A Derby Dust-up? And Finally, Mission Accomplished.

Hello and Happy Day to everyone!

Has everyone been reading about the tiff brewing over upcoming Kentucky Derby festivities? It seems some think the annual Barnstable Brown Gala has become a bit…well, tired. This is the 20th year for the big do, long considered one of the parties at Derby Week.

Twin sisters Priscilla Barnstable and Tricia Barnstable Brown host the Gala, a fundraiser for Pediatric Diabetes research, and generally a tough ticket.

Courtesy Southern Seasons

Courtesy Southern Seasons

Apparently the criticism involves a guest list many find…lacking. Last year’s names included Joey Fatone, several football head coaches, Heidi Montag & Spencer Pratt, chef Bobby Flay, Hugh Hefner, Edward Norton, and the Lachey brothers, to name a few. To be completely inappropriate, these are not exactly A-list celebrities. (Oooooh, the Princess is a Crankenstein!)

Courtesy Briar Rose Estate

Courtesy Briar Rose Estate

This year we have the horror of a competing another function simply titled the Briar Rose Derby Party, held on the historic Briar Rose Estate.

Courtesy Briar Rose Estate

Courtesy Briar Rose Estate

Held on the same night. At the same time. Hhhhmmm…. it seems we have dueling Derby dos.  In this environment we can only advise caution when picking one’s horse.  Trust TP on this one.


In other festivities, some may remember when we posted about the Derby Barbie a few weeks ago – now take at look at her celebrating Taste of Louisville!

Courtesy Lousiveille Courier-Journal

Courtesy Louisville Courier-Journal

(This photo comes courtesy the Louisville Courier-Journal.)

Of course, this year’s Derby also provides the backdrop for lots of other entertaining events, including another reality TV show debut: SOAPnet premieres its new docudrama “Southern Belles – Louisville” on May 21.

Courtesy Photo via Louisville Courier-Journal

Courtesy Photo via Louisville Courier-Journal

If interested in learning more about the Belles, just click here for the Courier-Journal’s story. And for those enjoying the “Real Housewives of Atlanta,” Southern Seasons offers their version of the real deal, as it were, in this month’s issue.

Courtesy Southern Seasons

Courtesy Southern Seasons

One more Derby note: J. Peterman, a southern gentleman by birth, has put together his own Derby Day party. That comes in the form of a sale with some wonderful markdowns on a well curated collection of Peterman goods, such as the Floral Spring coat.

J. Peterman

J. Peterman

As always with this savvy retailer, the writing doesn’t disappoint: “…watercolor shades of Pink and Green on Cream….”.  Lush, luscious, and ever-so-pretty. So much we are making it today’s Pretty in Pink.


Next, a quick tip of the hat to the folks at Glamour magazine.  Why? Because as Jezebel points out in this story, the magazine actually uses plus-size models in their May story on swimsuits.


Why do we care about such matters? Because to properly address diversity in fashion magazines, they must accurately reflect the cultures they serve.  (In the “Once Again, TP Reveals TMI” category, we are not a plus-size, nor do we consider being so a requirement for commenting on the topic. Harrumph.)


We have a number of Earth Day related updates, starting with a reminder that Target has their new Loomstate Collection available online and in stores.

Courtesy Target via TheFrisky.com

Courtesy Target via TheFrisky.com

The pieces in this line are created from 100% organic cotton, and also carry reasonable price points.


Also on the eco-friendly front, another player has entered the recycled sails market, 44 Knots.

Courtesy 44Knots.com

Courtesy 44Knots.com

The company is doing totes (as seen above) from the recycled sails, as well as scarves, something we’ve not yet seen in this material.

Next, we toot the Princess horn a little bit. While crazy about our Scout Totes, we have continued to search for a foldupable eco-conscious line of market totes, and finally….



We have liftoff!

It has taken us a long, l-o-n-g time to locate bags we felt merited your attention. Let’s face it: most people seem to understand the wisdom of using less paper & plastic and there are scads of eco-totes, grocery totes, market bags available now, but we had yet to see any we considered Preptastic.

Until we found the folks at RuMe Bags, which is essentially short for “Reuse Me”.



Additionally we wanted bright colors and patterns, high quality goods that were machine washable (sorry ladies, but after multiple tours of duty traveling from the market to the Prepatorium, and back again … ewww…. let your conscience be your guide). If not originating in the US, we also required a Certified Fair Trade manufacturer. You can probably surmise why The Consort & yours truly struggled mightily when sourcing these! Oh, and on top of all this, the bags had to be reasonably priced.

