Another New Crew & Let’s Get Private, Shall We?

Hello-Hello, happy-happy spring day to everyone, it is simply beautiful here at the Prepatorium! We hope each and every visitor is enjoying equally splendiferous weather!

We begin with a question, but first this must be read:

Congratulation for your $1,350,000.00 as grant from the Fondation De France. You are to send us the following details so that we can proceed to process your grant.


Our question: should we sell The Princess and cash in on the newfound riches described above? Heh-heh-heh.

Oddly, the return address for the email is a Hong Kong domain.


J. Crew’s new Men’s Store opens today in Soho, the company’s third such outpost specializing in limited edition and vintage pieces for the MOTH (Man of the House).

Photo: Robert Mitra/WWD

Photo: Robert Mitra/WWD

The store also carries standard J. Crew menswear and accessories.

Photo: Robert Mitra/WWD

Photo: Robert Mitra/WWD


In a SOTT (Sign of the Times) that is almost sacriligeous, Abercrombie and Fitch is moving into the Hickey Freeman flagship store on Fifth Avenue. (Hickey is part of the bankrupt Hartmarx Corp.) According to Women’s Wear Daily:

“Hickey Freeman declined comment, but it’s likely the brand won’t set up another Manhattan flagship until the fate of its parent company is decided. With three bids on the table, Hartmarx could be sold or liquidated in coming weeks.”

Ouch.  An interesting side note: originally Abercrombie was scheduled to move into the now-vacant Brooks Brothers store on the corner, it remains vacant.


We have had some interesting comments on our post about the upcoming Gossip Girl spinoff, revealed in part of last night’s G2 show.  Serious G2 fans may enjoy seeing that two of the show’s stars managed to land places on Glamour’s list of the 50 Most Glamorous Women. Actress Blake Lively is #28, and co-star Leighton Meester is #26.

The company that originally published the Gossip Girl books, Alloy Entertainment, has a new entry in the land of shows about fictionalized private schools, aimed directly at teens and tweens.

The Times carried an interesting story on this:

“The company is preparing to introduce a show based on “Private,”… best-selling series of mystery novels for teenage girls, set at a fictional Connecticut boarding school.”

Girls can even audition for a spot to be in a commercial airing during the show:

The online series becomes available this Thursday; for more info, Private Novels seems to be the best place to start.


TP saw this stunner of a D&G blouse online and went gaga; we simply had to share it with everyone. Now, we have established the fact that we really don’t need any additions to the walk-in, this is common knowledge with the Prepitariate.

 D&G Dolce&Gabbana chiffon blouse

D&G Dolce & Gabbana chiffon blouse

But one look at the silk chiffon print splashed with the anchor print and our heart melted. It is available in both white and navy. Let your conscience be your guide. Sigh.


With that we have to fly – enjoy your day, wherever you may be!



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15 responses to “Another New Crew & Let’s Get Private, Shall We?

  1. I think you ought to stick with inner wealth and leave the lottery winnings to corporate America.;-)

  2. LPC

    How sad. Hickey Freeman has great men’s clothing.

    And BTW, do you think the Gossip Girl spinoff needs someone to play, um, maybe the neighbor? Someone who was actually alive in the 80’s and earning a living and having kids?

  3. newlywedwife

    Ohhhh, that blouse is lovely!

  4. Good informative post! We love Gossip Girl here and I think I might have mentioned before, my oldest son tortures us with cast sightings as he works on the upper east side where much of the filming takes place. For the record, Blake IS gorgeaus.

  5. Wow, the D&G blouse is GORGEOUS! I’m very happy to read about the upcoming series – I think it’ll be another guilty pleasure, for sure! And that JCrew Menswear? Lovely – I hope that Nebraska will see one eventually {I won’t keep my fingers crossed, ha!}.

  6. The spin-off got canned. It’s not happening now. As of Saturday or Sunday that is.

  7. Something about A-F moving into the Hickey Freeman flagship store stings! I mean when I think of A-F, I think of half dressed waifs. When I think of Hickey Freeman, I think of my dad and all the other men who have worn those suits with such class. xoxo

  8. That D&G anchor print also comes in a dress. I must start saving asap!

  9. Princess Freckles

    That blouse is to die for!!!!

  10. What a blouse! Gorgeous. The top of your post cracked me up. Too funny, TPP.

    Have a great day!

  11. Good to know I’m not the only one who receives a slew of those creepy overseas emails.

  12. Don’t cash in, you’ll only get bored once the blog is gone 🙂

  13. Oh, don’t forget to send them all of your bank information as well 🙂

  14. Anonymous

    Have a fabulous Day!! I got a weird text on my phone today?? Weird..
    xxxx me

  15. That blouse is a must for preppy royalty like yourself!

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