It is All About the Pink!

Good afternoon dollfaces…

We seem to be a tad scattered this sunny afternoon; the prospect of sun and 60 degrees arriving at the same time has our brain addled.

Because of said addled state, we shall proceed with a brief, yet thematically consistent post.  We know how vitally important thematic standards are to everyone, precisely the reason we are so consistently inconsistent. (Heh-heh.)

We begin with additions to previous posts about ongoing sales at many retailers trading in preppish wares.  Now Tommy Hilfiger isn’t really in this category, more on the bubble in our mind, but they do merit the occasional drive-by and are having quite the clearance sale:


In The Pink Zone we show the Fitted Oxford Stripe Shirt, marked down about 40%, from $68 to $39.99.

Over at Lacoste there is also a broad selection of merchandise on sale. The Girls Cotton Drawstring Skirt was $65 and is now offered at $38.99, the Misses Cotton Knit Pea Coat is $163 from $235.


Next, we move to the treasures at Baekgaard, including the pink luggage Tags:


Courtesy Baekgaard Ltd.

Also on sale, Baekgaard’s Mini Card Case in scads of fabulous color combinations.


Courtesy Baekgaard Ltd.

We do adore this line, in large part because they do use lush, rich colors; we actually discussed carrying it here at the Princess.

For our final pink item selling at a reduced price, the Lilly Pulitzer Toddler’s Maddy Dress.


Lilly Ulitzer Maddy Dress at

Lilly Ulitzer Maddy Dress at

The dress originally retailed at $68; it is now $46.90. BTW, if planning a visit to Saks, remember it is Friends & Family Sale time, as discussed in this post.



We move on to a question for everyone about this Brooks Brothers skirt. On the surface it would seem the Country Club Embroidered Wrap Skirt has everything a Princess would love.


Courtesy Brooks Brothers

Courtesy Brooks Brothers

The skirt has pink. It has seersucker. It has little embroidered thingies. It even has grosgrain ribbon, used as tipping. Unfortunately when looking at it our mind sees only one thing: the word FRUMP.  What do you think? In our mind each and every reader is a Princess (or Prince), and we need your input. Are we being too hard on B2? Do you like it? Would you wear it? Do tell, as our expiring mind is dying to know.

Also not on sale but priced so reasonably it had to be shared:


The Pink Whale Supply Bags just landed here at the Prepatorium and we are loving them because they are so versatile.  At 9 x 4 x 4 they are simply perfect for your little one’s school supplies, or toiletries when traveling, or even your cosmetics.  The cute factor is off the charts, they are certified PVC-free, and at $14 a great buy. (Psst…if you like the whales, there are also Toddler Backpacks, bigger kids Book Backpacks, as well as Duffle Bags.)


Finally we share the snappiest item we have seen in a long, l-o-n-g time, perhaps the ultimate Pretty in Pink. This gem is a Digital Photo Frame Japanese design firm Greenhouse.  TDF.

Courtesy Greenhouse Design via Gizmodo

Courtesy Greenhouse Design via Gizmine

The frame is also an alarm clock and calendar. The screen is 3.5″ and the frame can run about 2 hours on one battery charge, or one may use the AC adapter, included in the $100 price. But wait – there’s still more! (We always wanted to sound like an infomercial.)

Are you sitting down? This also plays back MP3 audio and mjpeg video files! How cool is that?!  The frame is available at Gizmine and does come in several other colors. In fact, this is so nifty we just have to go oput on a limb and declare it to be officially Prepalicious!

With this on our minds, we are racing off to the Gizmine site.  Have a fabulous evening!


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18 responses to “It is All About the Pink!

  1. I adore Baekgaard, I have two wallets from them and use them all the time. It’s very well-made and the colors add a nice pop to your purse.

  2. I like the BB skirt, maybe. However to rid the “frump” look of it, you’d have to pair it with an uber cute shirt. It’s one of those hit/misses. Like you don’t know til you try it on and pair with an actual top.

  3. Pink is always the first choice and the color that I always run out of, no matter what the item is!

  4. I wouldn’t wear the skirt as is. I’m not a big fan of wrap skirts anyway, but this one is about 5″ too long. If it fit and looked OK, then I’d ask my little tailor lady (who I adore for “fixing” nearly everything I buy) to shorten it for me. Of course, at $128, it should be perfect. If I saw this at the BB outlet for $39, I might alter it. Does that answer you? Probably not!

  5. LPC

    Agree with momx2 – it’s a little too long. But if you shortened it, wore it with, let’s say, a fitted white button down, untucked even, and then some kind of ethnic sandal? Or am I going all hippie on you here….

  6. Regarding the BB skirt – I am 59 years old and I would NOT wear it. It does look frumpy! I think it’s the length. Now you know that P101 does not wear the mini skirt in any shape, form, or fashion; I will, however, wear something a bit shorter than that skirt. I love the mini card case 😉 Thanks for this pinkytastic post!! xoxo

  7. Must. Have. Pink. Luggage. Tag.

  8. The BB skirt is oddly longish and high-waisted. It has all the makings of cute but just isn’t…sadly.

  9. FUN pink stuff! And I’m with you, the 60+ degree weather with sunshine is making me all brain-mushed and whatnot. FINALLY!

  10. I love that Brooks Brothers skirt. I’ve been really impressed by their stuff lately. It is fun without being childish looking.

  11. There are lots of excellent deals here! Thank you so much for the supportive comment. It really helps!

  12. To answer your question: I only see frump too.;-)

  13. Love the deals!! I think I am going to go need to check a few of them out 🙂

  14. I love the whale case too cute, as for the skirt I like it with the right top and shoes. I think the length is fine, short short is for the 20 year old.

  15. Sherry

    Thanks for the great post! I LOVE Baekgaard too! Have you seen the Patent Leather? They have a hot pink color called Passion Fruit. I have it in the clutch wallet. It has tie dye lining. How cool! I use this piece all the time as my everyday wallet and as a clutch on a night out. I like that their product is affordable.

  16. I love the Brooks Brothers skirt. I have discoloration on the inside of my right knee, so I need a skirt that comes right at the bottom of my knee or lower. I may have to check it out.

  17. Great post, love those luggage tags! 🙂 Hope you’re doing well…

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