Your Vote is Needed, and Lilly Pulitzer Warehouse Sale Details

Hello-Hello Dollfaces!

We have a few housekeeping issues to handle today, beginning with a giant “Thank You” to the coolest coxswain on water, Miss Queen Bee Swain. We were fortunate enough to win her Birthday Blog Giveaway, and just look at all the goodies we received!

Thank You Miss Queen Bee!
Thank You Miss Queen Bee!

The Giveaway included a massive amount of Origins (not that one can ever have too much!): their body souffle, bubble bath, body scrub and soap, all in Ginger.  Yum.  The Giveaway also came with a Plum Sykes book that surprisingly, we haven’t yet read: The Debutante Divorcee.

Then we congratulate the always-tasteful Miss Janice, who is the big winner of Muffy Martini’s Giveaway! Miss Janice won the Lilly Pulitzer Party Pack from our Lilly Stationery & Gift line, featuring loads of tableware in the Loco Patch pattern.

If ever there were someone suited to this, it is Miss Janice, of Etiquette with Miss Janice renown. You know who we mean, Social Graces… Southern Style, that Miss Janice. She absolutely adores Lilly and also knows how to throw a party like nobody’s business! (If any doubt remains, click here to see her Lilly-fied Luncheon post. You can even see a photo of the aforementioned Queen Bee Swain and many other bloggers, wearing their Lilly!)


In other bloggage news, just as one contest ends another begins: The Southern Social has an excellent contest underway that requires your attention and your vote. You see, Miss Social requested wardrobe suggestions for a ‘First Date’ sort of outfit, asking only that contributors put together the outfits using Polyvore, a most delicious online service/tool/creative assistant.

The suggested collages were outstanding, including this one from Beaufort Belle, offering an elegantly understated look accented by a Tiffany ring and Marc Jacobs clutch.

Entry: Beaufort Belle
ENTRY: Beaufort Belle

I Pick Pretty is also in on the fun, with an excellent collection centered around a stunningly simple dress by Banana Republic with accessories by J. Crew and BCBGMaxAzria.

ENTRY: Legally Blonde Mel
ENTRY: Legally Blonde Mel

The always on-trend Mrs. Newlywed created this sensational look using a J. Crew dress and Lilly Pulitzer sandals, along with jewelry by David Yurman.

ENTRY: Mrs. Newlywed
ENTRY: Mrs. Newlywed

This fab collection is from the Chic Runner, featuring an Alexander McQueen clutch we have long found to be fabulous.

Entry: Beaufort Belle
ENTRY: Chic Runner

And the Prep-E Girl found an outstanding way to incorporate seersucker into her group, with the Dooney & Bourke Cindy Tote.

ENTRY: Prep-E Girl
ENTRY: Prep-E Girl

Pop on over and visit Miss Social to cast your vote for best outfit; the winner receives their pick of a Lilly Pulitzer candle or a year’s magazine subscription! As an aside, we have to admit that playing in Polyvore definitely made this one of the most intriguing online contests we’ve had the pleasure of entering!


A few notes in the Sales and Savings category today – many readers will already be up to speed on the Lilly Pulitzer Warehouse Sale, but if not, here is the information one needs be in the know:

The dates are as follows:

  • Wednesday June , 5am-8pm
  • Thursday, June 4, 7am-8pm
  • Friday, June 5, 7am-8pm
  • Saturday, June 6, 8am-4pm

A few other notes on this:

  • Shop Friday & it is BOGO (Buy One, Get One free) on Kids’ Clothing, plus Ladies’ & Kids’ Footwear
  • Saturday is BOGO on Mens’ Clothing, Ladies’ Knit Polos, Ladies’ Swimwear, and all Samples/Seconds/Clearance

TP is consulting her calendar in reference to this… is anyone else contemplating possible participation?


We have two other very quick sale notes of a preppy sort, the next being Kate Spade.

The retailer is offering 25% off a selection of goods along with complimentary shipping, now through May 1oth.

Also hitting our electronic in-bin, this note from J. Crew with news of their “long awaited sale“. Not to be negative about any savings at any decent prep purveyors, but “long awaited..?” We think not, as Crew just finished a recent “Take an additional…”, you know the drill. Proceed accordingly. (Heh-heh.)

We’re once again about to race out the door, we hope everyone has a completely splendid afternoon and evening!


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18 responses to “Your Vote is Needed, and Lilly Pulitzer Warehouse Sale Details

  1. Congrats on winning the Debutante Divorcee (it’s def on my list) and the Origin goodies. How did I miss that giveaway…seriously, I’m so grateful to have won your giveaway with Miss Muffy Martini and the Kappa Prep giveaway with Ashley Brooke, that I’m not entering any more giveaways for awhile–I want to give others a chance to have fun! Love all the Polyvore entries and appreciated all your kind words about moi:)

  2. I love green and blue together. That Tiffany ring has my name written all over it. Happy Mother’s Day!! Hey a girl can dream right!!

