Goin’ Out of My Head or He’s Ba-a-a-ck!

Hello-hello, all.  The Princess Consort gliding mikeside to entertain you while The Princess partakes of some retail therapy.  I’m pleased to be able to fill the void in her absence and only ask your indulgence for this short while.

As many of you may have noticed males will stare transfixed at bright, shiny objects that move or make noise.  Perhaps we have not moved as far along the evolutionary chain (which is another discussion for another day) as we like to imagine.  There is something magical about the attraction.  We dream.  For some those dreams are all we will ever have.  For others, those dreams become real.  Next week, some lucky (and extremely wealthy) soul will put one dream in a garage.

Courtesy Luxist

Courtesy Luxist

This car is the legendary Shelby Daytona coupe.  It was built in the early 1960’s in response to Enzo Ferrari’s last minute decision to not sell his company to Ford.  It is a combination of brute force and styling that went on to win a world racing title in 1965, beating the Ferrari team and all others.  The car sent a message to the world that American sports cars could compete, and win, on the world stage.  So why do we care today?  This car is going under the auction gavel May 15 in Indianapolis.  Like it?  Lust for it?  Bring a big checkbook.  The selling price is expected to reach between $10-$15 Million dollars.  Is it worth it?  Of course it is.  Look at the picture.  You get a spare tire and everything.  How cool is that?  Ask any male who might have compensation issues or just a serious need to own one of the legendary cars of all time.  Follow the auction here and if you happen to be the lucky bidder remember who gave you the tip.

In my former life I edited more than my share of videos.  Some good; some very good; some not so good.  I have a strong appreciation for the hard work that goes into creating a video masterpiece.  That’s why I’m such a fan of the democratization of video editing.  The technology is allowing anyone with an interest in video to take a whack at editing.  Some do that; whack.  Others create art.  Kutiman is an editor who turns video mash-ups into musical adventures.  He culls videos from YouTube and… see for yourself.

Courtesy 100 Abandoned Houses

Courtesy 100 Abandoned Houses

Part of my past is dying.  When I was just a Young Consort  my father would take me to Detroit to see the Tigers play.  It was glorious time in a great American city.  Now that city is falling victim to greed and avarice.  Corruption and indifference.  A struggling economy and products fewer people want to buy.  I can’t describe what it’s like to go to parts of Detroit and see blocks of abandoned houses and empty lots.  The artists at 100 Abandoned Houses are documenting the decay of Detroit.  If you go to the site (and I urge you to) remember that these 100 Abandoned Houses were at one time 100 Homes.  Filled with families, laughter and life.  Now they are as empty as the souls of the people who drove this city to its knees.  What a shame.

But there is always hope.  This afternoon The Princess and I happened to be driving through the home of a major university.  It is graduation day.  Everywhere we looked there were young people in their caps and gowns.  In their wakes were happy, proud parents.  Maybe a little stunned but proud nonetheless.  And we both realized that, as bad as things may appear today, better days are ahead.  The optimism we saw as we passed through campus was contagious.  This is going to be a great year.

But enough of my ramblings.  I thank you for your patience and invite you to sit back and enjoy the musical promise of The Who.  Remember we have a two-drink minimum here tonight and don’t forget to take care of your waitperson.  They’re working hard for you tonight.



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7 responses to “Goin’ Out of My Head or He’s Ba-a-a-ck!

  1. I left you something on my blog Princess! Hope you have a fabulous weekend=)

  2. The last two paragraphs really made me feel better, Mr. Consort! We can really only hope and look ahead to better days. And yes, I too, once was a waitperson, and I, definitely, most appreciate your respect for such occupation.

  3. Thank you for this post!! I have a secret crush on Carroll Shelby 😉 Want to hear something really cool? I remember sitting in the living room with my parents and seeing the commercial for this new car called a Ford Mustang!! Fab memories. We never had one though – hmmm. Mom and Dad were Chevy people! Thank your for the uplifting comments about the future. I know that there is light at the end of the tunnel, but it is still nice to hear from someone besides myself 😉 xoxo

  4. What a wonderful post, you and your princess really have a way with words. And I’ve always wanted a muscle car, does a Shelby count?!

  5. Fashionherald – Thank you for the kind words. Yes, a Shelby meets the muscle car test. In fact, it could define the term muscle car.

  6. Oh Consort!!! What a fabulous post!!! I am totally addicted to 100 Abandoned Houses too and actually just googling “derelict” “mansion” “abandoned” “house” or any combo yields fascinating results. And of course, many thanks for the pic of the Shelby.

  7. I just read in the NY Times this past Sunday all about Grosse Point and the houses for sale. It is happening everywhere I think.

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