Preps of Several Types at the Met Gala

Hello-Hello… we hope all those sharing the Monday from YKW (You Know Where) with us are enjoying a better day today. Honestly.

We have a number of bullet points today, beginning with this update on another role for a Gossip Girl star:

  • Gossip Guy Ed Westwick will be guest-starring on the Showtime comedy Californication, during the show’s third season.

In other G2 news, Leighton Meester was out and about last night, at the Met’s Annual Costume Institute Gala.


PHOTO: Stephen Lovekin/Getty

PHOTO: Stephen Lovekin/Getty

Co-starring actress Blake Lively was also at the big do. (If co-star Penn Badgley, Ms. Lively’s real-life romantic interest, was at the party, we have not yet read or heard about it.)


PHOTO: Larry Busacca/Getty

PHOTO: Larry Busacca/Getty

Unfortunately, we can’t tell you who they are wearing, we just don’t know. There were loads of pretty people (but none so fair as the one and only I Pick Pretty, of course) at the gala, including some real-life preps:


PHOTO: Kristen Somody Whalen

PHOTO: Kristen Somody Whalen

Above, David Lauren and Lauren Bush.  Also on hand, a purveyor of pseudo-prep apparel and accessories, Tommy Hilfiger, seen with his wife, Dee Ocleppo.


PHOTO: Eric Thayer/Reuters

PHOTO: Eric Thayer/Reuters


Movin on, yesterday’s CBS story on the First Lady wearing her Lanvin sneaks to the Capital Area Foodbank only served to add to the growing hubbub about the footwear.

PHOTO: Jonathan Ernst/Reuters

PHOTO: Jonathan Ernst/Reuters

The high-end shoes run approximately $540, and as one might imagine, the cost of the sneakers is the issue, not their appearance.


If interested, Barneys still shows several different colors available online.  In other First Lady fashion news, Mrs. Obama was spotted doing the “I Love it so Much I Bought Two” waltz again, this time in the J. Crew Featherweight Cardigan. Yesterday she wore the cardigan to a Cinco de Mayo event at a local school in the District…

PHOTO: Yuri Gripas/Reuters

PHOTO: Yuri Gripas/Reuters

The previous incarnation was worn to that same Food Bank where the tennies were seen.

PHOTO: Jonathan Ernst/Reuters

PHOTO: Jonathan Ernst/Reuters


For those favoring this look, run, run, run to Crew; the website still shows both colors in stock, and better yet, the price is discounted almost fifty percent less than it’s original pricepoint. The cardigan is now $99.99, it originally was $188.


A few more SOTTS:

  • Filene’s Basement filed for bankruptcy yesterday, the Chapter 11 kind.
  • The first Nordstrom slated for Alabama is not going to happen, at least for the time being. The store was planned for Birmingham.


We have a little sneak peek of the J. Crew Menswear looks for this fall, courtesy of the ever-so-gracious Mister Mort.

Courtesy Mister Mort

Courtesy Mister Mort

Here is another look:

Courtesy Mister Mort

Courtesy Mister Mort

More of Crew’s casual styles for the man in your life:

Courtesy Mister Mort

Courtesy Mister Mort

With that, we are flying straight out the door!



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14 responses to “Preps of Several Types at the Met Gala

  1. I love the argyle sweaters The First Lady is sporting so classic!

  2. Leighton looks like she has outfit confusion, Blake looks (dare I say it?) a bit on the trampy side (pick the legs or the bustline dear, never show them both at once!), and Tommy Hilfiger’s wife is GORGEOUS!

  3. I really want david lauren and lauren bush to get married so she can be lauren lauren

  4. oh, leighton was in vuitton, and blake was in versace

  5. Hello tp! It is a miserable, rainy day here. Your post is always a bright spot!! xoxo

  6. While I wouldn’t pay $500 for sneakers, the First Lady is damned if she does, damned if she doesn’t. She’s heralded for shopping at J. Crew and then she’s slammed for buying expensive sneakers. In either case, she looks great.

    Blake has looked better. Leave something to the imagination, dear.

  7. FB..sad news. Sneakers are cute..but not 550 cute?? Love anything from J Crew.
    xxxx me

  8. Princess Frekles

    I love Lauren Bush! She’s such a classic beauty!

    Those Lanvin sneakers are pretty ugly…I hate to say it. Love the J. Crew cardigans though!

  9. Thanks for the lovely thought, TP!

    I try to forgive the “GG” actresses their youthful aesthetic misfires, but both girls went off le reservation at this Met ball. Ouch, for different reasons, both equally awful.

    On a happier note, that J Crew cardigan is adorable, and this coming from an admitted argyle skeptic. Love it.

  10. Let me just say… the real question regarding Leighton (who I adore) and Blake isn’t WHO they are wearing as much as WHAT are they wearing?!? LOL!

    Seriously, $500 for those trainers?!? OK, my momma told me if I can’t say anything nice… you know the drill! 😉

  11. Oh, Blake! Life could be far worse dear…stop looking so sullen and cover up a bit.

    Maybe I should care more about the expensive tennies, but it just doesn’t matter in the grand scheme.

    Thank you, thank you – for all the goodness, TP!

  12. BLC

    Oh dear me … I am going to have to talk with Louis Vuitton about that frock (is it a dress!?). That is just dreadful. Xoxo-BLC

  13. I like the yellow on the First Lady of JCrew better. I wish yellow looked good on me.
    p.s. Lily is hoping for a Tilly post on your blog soon.

  14. I’ve got to come out for Leighton on this one, I love her in that LV! I think it’s great she’s pushing the envelope and not showing up in a Balmain like everyone else…course there is my Leighton girl crush, could be warping my vision!

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