  3. Hi Princess!! I left you an award on my blog. Check it out when you have time!! xoxo

  4. I am waiting for a 30% off Jcrew code and not a non-existent sale. And, I do want to go to LP sale with you!!!!!

  5. Anonymous

    You are one busy girl. That post was chock full of info!
    Hope your Spring is going swell…

  6. I LOVE that Kate Spade purse with the tulips on it.

    We here at Misadventure Manor have been having a debate all day regarding my desire to have it in my closet. I feel as though I should be victorious…

  7. You ladies did a fine job for Southern Social! All the looks are fab-u-lous.

  8. Two thoughts…first, I really need to figure out this polyvore thing! I feel so technologically challenged!

    Second, LP warehouse sale is oh so tempting, but after my Martha jaunt to NYC I really don’t think hubby would be on board! I will need to live and shop vicariously through other blogger attendees 🙂

  9. LPC

    Well I voted for you. At least I think it was for you. I have already put some of your products into Polyvore too:). It is so fun. Really it’s easy to figure out all of you. I promise.

  10. Aren’t you too nice for the contest plug? I really do like the look you & all of the others put together. Stiff competition, to say the least!

    “The Debutante Divorcee” is one of my absolute favorite light reads; Sykes is so witty & stealthily wise.

  11. What an exciting post! I am tres excited the highly deserving Miss Janice won as well! Wow, look at all those talented entries in the polyvore contest! Oh, how I wish I were attending the Lilly sale!!!!!!

  12. Oooh la la, wouldn’t it be fun to go to the Lilly Warehouse Sale! I think I’d pass out from shock- how much fun would it be to be around so much Lilly, so many lovely Lilly-fans AND have it all be highly discounted! Dream come true 🙂

    Completely flattered that you think I’m the coolest coxie-loxie on the racecourse… you’ll have to keep your eyes peeled for your MSU rowergirls- they are the #1 team in the Big Ten right now- beating out even Michigan- Mich is hardly ever NOT numero uno!

    Happy Thursday


  13. Princess Freckles

    Oh how I wish I could attend the Lilly sale! Maybe next year, as the wedding will be over and I’ll once again have a disposable income. Plus, my brother will be living in Phili for law school. I just won’t rub it in that the only reason I’m visiting is to shop! 🙂

  14. Imagine that Lilly warehouse sale? Pure heaven! I wish . . .

    How wonderful you won the Origins goodies – I love that stuff too, always something new and fresh coming out from them.

    And I would pretty much take any of the Kate Spade “must haves for mom”. It should read “must have them ALL”!! 🙂

  15. One of these days I swear I will get to that Lilly sale in KOP – but it will probably need to be when my girlies are a little older so all 3 of us can go.

  16. what a wonderful polyvore group! and that mcqueen clutch is to die for.

  17. Caroline

    I have been going to this Lilly Pulitzer warehouse sale for at least 5-6 years. My mother and I make it a “girls night” beacuse people start to line up as early as noon the day before!!! So if your going to go get there at least 12 hours before it starts and bring your airmattress from the “Great Lilly Camp Out”. They do allow everyone to sleep indoors and time to pack your car back up. We always have the best time hanging out with other lilly lovers : ).

    This sale is INTENSE. the prices are the best most amazing things around and if your lucky enough to fit into sample sizes (2 or 4 sometimes a 6) then you will be purchasing Lilly Dresses for $20. AMAZING!

    This a a sale that you HAVE HAVE HAVE to have a plan and a shopping buddy. When we get inside I go to samples and shoes and my mom hits up dresses and bathing suits- we get everything in size 2-6 then meet up 1 hr later in the dressing room area (yes area no individual rooms) and we go through our santa clause size saks and narrow it down to the best finds. Sometimes hanging out in the dressing room you will find the best sizes- as ladies are finished trying things on they hang them back up on a rack and that rack can be GOLD if you monitor it.

    After the dressing room we always go out for another round to see what we missed.

    There is no cell phone service at the sale (it is in a basement ballroom).

    I am from the area but recently moved to Nashville, TN and I will be flying up for this.

    Once you shop this sale you will NEVER be able to purchase her regular priced clothing….

  18. Amanda

    Does anyone have any insight on what seasons are going to be in the selections? Should we expect a lot of fall, or the spring and resort lines? Or a little of each? I’m so excited, any further details would be SO appreciated!!

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