J. Crew Bridal Line Update, & Look Buffy, It’s a Preppy Frenzy!

Hello-Hello, and soggy, soaking wet greetings of the day!

"I don't do rain."
“I don’t do rain.”

Regular readers recognize Silly Tilly, the living embodiment of “Bring Your Dog to Work Day” here at the Prepatorium, an event we celebrate daily. And today is one of those days demonstrating why Tilly is nicknamed Twinkletoes. This moniker came in reaction to her refusal to go outside if there is so much as One. Drop. Of. Rain.

We beg. We plead. We grovel. We do ToughMommyVoice, and then resort to the  “YouBetterGoOutsideNOWOrYou’llBeSorry” tone.  And Tilly’s reaction?



Let there be no doubt as to who is really running the show. Of course. Sigh.


A quick note on the J. Crew Bridal Collection, a line we adore.

J. Crew Silk Taffeta Sascha Gown

J. Crew Silk Taffeta Sascha Gown

WWD (Women’s Wear Daily, subscription required) reports on a few minor updates in this arena for Crew:

“…select J. Crew stores are selling styles from its bridal collection, which until now was only available online. Shoppers can schedule complementary consultations with a new bridal expert who will help them select wedding gowns, bridal party attire and honeymoon clothing…”

The story adds that J. Crew is planning its first Bridal trunk show.


We seem to be in the midst of something akin to a preppy frenzy. Again.  We have news stories and articles popping up everywhere about “the return of preppy style”.  Just last week one of our posts was devoted in large part to a news story entitled “The Preppy Look is Back’ from a Buffalo newspaper.  Today we bring you another story with a similar theme from the Biloxi Sun Herald.  In the story a Tommy Hilfiger factory store manager is quoted:

“That preppy look is coming back,” he said. “Women are layering on light pima cotton sweaters. Short sleeve cardigans in argyles are big in women and men.” He said denim for girls and women is pleated, beaded and glittered and “the color palate is bright with lots of citrus, royal blue, not florescent, but deep and bold.”

TP must jump in here with another annoying opinionated an editorial comment: prep denim is most assuredly not embellished with sequins, beads, or other folderol. (You know, folderol, also fal·de·ral, n., 1. Foolishness; nonsense; 2. A trifle; a gewgaw.)

Nick Ramirez, the Hilfiger store manager quoted above, goes on to add:

“Expect to see more and more classics,” he says. “Ralph Lauren is going to go back to that classic suit…”

Speaking of Ralph Lauren, today is the last day of their Friends & Family Event. Use promo code RLSP2009 to receive a 30% discount at Rugby, Ralph Lauren, and Ralph Lauren Factory stores.


We do have a few more SOTTs today we thought you might find interesting:

  • Marriott Hotels is the first major chain to stop delivering free newspapers to guest rooms. All is not doom and gloom however; complimentary papers will be available in lobbies and Rewards members can update their profiles to receive their paper of choice
  • Chanel has withdrawn from this year’s Friends and Family event at Bloomingdale’s. For more on this shocker, pop over to see Lila at Madison Avenue Spy.
  • Customers at the recent Sothebys auction in Hong Kong attendees had to purchase their own coffee. Naturally this forces the Princess to ask the obvious: is nothing sacred?

Do not let that tragic circumstance (heh-heh) deter your participation in this spring’s Magnificent Jewels auction at Sothebys.  That would be a shame, and preclude your bidding on so many pretties, like Lot 259, the Tiffany Poissons Brooch by Jean Schlumberger.

Courtesy Sothebys

Courtesy Sothebys


On that note, we hope your day goes swimmingly! (Silly Princess.)


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21 responses to “J. Crew Bridal Line Update, & Look Buffy, It’s a Preppy Frenzy!

  1. Aww your dog is so cute! And I would not be caught dead in denim that is pleated and embellished with rhinestones!

  2. I agree with you, TP, and denim should never be pleated. Ever.

  3. oh, i want to snuggle the pups face off!!!!

    and I LOVE that jcrew dress!

