Cartier Has a Party, Mascara Wars Round 3, Anti-Preps Update


Well, if it isn’t a major Monday.

We extend our apologies to those readers subjected to this post’s predecessor, the incomplete horror that yours truly somehow managed to publish late last evening.  (Trust TP when we say it was not ready for primetime, not ready for any time.) Upon discovering our little boo-boo this morning we went for the online circular file, the DEL key.

Friday we mentioned the news about Tiffany’s acquisition of upscale leather goods firm Lambertson Truex. Today we mark a major event at another iconic jeweler, Cartier. The jeweler is celebrating their 100th Anniversary in America; one of the galas honoring the occasion took place late last week.

PHOTO: Steve Eichner cartier02

Preps on hand included Tory Burch (L) and Dylan Lauren.  The über-talented Bruce Weber edited a possible addition to the library:

Cartier I Love You hits stores mid-June, but can be pre-ordered at most local bookstores as well as online sites such as Amazon.

One more online shopping note, Ms. Lauren’s company, Dylan’s Candy Bar, now has online ordering, all the better to put a five-pack of Barbie Chocolate Bars in the mail.



We have another party story, this one an update to our post “A Derby Dustup?” that looked at dueling Derby parties. It appears the 20th annual Barnstable Brown gala continues to be a hit with locals and some celebrities.

PHOTO: Darron Cummings

PHOTO: Darron Cummings

As seen in the photo, even an Anti-Prep was in attendance at Brownstable Brown.  Other attendees at this year’s festivities included Brooke Shields, Kid Rock, Danica Patrick, and Gretchen Wilson.  To be fair, we’ve yet to speak with anyone about the ‘competing’ party at Briar Rose Estate, so this is a not-quite-complete assessment of things.

Ms. Hilton was not the only AntiPrep spotted in Louisville over the weekend:

PHOTO: Brian Bohannon

PHOTO: Brian Bohannon

Yes, it is the one and only Kim Kardashian.  Frankly, she has upgraded her look of late, looking much less tarted up. (Well… what adjective would you suggest we use? Honestly.)

For years (and years) TP understood that Kentucky horse country was a bastion of, well, to be vulgar, old money. Notwithstanding the stray Sheik or Prince of course, although much of that money is older than dirt.

Clearly things have changed over the decades. Perhaps the Stealth Deflecting shield was down.


Regular readers may recall some of our posts last summer on the new vibrating mascara hitting the market. According to Elle’s Beauty Intelligence blog we have word that a more egalitarian cosmetics company is going to offer the same thing:

“Enter Maybelline’s new Pulse Perfection Vibrating Mascara: With 7,000 vibrations per minute the brush wraps each lash with a thickening, lengthening formula.

Courtesy Maybelline
Courtesy Maybelline

The story does explain how to get a sneak peek at this entrant to the wand wars:

“The product won’t be available in drugstores until July 2009, but you can try out the mascara earlier by logging onto Target, Walmart, CVS, or Walgreens websites May 18 for an exclusive online (one day only!) preview sale.”


We have a brief look at some of this season’s fabulous knits from John Smedley, a company we have previously raved about.  We toddled back to the online store this morning when we should have been working to look at their S/S ’09 offerings; we were not disappointed. Below, Smedley’s Cindilou for women. We’ll fudge the line a bit and use this cardigan for today’s Adventure in Argyle.

Courtesy John Smedley
Courtesy John Smedley

Below, the Islington classic cardigan, offered in a rainbow of colors, but shown in pink so we might say it is included in the Pretty In Pink collection.

Courtest John Smedley
Courtesy John Smedley

Next, the men’s Gaston, a little precious for TSU (The Spousal Unit) but we adore the look.

Courtesy Smedley
Courtesy John Smedley

The retailer also has a small collection of great looks for children.  The merchandise is available at a number of upscale US retailers including Barneys and Bergdorf.


Over the last 18 months or so we have met some of the nicest people online; one such doll runs Two Preppy Girls.

How is that for a look? Margaret’s shop offers fun car and wall decals, checkbook covers and headwear.


Again, our apologies to those who may have ended up with the previous version of this in their Google readers.  We must say, one of the benefits of Twitter is knowing we are not alone in having a less-than-auspicious start to the week! (To follow us, just click here.)

With this we say g’bye until next time.

NOTE: Cartier party photos by Steve Eichner for WWD (Women’s Wear Daily, subscription req’d.).


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12 responses to “Cartier Has a Party, Mascara Wars Round 3, Anti-Preps Update

  1. Tory Burch looks adorable..per usual

  2. Stealth Deflectors down indeed. She Who Shall Not Be Named showing up to a Derby part before I get the chance? Sigh. At least when I do it, I won’t be dressed in a black lace nightie; her hat and Arm Charm are passable, at least.

    Thanks for the new mascara heads up. I’m actually doing a related write up next, so I will be certain to link to this.

  3. Dylan Lauren is adorable, and I’m craving some Barbie chocolate as soon as possible 🙂

  4. I so want that mascara to be the best mascara ever. Off I go to

  5. Ummm, I do believe you are being VERY kind when you described her style of dress as “tarted up” 😉 Some of the old money to pass on before us must be turning over in the grave at the sights of some at their beloved Derby!! xoxo

  6. Hello Hello!

    Discussed the Derby with Nan (from an old Tennessee family) and she feels the same way that you do about how flashy it has gotten- she hasn’t been in a decade or so, but the only reason she tunes in is to see what everyone is wearing. Also- does AntiPrep’s date/escort in her picture look like he could be less excited to be at the Derby/getting photographed? The Derby is supposed to be F-U-N people! I digress….

    Glad that you kept it real always in your Lilly. Something about Wisco and Minn = Lilly wasteland.


  7. Can you believe she wore that? What was with the black gloves. Thanks for the sweet comment today. You so made Grammy’s she loves that you thought I was her in the pictures. xxx me

  8. Queen Mother

    So glad I can add to my collection of Cartier books—even if I have to wait for a few weeks!

  9. Consider the Cartier book pre-ordered! Oh, I cannot wait…

  10. I looove! I want one of the monogram decals but I dont think it is suited for my little Saturn; I need a volvo!! ;o) And I love Miss Dylan Lauren; she seems so nice and down to earth!!

  11. I love the monogram visor! I’ve seem similar visors elsewhere, but I love the monogram font on those!

  12. that Cartier book is on my list…also the visor…dang, my credit card 🙂

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