Preppy Sales & When Preppy Goes Wrong. Again.

Hello and greetings from The Great Midwest, soon to break off from the rest of the continent and float away if the skies outside are any indication.

TP is rather unsettled today.


Too many previously unimaginable events and goings on that portend change.


Courtesy Boston Herald

Courtesy Boston Herald

And we all know what change means. Something different. (Oh no!) Possible discomfort? (Gasp!) Things might happen outside of our comfort zone. (Say it ain’t so Joe!)

In reality, we are more-than-grateful to not be facing the loss of our jobs; the Consort tells me he doesn’t see us firing ourselves in the immediate future. (Whew.)

But this doesn’t translate into a carefree existence. To the contrary, the Prepatorium is located in an area absolutely bloodied by this recession. Stores where we shop are closing, friends and family members are out of work or confronted with terminating some of their employees, people in pain are everywhere. It isn’t pretty.

While we also see the times as posing enormous opportunities for The Princess, we are not unaware of the angst and anxiety that are now everyday realities for so many people that we know and care about.  We feel guilty when faced with the now-loaded-question: “how’s business?” because it is better than it has ever been but in some quarters that brings a quizzical look instead of shared happiness.

So we do as much as we possibly can on the volunteering and donation fronts, but to say things are dreary, dismal and dire is not an exaggeration. However, you will not hear us complaining, not at all, despite our 401K’s. Don’t even ask about that topic. Do. Not. Bring. It. Up.

One last thing: can we talk about the Herald’s Killer Flu headline up above? (We get to do this one because of all those years paying our dues in TV and print journalism.) We are guessing this will come as a surprise to both the CDC and WHO, but evidently the virus has morphed into a human being and it is now out “… stalking the State.”.  We think not.

If we could avoid anthropomorphism, that insipid practice of attributing human qualities to inanimate objects, we might all remain a little calmer on this topic. We aren’t suggesting that anyone is sensationalizing the issue when writing headlines or promos or teases, nay, nay we aren’t suggesting that.

SnarkAlert! SnarkAlert! SnarkAlert!

We are making a declarative statement that this is the case. And yes, the egregious writing practice outlined above is most assuredly included on TP’s list of “Top 10 No-no’s When Writing for Broadcast & Print.” Honestly.

In an effort to demonstrate we are not a complete Crankenstein, here is today’s Economic Quote ‘O the Day:

“I want to warn people from Nigeria who might be watching our show, if you get any emails from Washington asking for money, it’s a scam. Don’t fall for it – Jay Leno”



How about something a little more cheery, more Sales & Savings we want to pass along, beginning with J. Crew. Use promo code EXTRA20 to receive an additional 20% off Spring Sale prices. That means things like the Soirée sateen blazer are a good buy.


The blazer’s original retail price was $148; with the additional discount it is roughly $80.

One can also find more fiscally friendly prices at Brooks Brothers, now pushing their Online Only Clearance. Many of the items are off-season, quite a bit of cashmere and wool, great bargains if one is purchasing for this fall.  The Argyle Cardigan was $268, it is discounted by 60% at $107.


Many pieces from Brooks’ more upscale Country Club line are included, like the Golf Silk Scarf, previously $238, now $95.20.

Also hosting a significant sale, Polo Ralph Lauren. In addition to the normal reductions taken on apparel and accessories, the retailer is also promoting their “Private Home Sale – Up to 40% Off” although this should be taken with a grain of salt, as last year’s Private Sale announcement was accompanied by a full-page ad in the Times.  The full-page ad was announcing the “Private Sale.”

We do like the Cecil Linen Basketweave Sham, but have no need for even more linens.


On the Shoes & Accessories front, we are fond of the Mertie Leather Ballet Flat, available in three colors.


There are more major sales scheduled for the weekend, with Saks and Macy’s slated to square off, but we do not yet have the details. We promise to share when we do.


We close with a rather bizarre photograph, something a friend forwarded to us, clearly destined for inclusion into the “When Preppy Goes Wrong” Hall of Fame:


Courtesy Wacky Archives

Courtesy Wacky Archives

How many collars do you think this tragic figure has popped?  We couldn’t count them all but have been told by a reliable source it is 23.

Too funny!


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16 responses to “Preppy Sales & When Preppy Goes Wrong. Again.

  1. I am all for the popping of 90 collars…so cool (please hear the sarcasm in this…)

  2. You know how I love me some Anderson Cooper, but even AC has wallowed in the proverbial pig mud of sensationalizing swine flu. There are now 3 elementaries in Chicago that have closed due to suspected cases. And now pig futures are way down because Russia and China are canceling pork orders – and you can’t even get flu from pork! Crazy.

    I LOVE the photo of when preppy goes wrong. Hilarious.

  3. Oh the COLLARS! I will admit to double-popping on a few occasions, but that is way too many shirts!

  4. kepster

    TP, please don’t feel guilty that your business is doing well! I enjoy vicariously shopping through your site, and when I do finally find gainful employment I promise that part of my first check is going towards one of those adorable grosgrain ribbon bags!
    I truly appreciate the optimism this site provides everyday.

  5. I LOVE what you said about the print media regarding the swine flu. You are right on target with this. I am convinced the news media is responsible for the horrible economic state we are in. They talked us into this 😉 I really do feel that way kind of. . . And when I took Journalism 101 in college at the University of Tennessee in the early 70’s, we called it Yellow Journalism! Love your post!! xoxo

  6. I’m done with the pig flu – and boycotting all national news sources until they stop creating mass hysteria about something that is NOT as serious as it seems. And the popped collers are ridiculous (but funny 🙂

  7. I love the RL ballet flats!

  8. Thank you for giving us your honest thoughts on this sensationalism business. Given your broadcasting background, this is particularly interesting, and certainly my amateur take on the matter.

    Those J Crew blazers are fab, by the way. Excellent pick.

  9. LPC

    Yes, Princess, I agree. Your Highness’s thoughts on current practices of the media are much appreciated.

  10. Oh, TP! That you mentioned anthropomorphism totally and completely made my day. That you called it an insipid practice made me giggle out loud. “Preppy Gone Wrong”…well, I may or may not have cackled like a hyena.

  11. mary anne

    Any chance those collars were from a polo shirt advertisement?
    Completely agree with you on the sensationalism issue. I, too, once had aspirations of journalism (in my college days). The old time yellow journalists would be so proud today. . . . . . .

  12. pve

    Feng shui, Collars up, toilet seats down!
    Oh anything goes these days, but at least a sense of humor can come in handy.

  13. you know- I’m glad that you were honest with your thoughts and got them off your chest so that your mind (a fab one at that) can concentrate on bigger and better and making things bigger and better and look forward.



  14. So strange to read this today. At this morning’s race, I overheard three ladies (sounded as though they worked in the medical field) saying that “it’s just the flu.” They went on about how the media was blowing the whole thing up. There is a confirmed case nearby and the school (a large high school) where the sick girl attended is CLOSED.

  15. Double collar popper

    I wonder if he was poking fun at me? Im a chronic double collar popper since 86. Now that Im a older man I wear an oxford and a polo underneath.That guy looks insane.

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