Preppy Retail Therapy, Gossip Girl Goes 80’s


Did everyone survive the weekend?

We enjoyed a delightful time with TQM, engaging in some art viewing followed by pursuits of a retail nature. All of our time together was just wonderful, although we only made minor purchases when shopping: a Lilly Pulitzer polo, a few dress shirts at Brooks Brothers, two pair of shoes at Nordstrom. As these are all basic wardrobe staples, and you all know what they look like, we won’t waste brain matter displaying photos. (Frankly it is rather out of character to report in on the shopping excursion at all, as it would seem that hearing about this sort of activity would be more than tedious for readers, but a few blogging buddies emailed or Tweeted and asked us to share.)

There is one item of a slightly offbeat nature that we bought, a cute little pair of tennies that will make the Fashion Herald beam with pride:

Why will the Herald be pleased? Because these are made of hemp, ever-so-progressive for TP, and also quite eco-friendly.  The Simple sneaks are available in a smorgasbord of colors and feel all squishy-soft-comfy, we love them!


Enough about TP, let’s move on to something *really* important (heh-heh), tonight’s special episode of everyone’s faux-prep favorite, Gossip Girl.  The episode lays some groundwork for a G2 spinoff, as described at

“Lily (Kelly Rutherford) remembers getting kicked out of boarding school when she was 17. Nate and Blair’s (Chace Crawford and Leighton Meester) evening at the prom does not go as planned, thanks to Chuck (Ed Westwick).”

The new show is set in the 1980’s and the fashions reflect that: Brittany Snow, as a younger Lily, and Krysten Ritter as Carol:

Michael  /The CW

Michael Desmond/The CW

Here is another look at Krysten Ritter:

Michael Desmond/The CW

Michael Desmond/The CW

And then we see an argyle-clad ‘Lily’ again, looking rather preppish:

Michael Desmond/The CW

Michael Desmond/The CW

Somehow the look is not as elegant as when ‘Betty Draper’ goes for a ride on Mad Men.

Courtesy amc-tv

Courtesy amc-tv

Actress January Jones looks fabulous IOHO. What 80’s styles do you like the most? Did you wear any of them…?  Is there photographic evidence? Do tell.

We’re off and out the door, we’ll be back for a chat tomorrow.


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13 responses to “Preppy Retail Therapy, Gossip Girl Goes 80’s

  1. Love Simple sneakers so compfy. I totally am hooked on MadMen , Betty Draper is a beauty but Don is too yummy! Have a great week.

  2. Hello Hello!

    So JJ > BS in the equestrian-classy looks dept, but I am just loving the BS look with the argyle vest and the jodpuhrs and heeled boots- she looks so “snooty popular girl” in a John Hughes movie that it hurts! Again, this is coming from the girl that was voted “Preppiest Girl” from her graduating class and without planning it, wore an oxford cloth button down under the world’s most amazing grapefruit-pink argyle vest. 😛

    I was just a BabyBee during the 80’s, but definately have lots of pictures where I’m in Lacoste gear and argyle and vests with matching knee socks. My fav’ babysitters wore Benetton, yes I judged them even at age 5 based on their ensembles!

    Sounds like you picked up some amazing summer staples- always so hard to convince yourself that you have to buy even though you wear them 24/7!



  3. Very cute sneaks! Would love more detail on your shopping excursion.

    As for 80s trends, I don’t mean to be shocking, but I wore all of them, all at the same time. It’s difficult to pinpoint my biggest crime against fashion during that time, but the 6th grade perms probably take the blue ribbon.

  4. Miss Snow’s outfits look pretty adorable – I’m looking forward to checking this out, yay! As for the tennies – I love them too! I must get a pair, finally tennis shoes that don’t make me gag, ha!

  5. Cute shoes! But I must insist you go back to Nordstrom and try on the Francis skirt. If you get one, we can wear ours together and hang out in the park and smoke cigarettes, just like real naughty schoolgirls! Now, wouldn’t that be fun?

  6. I am so excited about tonight’s episode of GG, I just hope it is as exciting as I’m hoping! As a rule I dislike most of 80s fashion (minus the fabulous sunglasses) but I’m curious to see what they’ll be wearing this week nontheless 🙂

  7. I am loving lily in that preppy riding ensemble! love the boots!

  8. I really needed this post on Saturday – I went to an 80’s party – I thought of wearing jodphurs and a riding jacket, but in fun went more “disco” than preppy
    princess. It was fun!

  9. John

    Except for the fact that Carol has the collar of her jean jacket up, nothing here looks even remotely 80s to me. Even Lily’s riding ensemble, while the most stylish by far, seems rather contemporary. I think the show biz industry is suffering from a bad case of historical revisionism–they’ve somehow reduced the sartorial history of the 80s to little more than hardcore punks and Cyndi Lauper wannabees! But then, I led a sheltered adolescence in rural Virginia, so perhaps my perspective is stunted!

  10. I loved Lily’s preppy outfit!

  11. Hello Preppy Princess! Please stop by my blog and check out the award I have for you! Thanks!

  12. It’s like you were reading my mind! I was at my son’s soccer game on Sunday and another mom had sneakers almost exactly like those, in olive. I was lusting after them thinking, “I wonder if they’re Simple.” I didn’t want to be rude and ask her where she got them.

    Anyway, now I’m thinking I might have to order a pair. And in comparison to Mrs. Obama’s kicks, these are much more reasonable!

    I am waiting for Mad Men to reappear this summer. Someone said they thought July? I can’t wait.

  13. I loved the accessories of the 80’s – the mis-matched earrings, the neon… the slouch socks… the jean skirts and jean jackets…. it was all so fun!

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