More Goodness at Goyard, Big Bucks for Bonobos

Hello-hello and a hearty harrumph.

Not at you of course, but rather, at Mother Nature, she of the unceasing rain and cloudy skies.  Another torrential downpour is really. not. needed.

But our conscience does remind us we would be pouting and whining endlessly somewhat miffed if this were a different form of precipitation falling from the sky (can you say snow?), so we’ll stop right here, and move along to a far more pleasant topic:

We are speaking of the new London store for one of TP’s favorites, Goyard.  All those with a love for the French leather-goods firm will be happy to know everything is still on track for a summer opening.

The new shop is near Grosvenor Square; our thanks to the kind and generous Joe of the 00o00 blog (“All the Inane and Unnecessary Wants in Life“) for sharing his fab photos of the soon-to-be-new-home for this classic design house.

The giant trunk replica in front of the construction site adds a touch of whimsy, showing again the company doesn’t take itself too seriously. But then, this is a firm with the wisdom to open a store carrying only their upscale pet products!


We were also pleased to read that Bonobos has received a cash infusion allowing the online-only retailer to offer more products. Fans of their classic men’s pants (the Supersoaker is on the left, the Twill Khakis on the right) will be happy to see the product line expanding.


A story last week in WWD (Women’s Wear Daily, subscription req’d.) explained how the retailer wants to use the funding:

“…new categories such as shorts, knit shirts and swimwear, as well as bolster customer service and invest in its Web site…”

This is outstanding news for those of us who love the line’s attention to detail and outstanding customer service.


Is everyone familiar with the TDF tees from the stylish folks over at Ball and Buck? Their 100% Organic Pocket Tees are rapidly becoming de rigeur in many prep closets; we share a look below.

Becca and company are doing a nifty event tomorrow for a good cause:


For those anywhere near ONC (Our Nation’s Capital), Toast to Fashion starts at 6:30 pm Thursday (May 14) at Belle Haven Country Club in Alexandria.  The fundraiser promises to be a great time while also raising much-needed cash for The Campagna Center. What better way to treat yourself to one of these?


One more product update before we go..well, actually, it is multiple products for one designer, Philip Lim. The designer is entering three new product categories: swimwear…

Courtesy Philip Lim via WWD

Courtesy Philip Lim via WWD

As well as footwear…

Courtesy Philip Lim via WWD

Courtesy Philip Lim via WWD

And lingerie…

Courtesy Philip Lim via WWD

Courtesy Philip Lim via WWD

Three new areas to merchandise and market is a big step, but this designer has been extremely popular, bucking many of the recessionary trends hitting so many in the fashion industry. What do you think of the new creations?


We close with news that Linens ‘n Things has been resurrected, at least online. The home fashions retailer’s name has been purchased by investors and they now have a new website up and running. We found the

Linens & Things

The Little Skipper Bedding Collection has a nice nautical look, in bright and cheery colors.


The seagoing theme reminded us we forgot to mention that our cotton canvas Boat Totes are now arriving in more colors in the Large size:

They feature heavy-duty cotton canvas with a zip top; at $20 they are an outstanding value. With that, we shall sail away until next time. (We do apologize for this, apparently the Princess took silly pills today.)


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10 responses to “More Goodness at Goyard, Big Bucks for Bonobos

  1. I’m loving the Goyard trunk look! If only I could afford a bag of theirs!

  2. It’s a cliche, but I caught my breath when I saw the Goyard photo pop up on my monitor. Lucky Londoners.

    Those totes are darling – good find, TP!

  3. Fabulous post. That Goyard trunk is delicious. Love Phillip Lim. Waiting for my Ball and Buck tee to come in the mail.

  4. I love the Goyard trunk! Perfect idea and quite easy on the eyes as opposed to what many construction sites usually look like! Have a great day Princess!! xoxo

  5. My jaw dropped when I saw that nautical room. I am in LOVE!

  6. so never multi-tasking again!!

    OMG!! Any one reading this might get a laugh! I posted earlier and was trying to multi-task…talking on the phone and blogging. I so meant to type
    Goyard is FANTASTIC!!! I feel horrible as I would never write a negative comment!!! xxxx me

  7. I love the trunk in front of the construction site! That is just whimsy at its best!

  8. literally salivating over those philip lim boots- you know how I *feel* about knee high boots TP! delicious!

    Happy Thursday afternoon- has this been the week that just wouldn’t stop for you too?


  9. my pink goyard ARRIVED yesterda!!!!!!

    i cried.

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