A.P.C. Madras Collection, Target’s Online Only Nautical Fabulosity

Hello-Hello and Happy Almost Weekend! Yippee! The sun and warmer temperatures have never felt better, and we hope to finish our work in time to be outside enjoying the springy weather.

At the risk of violating personal TMI standards, we share the following only because we must apologize for yesterday’s hideous post. Our only excuse? We were coping with another one of these:

Fortunately it has departed, and we are now merely dealing with the daily frenzy that is standard here at the Prepatorium. And we must tell you, we are simply awash in new merchandise! While it is loads of fun, it can also be borderline overwhelming, or as GAM (Great Aunt Molly) might say, my goodness-gracious-sakes-alive! (We promise, we will share one of the new items in a bit, from a great new line that we are ever-so-excited about!)

Now, many readers may already be aware of this tidbit, but if not, we bring good news – TheOutnet.com is online and open for business!



Created by Natalie Massenet, founder of Net-a-Porter, the new site “…will offer previous-season items from more than 200 designers, with steep discounts of up to as much as 80 percent…” In fact, we’ll use a couple of Outnet items for today’s Pretty in Pink.  For your perusal on the left: the Milly Dress (originally $355, now $177.50), and on the right, Chloé’s Ines Clutch (originally $1380, now $690).


New merchandise is scheduled to hit the site every Tuesday and Thursday – happy hunting!


Next, our thanks to the always-on-top-of-things High Snobiety for tipping us to the new Madras Collection at A.P.C.

Once again the line offers outstanding choices with clean lines and .

A.P.C. Madras Collection

A.P.C. Madras Collection

The entire collection is made in India, and is top-notch in terms of quality.

Just another reason we are grateful that A.P.C. ships to the US!


For madras that inflicts a tad less damage to one’s pocketbook, we turn to our good friends at Target. Below, the Merona® Patchwork Madras Skirt in blue, now offered at $19.99.

Merona Skirt at Target

Merona Skirt at Target

Also in plaid at Target, the Women’s Zulima Plaid Rain Boots are a great value at only $24.99.

They look like a lot of fun, oui?


Yesterday we shared a few of the nautically-inclined treasures we discovered online, but did not get  anywhere close to posting them all. Next, this Anchor Necklace from the fine design minds at Giles and Brother.

Giles & Brother

Giles & Brother

We are guessing the one and only Nautical by Nature is well aware of our next item, Target’s Nautical Shaped Plate Set.



Initially we thought these would be melamine, but upon reading the description discovered they are actually earthenware; they are also dishwasher-safe.

This next line is so delightful we are tempted to add it to our china closet. Seriously. The Nantucket Cocktail Plates are only available online, and at only $19.99 for the set, we are guessing the set of 4 porcelain plates will go quickly.

Nantucket Cocktail Set

Nantucket Cocktail Set

In fact, that plate set just might qualify as Prepalicious. What do you think dolls…is it out of this world enough?

Our final nautical item also hails from the Boutique (Target); we offer the Nantucket Floating Whale Salt & Pepper.

Nantucket Whale S&P at Target.com

Nantucket Whale S&P at Target.com

A word of caution: don’t look for this item in stores either as it is another online only item.


We promised to share an item from our new line; below, the Personal Size Boat Tote.

Boat Totes at PreppyPrincess.com

Boat Totes at PreppyPrincess.com

At 12″ x 9″ x 5″ these are an excellent size. One feature we really liked when initially considering them was the detachable matching strap one can use to convert the tote to a shoulder bag, a bit of versatility we thought was a nice addition to make this just a step above the basic tote. These are heavy cotton canvas that can really take a beating, equipped with a zip top to safely keep things inside, another plus as ‘handbag mishaps’ are not unheard of for TP.

Best of all? We managed to price the bags at only $15. This is the smallest of the sizes we are carrying, thus the ‘Personal Size’ moniker; we promise the larger size bags will be equally outstanding values. We are proud of the fact we have found a way to offer our totes at prices that are better than those of the two big guys! (You know who we mean.)

With that, we are off and out the door, sending smiles your way and hopes your weekends are spectacular!


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17 responses to “A.P.C. Madras Collection, Target’s Online Only Nautical Fabulosity

  1. Love all of the whale things!

  2. Vicki

    GMTA, TPP. Check this out:


    I posted about that blue madras skirt from Tarjay, so cute!!! Me want this, or a doppelganger, or the shorts once I lose some weight.

  3. Wow, that Outnet site sounds terrific. Now there is someone getting the timing right on a business idea, I imagine.

  4. LovesPINKandPEARLS

    that milly dress is screaming my name! really loudly!

  5. LOVE that Target skirt!!!!

  6. LPC

    Cute boots. I bought my daughter Target rainboots, only I think I went for polka dots instead of plaid. But polka dots are friends of plaid. I’m sure of that. Very very very close friends.

  7. Very cute finds, I especially love the rain boots and the salt n pepper shakers 🙂

  8. I think I might have to pop into target for that skirt! I love madras. Great find!!

  9. H

    What adorable boots, I just might need to track down a pair.

  10. I loove the Target finds! So cute! Perfect for an outdoor party on a day like today! Don’t you just hope this weather sticks?

  11. I like the pink dress and anchor necklace!

    Those plate sets are adorable!

  12. I love that skirt and I love Target!

  13. Hadn’t even noticed that the last post was sub-par or whatever it is that you think it was- just always luurrrvvv your updates!

    Saw those boots yesterday at Target- very adorable!

    PS- glad that you and the Consort feel the same about Cheez Balls- tacky but every so fab!

    Happy (rainy) Sunday,


  14. i love all the nautical elements! i used to have a necklace with anchors and blue-white striped beads, but i’ve no idea where it went!

    thanks so much for checking out my blog! i’ll be keeping up with your posts also 🙂


  15. LOVE that Milly dress… I have soooooo many dresses in that style… dieting and exercising to wear them AGAIN! SIGH!!!!!!!!!

  16. Such cute finds!!! I saw a girl in the target wellies the other day, so cute! LOVING the pink and orange tote!

  17. I love the nautical Target finds. I have them bookmarked until I figure out where I will be living post-graduation 😉

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