At $8.50 and $9.50 (and this includes complimentary shipping!) we finally feel like we found the ideal market bags.



They are big enough to carry a lot of groceries, 50 lbs. worth if need be….

Eco Prep Market Totes at PreppyPrincess.com041509_rume_400x400b


These also needed to be small enough for easy portability. Celebrity endorsements were not a requirement, but hey, we are not complaining, especially if its a preppy repp tie stripe Miss Ritchie is fond of!

After more than a year, we can finally say mission accomplished! Bright preppy colors and patterns do not have to exist separately from eco-friendly market totes. Hallelujah and good night.



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21 responses to “A Derby Dust-up? And Finally, Mission Accomplished.

  1. LPC

    At the top of your game today TP. Grazie.

  2. Loving this post today Princess! It doesn’t get any better – dueling Derby parties – haha . . . hope there is more on this drama!! xoxo

  3. Hey – I just ordered two bags from you from this post. I LOVE how cute they are and because it’s Earth Day, it inspired me. I am going to give one to my mom for mother’s day – she’ll love it!

    I did notice that it still charged me shipping, which is quite alright, but I thought I’d let you know.

    Thanks again for all the legwork you did on that. I love reuseable bags, but I also want to feel good about how they’re made. Great colors too!

  4. Wow, love the Market bags. But love the Derby even more. LOVE IT! Cannot wait until next week. And let me tell you, while I will not be attending either of the competing parties I will be having the best party in Nebraska. Possibly the only one, ha! And I love Derby Barbie. How hilariously wonderful is she?

  5. Love all of the stuff-the totes are fabulous. Love the ones made of recycled sails.

  6. MrB has gone to the Derby but not me. Unfair!

  7. love love love the 44 knots tote!

  8. Ha ha love the Barbie 🙂

  9. Oh goodness, Miss Mom, thank you for the order, and apologies for the checkout challenge! We shall get the postage refunded ASAP, and also have your new bags on their way. Thank you and hugs across the Large Lake! Sunny and 70 by Friday, whoo-hoo!

  10. Competing Derby events? Scandalous!

    I love those bags. I believe I may have to get a few. We just use the ones that are $1.00 at Kroger…the reusable ones.

  11. I live in Louisville so we’re swamped with Derby coverage and I LOVE IT. I can’t wait for next weekend. I’m also pretty stoked about a possible Derby Party catfight!!

  12. My oh my you do know your Derby-dish TP! How salacious it all seems- cannot wait to hear more as it progresses- thank you for being our “in” for all of this juice 🙂


  13. I love those bags at the end! Thanks for posting! I hope you have a great day tpp!

  14. Where will I’ll be the first weekend of May? Why Louisville, of couse. And what will I be attending? A soccer tournament. Not the derby. sigh. I won’t be attending or hosting a derby party this year, either. Not that I have attended anything like the Barnstable sister’s gala. ha. Now, those oversized eco-friendly shopping totes? Finally! When I grocery shop, I GROCERY shop. I need a bag that holds 50 lbs. Fantastic.

    Have a great day!

  15. oops. Where will I be…of course. You want to know the sad part? I DID review it before I posted. yikes. Belle needs another cup of coffee. 😉

  16. I saw those RuMe bags in person today & can vouch for their quality and cuteness. Good find, TP!

    While I applaud Glamour for taking a step in the realistic model direction, it is amazing how the same magazine manages to send mixed messages – on one page, we have plus-sized models, and on the very next page, weight loss tips? I suppose those two things aren’t mutually exclusive, but . . . but . . . to which one are we supposed to be aspiring?

  17. Princess Freckles

    I love the Derby post! I plan to go in the next few years.

    By the way, I bought those Nordstrom wedding shoes yesterday. I love them. Thank you!

  18. Love the bags and on my list of things “to do” before I die…attend a Kentucky Derby! Dueling Derby parties…that’s too funny!

  19. Lovely post! I especially adore the bags!

  20. Wow!!! I love that Glamour actually used real people in their swimsuit feature!!!!

    And those eco-friendly bags are fabulous! You know what the lady in the checkout line at Publix said today? (and it is a fabulous idea….) she said people were using their cute bags as gift bags (instead of those horrible one-time-use things. Isn’t that a wonderful idea? I’m definitely going to do that for the next birthday/Christmas presents that I wrap!

  21. travis pharris

    Briar Rose Estate was Fantastic!!!!!!!!

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