shorts are just waaaay too short!!

  22. I saw her outfit last week too and thought the same thing. It only took me a couple of seconds to realize that I hated it!

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