  4. I’m attending the bridal trunk show… very excited.

  5. No surprise here, as preppy style never left!
    I think when the economy is in trouble people get back to basics and embrace tradition. Preppy style has a long shelf life and should be seen as an investment.
    Enough preaching.
    How cute is your dog?

  6. I am loving the photos of your Pup…isn’t it so true that they are the boss. I know we hate to admit it, but they run our lives (and we love it). My little Yorkie refuses to walk in the grass…she is such a brat, and there’s nothing I can do about it!

  7. My puggy is the same exact way. If she feels the water on the pavement, she locks her little legs and refuses to move. If I happen to get lucky, it’s not so lucky, really. She licks all the water off the grass or just runs under the umbrella. I just don’t even bother taking her out in the rain anymore.

  8. Hahaha! Winston absolutely refuses to step foot outside when it is raining as well…granted he is also a bird dog who is deathly afraid of water. Go figure. That J.Crew wedding dress in the picture is so gorgeous, it almost makes me want to get married all over again! (to the same guy, of course:)

  9. What a cutie – uh, love the tongue 🙂 Our cocker doesn’t really do rain OR snow (problematic in our climate, as I’m sure you can appreciate) and has been known to pee right on the back door step without actually stepping into the back yard!!

    I’m pleasantly surprised with the J.Crew wedding dress – completely classy. I don’t know what I expected, but that dress is much prettier than I anticipated.

    Sequins on jeans? GLITTER? Say it isn’t so . . .

  10. I love JCrew’s bridal line. I am going to the trunk show on the 24th in place of my sister because she can’t make it. We are hoping there are some great dresses for Fall…do you think it will be weird for a super pregnant lady to be at the show? Maybe people will think I’m the bride!!

  11. I love that J.Crew is going to be having their dresses in the store! FINALLY! And Silly Tilly is just about the sweetest thing alive! That little foot under Tilly’s face?! TOO cute.

  12. LPC

    Princess, here is something I wrote on Monday and was going to post on my blog but you know what? It belongs here. It’s true, BTW:).

    I was in San Francisco yesterday. As it was all over the USA, it was Easter in California. I walked around the main shopping district. Which is also the main tourist district. I noticed a phenomenon. Every time I saw a family dressed in what you might call an aggressively High WASP (think Prep with a capital P) way, visibly “American” sherbet-colored madras shorts, button-down shirts, sweaters around the shoulders, I would realize as I passed them that they were speaking Swedish, or French, or Portuguese. Meanwhile the Americans, a particularly diverse lot given that this is California and San Francisco at that, went about their way in dark jeans, t-shirts, and windbreakers. It’s San Francisco after all. We are always looking over our shoulder for fog…

    So even Europe is thinking Prep. Remember OOKLA? Otherwise known as UCLA?

  13. Preppy Pug does not venture outside in any conditions which are not immediately acceptable. This includes but is not limited to rain, any temps over 75, any temps lower than 40, wind, snow, sleet, thunder/lightning…

    Quite tempermental.

  14. Your dog is adorable!!!

  15. I have a soft spot for the Tilly photos. More, please! Also, like Tilly & the Preppy Pug, HRH Pug will not venture forth in weather conditions that are too hot, too cold, too wet, too windy, or too “too”.

    Love the J Crew bridal line. They really hit an ignored area of the market with that collection.

  16. Pleated and embellished denim?? Yikes! And i love that you used “folderol” in this post.

  17. Dog tongue! So cute.

  18. Oooh I just want to squeeze Tilly!

    When there is a storm, or even if it’s just raining heavy, Lulu goes into full on panic mode, trying to jump on me, and then jump on my head. It’s nuts.

  19. well done to the crew on the bridal line. i love it!

    cute cute pooch!

  20. KK

    Oh Silly Tilly, you are so adorable!! You and Sadie Kate would be besties for sure!

  21. Such a pretty wedding gown!

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