Please Tell the Princess What To Do

Hello everyone, and welcome to a frenzied Friday here at the Prepatorium!

TP is a tad crazed and dazed taking care of Princess business while simultaneously trying to collect her wits to scoot out of town…

While this is old news to those who follow us on Twitter, we may not have openly mentioned that we’re off to find new goodies at the Stationery Show.

This actually works out very well, as we are going to do a more-pictures-than-substance-post today, and it dovetails nicely with our desperate need to solicit your input, your wisdom, your exquisite good taste. Pourquoi ça? Because we need your insight and opinions on this topic: what lines or items would you like to see The Princess carry in the future?

We start with needlepoint pillows by a designer you know, very nicely done in 100% wool over cotton:


The pillow on the left is 12″ square and would retail for about $45-48, while the pillow on the right is larger at 20″ square; it would be $98-$105. You would like one on your sofa? Perhaps a gift for someone this holiday season? Or, “TP, tune in. There’s a recession out there and this is a little too high for our gift-giving budget right now.”

Next, needlepoint eyeglass cases; we would retail these in the $22-$25 range. A nice stocking stuff or MIL gift? Love it? Hate it? Almost worse, is it a yawn? (Remember, when it comes to your opinions, sharing is caring.)


Are silk and cotton embroidered pillows at in the $70-$90 range on your radar….? Or are there simply too many other possibilities out there? Or the house is already decorated, or more formal accents like these are not what you use, or…?


And finally with this group, the needlepoint coaster sets would run approximately $36.


A possibility you would consider for yourself or for a gift? The price is okay but the spouse doesn’t care for needlepoint coasters, or we use whatever coasters we bring home from the club (seriously, TP has lived with this phenomenon), or…? Or….?

We do need your wisdom on these, you can’t possibly hurt our feelings as these are merely ideas we are contemplating here at the Palace. And if feeling self-conscious about sharing personal taste, just leave your comments as ‘anonymous,’ and no one will be the wiser!

Not by any ‘notable’ designers but still fun, tell us what you think about the hooked pillows in 100% wool and cotton. The 14″ x 18″ lighthouse would sell for approximately $38-$40, and the 16″ square crab on the right about $48-$50.


Cute? Good gifts? Just so-so? Meh, pillows just aren’t my thing?

What things are we not carrying you would like to see us add? More totes? Lilly Pulitzer accessories, you know, the handbags and jewelry collections? More stationery and notepaper? More of the same or lines with lower or higher pricepoints?  More pillows, towels, or home accessories? More preppy pet items, or more/less belts and flip-flops?

Now, before flitting away without sharing your thoughts, just remember – Tilly’s future is hanging in the balance.

Tilly On Guard

Tilly On Guard

As one can see, Miss Tilly doesn’t miss many meals.

And she does enjoy her regular trips to the spa:

A Day at the Spa

A Day at the Spa

Not to mention her grooming; she prefers the students in the Veterinary Medicine School at the Large University handle her ‘special needs.’

"How Could You?!"

"How Could You?!"

And her appreciation of fine apparel is well-documented.

"Does the Tailor make house calls?"

Fortunately, Scooter-the-Wonder-Cat has lower expectations.

Scooter Kitchen Shelf March 16, 2007

A good set of shelves to hide out in when being pursued by the Much-Larger-Animal and an occasional meal keep Scooter happy.

Scooter Kitchen Shelf #2  March 16, 2007

And they both revel in some time stalking each other.

Scooter & Tilly in Sun March 20, 2007

So do share your thoughts on Princess inventory.

They’re counting on you.

'Don't Tell Mom, Okay' Tilly & Scooter April, 2007

"Please tell Mommy & Daddy what you think...puh-leeze!"


See you sometime next week, we hope everyone enjoys an utterly divine weekend!


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23 responses to “Please Tell the Princess What To Do

  1. so i NEED that black pillow, and your bulldog..thanks

  2. PP! How long will you be in NYC? I am coming in Tues. for Biz, forgot the stationery show was this week! What are your plans?

    And- needlepoint ANYTHING wins for me. The Toss line has been a hit around here, as well as fornash.

