Tiffany Makes a Move, Sales & Savings of a Prepalicious Sort

Hello-Hello and Happy Friday dolls, yippee!

It is a simply splendid day here at the Prepatorium, so let’s dive right into things! (The sooner we finish the sooner you-know-who can scoot outside!)

We want to do a quick reminder about the Lilly Pulitzer sale at RueLaLa; things sell out so quickly at these sites it is best to mention it right off the top so anyone interested in adding to their walk-in can head in that direction.

RueLaLa is one of those ‘invite only’ online sale sites that have sprung up recently. If you aren’t yet a member, use the special Princess code to join: go to, at the prompt select “Invited by a Member” and then enter this as the email address to get in:

Now, Lilly isn’t the only sale at RueLaLa, they are also doing CC Skye.

Both sales end Saturday night.


Next, word on some interesting moves by upscale retailers, Tiffany & Henri Bendel. Let’s start with the store-we-once-adored,Tiffany. (Surely you remember this dreary tedious episode and yes, of course we continue wallowing in our snit.)

News came late yesterday that Tiffany is buying bankruptcy-challenged Lambertson Truex (see the middle of this post if seeking more details) from Samsonite. This could make perfect sense for both companies, as this story on the WWD site explains:

“Lambertson and Truex will explore the development of a collection of leather accessories for Tiffany & Co.”

Remember our posts last summer about these outstanding totes? (NOTE: We have linked to them as a courtesy but they are no longer available.)



It makes perfect sense to us; there may well be many more pieces in this color.


As far as Bendel goes, they are going to stop selling clothing and shrink the 5th Avenue flagship store as today’s WWD reports:

“The Fifth Avenue flagship will be reduced in size from three to two selling floors, offering accessories, handbags, jewelry, gifts, beauty and fragrance…”

“There’s lots of iconography, like our [brown and white] stripes…

TRANSLATION: Probably more of this sort of thing.

Now mind you, TP has long been fond of Bendel’s iconic brown and white stripes, along with the Bendel Girl. We just don’t care to see them on our teapot every day, be it by Villeroy and Boch at Bendel or from Target.  So our guess is the company will roll out more logofied merchandise moving forward.


We do want to alert everyone there is a sale on some goods at Bendel, including the Henri Bendel Mini Notebooks. (We confess to a soft spot for these, in previous years they have made a great gift.)


They are fun because of their names: Bliss List, Me, Me, Me, Thin, Rich, and Fabulous, and Worth Waiting For. Previously selling at $25, the notebooks are now $12.50.

Perhaps if we hold hands and sing Kumbaya our fears about raging attacks of Logophobia will prove to be unfounded. What do you think?


Yesterday’s post talked about what we refer to as something of a ‘preppy trifecta’:significant sales at Brooks Brothers, J. Crew and Polo Ralph Lauren.  We neglected to mention the obvious:

Brooks Brothers Friends and Family event begins Saturday, providing a 30% discount on merchandise, ending Monday, May 11. Use promo code FRIEND79 or FRIEND 81 to receive the discount, or go to  By the way, if in need of the code to receive an additional 20% of sale merchandise at J. Crew, use promo code EXTRA20 at checkout.


In other Sales & Savings news, Target has reduced prices on the Alexander McQueen collection, prices many felt were too high from the outset.

Additionally the always awesome Third Coast Preppy is clearly back in the swing of things after bringing an exquisite new preppy into the world, her list of preppy savings and sales can only be referred to by one word – Prepalicious!


We also have a few briefs on several stars of that kinda’-sorta’-preppy Gossip Girl, starting with news that actresses Blake Lively and Taylor Momsen both made People magazine’s 100 Most Beautiful People list.


PHOTOS: People Magazine, WENN

And another star of the hit TV show has landed another magazine cover; Leighton Meester can be seen fronting this month’s issue of Cosmopolitan.


We close with a Pretty in Pink.

A Princess customer needed token gifts to use as favors at a shower; she ordered 40 of these when she learned the custom key fobs are only $5 each.


Apologies for the shameless self-promotion, we just thought the fobs were such a cute idea and more-than-practical.  (They’re far more vibrant than TP’s photo conveys, Francesco Scavullo we are not.)

On that note, we do hope everyone has a delightful weekend filled with fun and food for the spirit!


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17 responses to “Tiffany Makes a Move, Sales & Savings of a Prepalicious Sort

  1. I got a polo from the Lilly sale, obviously. Love those lobster keyfobs!

  2. There were three dresses on the RueLaLa sale that I wanted and they were all sold out!!!! I did get my Lilly dress from Neiman’s. LOVE it!!!!

  3. That is adorable! I love the idea and honestly, if I got one of those fobs as a favor, it would be my favorite favor ever!

    Next time I’m hosting a shower or something, I’m going to remember that!

  4. Does anyone else think that Taylor Momsen looks waaayyy older than she actually is?

  5. All the Lilly sold out so FAST!

    Leighton should have made the top 100 🙂

  6. Key Fobs are just $5 – that is a fab buy tp!! Would that make a cute graduation gift for someone that you don’t want to spend much money on, but still want the gift to be fabulous and fantastic!!!

  7. My daughters love Goship Girl. I quite like it too:I think it’s the natural evolution in time of ‘90210’ and ‘Friends’ into our times. And i think blake Lively has “that” star quality. Enjoy the weekend!

  8. BLC

    Yes please … to ALL of the above!! I one of each … hehe. Xoxo-BLC

  9. Boy did Lilly go fast this time. Love the pink lobsters!!

  10. Loving the kumbaya visual!

    Those Bendel mini notebooks are too darling; fabulous gift idea.

  11. Arg, I was out of town this weekend and completely missed the sales (at least, all the good stuff). I was definitely bummed.

    Those keyfobs are adorable. Great idea!

  12. KK

    Love the key fobs- so cute!

    And I like Taylor but wish for the love of all things pretty that she would stand up straight. Her slouchy posture annoys the heck out of me.

  13. TCP

    Loooove the key fobs!

  14. Looove the key fobs! Thank you for sharing…

  15. Aaahhhhh, for some reason I did not buy any Lilly from the Rue la la sale and now it is over. 😦 Gooofy me.

  16. Scavullo! He was Chicago based, right? those key fobs are amazing!

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