The Preppy Princess and the Pink Knife…? Oh My!

A Happy Hello to all, did everyone enjoy the amazing weather this weekend? Goodness, it was delightful, just bliss here at the Prepatorium.

We start with an enormous “Thank You” to a darling blogger, Spanish Preppy Girl for being so kind and generous in giving TP the Blog de Oro Award (Golden Blog).

Miss SPG es una chica muy bonita y muy simpático. Muchisimos gracias!

Today we have updates on stars from that fashionable faux-prep school television show, Gossip Girl.  Actress Blake Lively has landed coveted spots on more magazine covers, including Allure’s May issue.


PHOTO:Allure Magazine

The magazine is available on newsstands tomorrow. Allure’s website features an extensive story on the photo shoot.

PHOTO: Michael Thompson

PHOTO: Michael Thompson/Allure

We admit to being a tad confused by comments attributed to Ms. Lively:

“Lively’s relationship with costar Penn Badgley has inspired some real-life gossip this past year, but she’s careful about keeping it as private as possible. “You see people who will open up their relationships, who are very affectionate on the red carpet or are doing a reality show with each other, and their relationship just seems to crumble,” says the actress. “So I decided to keep a vow of silence.”

The confusion relates to the actress keeping “a vow of silence” about her relationship, after seeing this interview in a German magazine …

IN Magazine

IN Magazine/Blake Lively Web

… in which both stars appear to speak candidly on many topics, including the possibility of marriage in their future.


Do you have a little one needing new party frocks or other apparel? We have word of a remarkable savings opportunity at Strasburg, home to simply divine duds for children.  The little pink dress is so darling we are making it one of today’s Pretty in Pink picks. The handwork on the embroidery looks exquisite.

How about the young gentleman of the house? Are there upcoming occasions on the social calendar requiring a more formal look?

The Boy’s Nautical Sailor One-piece is now offered at less than 50% of its original price, and in a broad selection of sizes up to 3 Years.


We had to share part of a story in Friday’s Stamford Advocate (CT) about the remodeled TJ Maxx in Brookfield:

“Spring fashions include Lilly Pulitzer casual women’s clothing ranging from $29.99 to $69.99, and Palm Beach Golf casual men’s clothing ranging from $16.99 to $29.99.”

Can it be true? Gasp! Lilly at a discount chain? Fortunately for many bloggers, this has proved to be the case, as we have read many accounts of Lilly treasures located in local TJ Maxx stores. For those unable to shop at TJ Maxx, we offer a few suggestions, including the Lilly Pulitzer Ink Sandal with its cute little grosgrain ribbon bow.


This shoe is offered for approximately $72 (its original selling price was about $144) at Zappo’s sister site specializing in footwear that is fiscally friendly, 6pm.

We didn’t realize that 6pm also carries apparel, including Lilly Pulitzer Kids! Below, the Lilly Pulitzer Girls Haddie Skirt, also at 6pm.


It is now priced at $39 in reversible cotton canvas, quite the good buy. (From our limited experience, girls at this age have yet to be concerned about sporting previous seasons’ merchandise.)


We now claim executive privilege, offering still more Pretties in Pink, as we forgot all about these!

Well Appointed House

Well Appointed House

What do you think of this Turtle with Lotus Chip & Dip from the good folks at Well Appointed House?

Or how about the Swiss Army Knife in a pretty pink Edelweiss print?

Insert screeching halt.  Knives? At the TP Blog?

Yes.  While the topic may appear unseemly (and we apologize to do those with easily offended sensibilities), the little pink knife actually once made the perfect gift for a doll moving into her first solo apartment. Perhaps not dinner-table conversation, but utilitarian. Indeed. One of these is also ideal for those more adventurous types heading out an a wilderness excursion.

On this shocking note we shall say G’Bye until next time!


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17 responses to “The Preppy Princess and the Pink Knife…? Oh My!

  1. You always find the nicest things. I love the chip n dip!

  2. love the pink knife… and I am so sad that lilly skirt is for little girls because I want one!! 🙂

  3. LPC

    Oh that little pink dress is so adorable. When we were little, as the oldest child, my mother made me a hand-smocked dress. Needless to say that effort was never repeated…

  4. I have found that my local TJ Maxx has been carrying Lilly Pulitzer since this last month (I don’t know if they’ll continue) but I’ve been picking up some Lilly bargains left and right! So far I’ve snagged a couple dresses and sandals. I even found a purse and a sweater. They have so much right now!

  5. Vicki

    TPP, it’s true, re Lilly @ TJ Maxx, I’ve seen it there regularly for the past year or so. Wish they had children’s clothes there though – those I have not seen there yet.

  6. I am going to TJ Maxx!!!!

  7. I LOVE that little dress for girls! That chip and dip set is CLEARLY a must-own!!!!

  8. Love, love the Swiss Army Knife. My son brought me one from Switzerland a long time ago. It is the Edelweiss – but red. I would love pink 😉 xoxo

  9. Oh I am loving the chip n dip bowl!! So cute!! I found a on of dresses at the TJ Maxx in Ft. Lauderdale, not much up here in NY.

  10. Crap. I was in TJMaxx on Saturday and I didn’t find a thing! I wonder if I missed it or it wasn’t sent here? (Central Illinois)

  11. those lily sandals are adorable, stop converting me!
    And I really hope Blake in the very LBD is not the cover for Allure, I think the previous photo is much prettier.

  12. Princess Freckles

    I love that turtle chip and dip platter! Darling!

  13. I ran in TJMaxx and Marshalls this past weekend and found such fun Lilly things!! I had to stop myself from buying too much 🙂 P.S. I bet your J. Crew shirts turned pillows are so fabulous! I love your creativity PP!

  14. KK

    Haha- that’s so funny about the German article!

  15. Thanks for your sweet comments on my blog! I gave you the Sisterhood Award!! Check out my blog when you have time. xoxo

  16. Psst…I was in Tuesday Morning this weekend and they had beautiful Lilly bedding. Incredible!
    A knife in pink is a must for any can-do, preppy girl. : )

  17. I’m so glad you got some warm weather as well. It’s crappy today… perfectly expected weather this time of year! We can’t ask for too much.

    Love the SA knife. I have 2 of the mini SA, not as cute as yours. I use the little pen & tweezers more than I ever thought. So handy!

    Hope this finds you well on the other side of the lake!

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