  3. Love the needle point eyeglass case, and the lighthouse, lobster pillows. Not crazy about the rest.
    Great photos of the pets. They are too cute.

  4. LPC

    I’m not your target audience in terms of my purchasing. Usually. That said, I think the needlepoint coasters are unusual, would make great stocking presents etc. Also remind my of my great-aunt, who had SO MANY needlepoint cushions it was occasionally hard to sit down…

  5. Lily and I LOVE the Tilly. Fantastic pictures. Tilly went to Yale? Lily is considering Oxford. Scooter is soooooooo cute in the china cabinet.

  6. I love the coasters! I’m in DESPERATE need of new coasters. [I don’t think the 8 stages of drinking will be appropriate much longer…thank you, West Elm].

    The pillows are not my style, but they are still cute. I like plain pillows. I know I know…I’m so dull.

  7. Love the nautical hooked pillows, the others are very stylish!

    Would love to see more preppy table linens…loving my madras placemats 🙂

    Enjoy NYC!

  8. mary anne

    Hi, love the lighthouse and crab pillows, anything nautical catches my eye. Needlepoint anything is always nice. Of course, you can’t have too much Lilly as far as I am concerned!

  9. LOVE anything needlepoint!! xoxo

  10. Jiffy

    I would love it if you carried Lilly handbags! The coaster set would make a great gift, not sure about the pillows though.

  11. hullo hullo!

    Love the interwoven squares- very resort fab- love love love anything and everything with that design!

    also loved the “how could you do this to me” tilly pic- and your china is displayed in such a fun manner 🙂

    I also owe you a big merci beaucoup for your lovely comments (everyday) but especially on the L-B quote- thank you for your faith in moi 🙂

    happy Saturday!


  12. I love the pillows and the coasters! I think the 12″ needlepoint ones are at at a very nice price point and would love to see them in a range of colors. Thanks!

  13. Have SO much fun at the stationery show! Can’t wait to see what goodies you find. I love those needlepoint pillows and coasters. Tres chic!

  14. Love the hooked pillows…maybe the needlepoint cases. The needlepoint coasters…not so much! Ask me MORE…I LOVE giving my opinions.

  15. Aw! I love the photos of Tilly & Scooter!

    I also adore the needlepoint eyeglass cases and the hooked Crab pillow…although the prices are a bit steep for my current budget. I don’t know if there are more wallet-friendly options, but I do love the designs/ideas! I hope that’s helpful 🙂

    Enjoy the rest of your weekend, Ms. Princess!

  16. How fun! My vote is for the coasters 🙂

  17. Hello,
    First of all, I had such fun looking at your pets! Very cute. Second, about the shop, I just received some Lilly stationery in the mail (but would love some more!). One thing I’d suggest you do is make a nice little button to add to your sidebar, directing to your shop.
    As for the content, I’d stick to preppy and American. There is such a huge offer out there that customers need to identify with you and your offer. More upscale and expensive items are needed, such as the chic graphic pillows (I like the blue Greek key one) , but you need to make the visitor shop and stick with you, so you have to have cheaper items such as stationery even stickers, to keep them happy and shopping!

  18. Hooray for the Tilly & Scooter pics!

    Regarding the potential wares, I’m particularly a fan of those pillows, both the 1st and 3rd photos. The price range I look for is usually around the $40 or under range, but I’d consider going up from there for one of those gorgeous silk pillows.

    As for other merch, I’d love to see more of the Whitney English & Boatman Geller paper lines.

    Hope you’re having a fabulous time at the NSS!

  19. newlywedwife

    I love all the options, but I love the pictures of your darling pets even more!!! Tilly is just the most darling little thing ever! P.S. I know a VERY handsome english bulldog named George who would just slobber in excitement if a lovely young lady like Tilly would want to go for a doggie date next time you are in the Dallas area 🙂

  20. BostonPrep

    Love the doggie pictures; poor thing does need a tailor. Speaking of Preppy Pocket Dogs, stumbled across this for you, the Preppy Pet Pantry.


  21. ROTFL @ Tillie not missing meals. How adorable.

  22. Silly Tilly! I like the aesthetics of all the pillows and the needlepoint stuff. I’d be most likely to buy the lighthouse pillow, I think.

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